The Girl in the Wardrobe

12 January 2023 | Haunted locations, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

We (my fiancé, and our 7 year old daughter) stayed in Rydges Hobart in Jan 2004.  It was our first night in Tasmania, and we had absolutely no idea that there were stories of Rydges being haunted.

The morning after our first nights stay, our daughter came into our room, and I asked how she slept and she said ‘great’. She then went on to say ‘but mum, you know how when you stare at things long enough, you start to see funny things’, I said ‘no, but what did you see’.  She went on to say:
“…well, I was looking at the wardrobe in my room, and this little girl walked out of it.  She was wearing a grey dress, had blonde hair with a spikey fringe; but she had a really odd face; she had no eyes or mouth!”  She even drew me a picture of the little girl in her wardrobe.

We did not experience anything else in our three nights stay there, however, on the last night, we had dinner in the restaurant and there is a write up of what Rydges used to be; and sure enough, in the 19th Century, it was an instituted for deaf, dumb and blind girls!

I asked the Reception ladies whether there were ever any ghost sightings at Rydges, and she said ‘yes, but mainly just in the Chambermaid room’……………….there was certainly one in our room that is for sure!  A 7 year old does not make that sought of thing up!


Submitted by Lisa

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