Grandfather appeared at the bedroom door

14 April 2023 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

Back in June of the year 2000, I witnessed a ghostly encounter which will stay with me for the rest of my life. At the time I was working as a site manager at a primary school at the town I grew up in – Maldon, Essex. UK. I was living at a caretakers house, which was sited on the comprehensive school adjacent to the primary school. The house was unwanted by their school caretakers, so they let my family rent it whilst I worked at the school. The school I worked at was an old Victorian building – very dark and gloomy and slightly oppressive especially late at night. I heard many things working there and saw stuff too but that is another story.

Back to my house. It was late in the evening and the wife and our two very young girls had gone to bed. I stayed up late but eventually went up. It was quite lit up because we used to leave the landing light on just in case either of the girls got up in the night wanting to use the toilet. I climbed into bed – I slept on the right side and the wife left side next to the door. I must have gone off into a deep sleep because it was 3am when I was woken. There was an almighty clap sound. I can only describe if you have heard electricity arcing, that kind of loud snap. I shot up in bed and was immediately compelled to look at the doorway. There, standing as clear as day was my Grandfather – Alf.

Completely solid looking and wearing the suit and waistcoat I remember seeing in old photographs. Holding his hand was a small blonde haired boy. The boy had the biggest smile you have ever seen and I witnessed him wanting to let go of the grandfathers hand to be able to walk towards me. Just as all this was happening the wife stirred from her sleep and turned to me and said ” whats wrong”, quick. I said. look at the doorway, as she turned the two of them just shimmered away disappearing through the floor. She had missed the spectacle. Probably only I was supposed to see.
Yes… for my eyes only as it turns out.

Some weeks later at a meeting at a spiritualist church the medium came to me and relayed the exact experience I had had in front of everyone and said it was my Grandfather that I had never met.

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Paul Faircloth

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