Crying Baby

12 June 2024 | Audible Activity, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

This story is 100% true. Trust me, I’m not the type of guy to bs people.

First, let me put you into situation. This happened when I was a teenager (probably 2011, not sure about the exact year). It was summer time. I was living in a small town known as Saint-Hyacinthe in Québec, Canada. My house was right by a river known as the Yamaska river. It is a long and wide body of water that stretches far within the region of Montérégie. My neighbors lived very close to my home. They were very quiet people and I don’t recall them ever being loud or anoying in all of my 19 years living there. One of my neighbors was an old gay man living with another man who was much younger than him. The other neighbor was a couple who’s children were a little older than me. They were frequently not present on weekends and I always knew them as very square and disciplined people.

So, here goes. One summer night, I was playing video games in the basement while my father was in his office upstairs. His office had a door in it that led to a balcony that gave directly on the backyard where the river is. All the sudden, I could hear my father coming down the stairs in a hurry. Once he got in the basement he said ”I can hear a baby crying outside”. I remember being very curious and we both quickly went through a door in the basement that led to the backyard. To my surprise, I was indeed hearing the cries of a baby. It was loud enough that it felt like the child was meters away. The closer we got to the river, the louder the cries were. We kept looking around. Of course, we didn’t see anything on the water. It was calm, moonlight allowed us to see on the water and the wind was weak. My neighbors were not outside. Their houses’ lights were all off and nothing was going on. The other neighbors away were too far for the cries of an infant to reach us. The noise was clearly coming from very nearby. I understand that sound travels more easily on a large body of water because there’s nothing to stop it, but the baby seemed way to close for it to be across the water. My father was also very confused and he too seemed to have no idea where the sound was coming from. The cries would sometimes pause and then resume after a short while. We didn’t bother for long. In fact, I was a little creeped out and felt like I didn’t want to be out there anymore. I’m not sure if my dad was actually scared. He never was the kind of man to believe in ghosts. However, he did have a look of surprise when he heard the cries outside. We eventually went back inside and carried on with our evening. I remember asking myself many questions that night. To this day, I still believe it was the ghost of a long lost child from the past. Who probably drowned or was left abandoned on a floating plank in the middle of the river. My father never spoke of the event again. I did try to talk to him about it recently, but he doesn’t seem to remember. Or maybe he doesn’t want to?

This was the only time I heard this baby in my 19 years of living there. It is also the only supernatural experience I’ve had so far. I believe it was a ghost. I wish I could learn about those kinds of events.

Submitted by Gomme24

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