Not Wife Calling My Name

04 March 2023 | Your Stories, Your True Encounters

This happened almost two years ago, and it still gives me chills when I talk about it.

My mother in law lived with me and my wife at one point, and we were sitting outside on the front porch one day. She ended up saying the name of a well known cryptid that you aren’t supposed to speak of, and I already quickly reminded her that you don’t speak of some things because it draws them to you, or things just as menacing.

Fast forward a few days, and my wife is out of town for a couple of days. It’s probably closer to 1 AM, and I’m in my living room watching a movie. My mother in law is asleep, and I can hear her snoring in her room. No one else lived with us. My room is further back in my house, just off the dining room. I had the lights all turned off since people were sleeping.  I thought I heard a noise, and figured it was my dog getting up to head my way, so I pause my movie. Out of the darkness of my room, I hear my wife’s voice calling my name for me to come in there. I literally broke out in cold sweat because I knew there was no chance of her being home. Her voice says my name again, laughs, and tells me to come in there. It sounded like her, but also just, off. Like it was distorted through a long distance call. I flipped on the lights in my room with my phone, and in the living room, and refused to go back in there until she got home.

To this day, I get nervous being home alone. I always wonder what it was trying to lure me in the dark, and what it wanted.

Submitted by Rebecca R

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