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With over 40 books in print, Gary is an established author with notable contributions in the areas of the paranormal (including several #1 best sellers in the Supernatural category), metaphysics, poetry, and business. He is also a collector of strange stories at My Haunted Life Too. In 2016, he resumed his interest in music and released an album of self-penned and self-performed songs called The Early Years that is available at all digital music stores. Since then, he has been churning out catchy songs at a rapid rate and captured the interest of a growing audience. He has recently appeared on Radio Memphis and his songs are played at several radio stations in the USA including Trend City Radio.

He was born in the city of Hull in England, and grew up in East Yorkshire, the eldest of three boys. He survived! Growing up can be extremely tough for any kid, but imagine growing up around poltergeist activity and ghosts? G. Michael Vasey had exactly that kind of childhood, experiencing ghosts, poltergeists, and other strange and scary, supernatural phenomena. In fact, he seemed to attract it, developing an interest in the occult and supernatural at an early age and he has been fascinated ever since.

His “My Haunted Life” trilogy has been highly successful–reaching number one on bestseller lists on both sides of the Atlantic. Now he is also presenting the stories of others. His book about the Black Eyed Kids is currently available on Amazon and continues to capture the morbid interest of hundreds of fans. It’s a must-read for anyone with an interest in the strange happenings of the paranormal world. Then there’s “The Pink Bus And Other Strange Stories From LaLa Land,” a book that lifts the veil on one of the biggest mysteries in human history–the process of death, and what happens to our souls when we die. His novel – The Last Observer – won critical praise and is a twisty story about the nature of reality and magic. His most recent books have included a tour of the supernatural side of the Czech Republic, a set of Kindle shorts on topics like Poltergeists, Ghosts of the Living (bilocation) and The BEK now issued as a compilation volume, a new book of poetry, a look at the recently headlining topic of paranormal sex and, the Halloween Vault of Horror, a new collection of true paranormal stories.


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He has appeared on numerous radio shows such as

* Mysterious Radio, * Jim Harold’s paranormal podcasts,

* The Knight’s Pub,* True Ghost Stories Online 

* X Radio with Rob McConnell  *Passions for the Paranormal


 He has also been featured in Chat – Its Fate magazine and been interviewed by Ghost Village and Novel Ideas, amongst others. He also contributes regularly to the Westerner magazine with his ‘Paranormal Corner’

Photo by Walter Novak

Whether you’ve heard one of G. Michael Vasey’s radio appearances, or read one of his books over the shoulders of an avid reader on the bus, or whether you’ve simply got an interest in the paranormal and stumbled upon this page… You are going to pulled into the paranormal world of G. Michael Vasey, and you will be hooked.

You can discover much more about the supernatural at www.gmichaelvasey.com, read true scary stories at www.myhauntedlifetoo.com or tune in to his tweets at @gmvasey.

In many ways, I have been very fortunate meeting many wonderful people and visiting a great many beautiful and interesting places in my life to date. Some of my blog articles highlight these wonderful experiences…..In the end, I am fascinated by what we are and why we are here. I am captivated by reality and what it might be. I am a firm believer in magic and the power of the mind to shape reality. That’s what I write about, think about, and obsess about…..”


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Professionally, he holds a Ph.D. degree from the University of Strathclyde for research into paleoenvironment and fossil fauna of the Carboniferous period and a B.Sc. (First Class Hons.) in Geological Sciences from the University of Aston, and has published numerous peer-reviewed scientific papers. He started his career as a Geologist for BP. Soon growing bored with geology, he moved into IT and the broader energy, commodities and environment business via Price Waterhouse and Cap Gemini before taking on executive posts with Sybase, TransEnergy Management, VasMark Group, CommodityPoint, Ezpada and Commodity Technology Advisory LLC where he currently works as a respected and sought out analyst covering the broader commodities trading and risk management as a Managing Partner. He has authored over 1000 articles for many of the premier publications in the space and co-authored several business books including Energy & Environmental Hedge Funds-The New Investment Paradigm (Wiley) with environmentalist Peter C. Fusaro.

Gary has also studied magic for many years with organizations like AMORC, CR&C, SOL and The Silent Eye. He is a second degree initiate of SOL and performed as a supervisor for the school for many years. He has written several books on magic including The Mystical Hexagram penned with Sue Vincent and The New You

Gary detests politics and politicians generally believing that most, if not all, are in it for themselves. He believes strongly in equality and accepting personal responsibility.

Being an addicted scribbler, He also blogs at,

My Haunted Life Too – A Collection of your true scary stories of the paranormal
Strange Book Reviews – This is his book review site. He likes strange books quite a lot!
CTRMCenter – This is his professional blog where he writes about commodity trading and risk issues.