My Brother

19 December 2022 | Phone Calls from the dead, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

Before I start, I want to say that I am quite a spiritual person, but I always try to find the logic in things like this.

My brother died nearly 2 years ago, and for months after his death he was quite ‘active’… For example, multiple people have claimed to have received phone calls from him. I witnessed one of them. My mother picked up the phone, apprehensive because it was from a “no called Id” number, and immediately we both recognised his voice.  We were quite shocked and he said “goodbye”. (Bear in mind my brother had a very very distinctive voice).

When my brother was alive, he loved to paint.  After his death, my sister and I both took one painting from his house. The painting that my sister took from his house, would constantly move and I have actually got video evidence to back this up. It was hung on the wall, and it started out rocking slowly, until it was shaking violently.

My nephews and nieces have seen my brother after he passed. The youngest to encounter him was only 3 years old. We didn’t really talk about him, because it was too painful at the time, but I was sleeping at my sisters house on the sofa and I heard my 3 year old nephew walk down the stairs at 3.40am. Bear in mind that he was quite mute then and still is now. He looked into the kitchen, took his dummy out and told me that “uncle is here, look there’s uncle!” It’s safe to say I was surprised.

I’ve also seen him around me when I’m sick, or when I need advice etc. He loved his family tremendously, and it’s nice to think of him and to see him still being around.


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