Creepy places

The Gates To Hell?

29 March 2016 | Creepy places, March 2016

Out in the middle of nowhere about 60km north of Prague sits a strange castle. No one is sure when it was first built nor why. It was not on any trade route, it wasn’t near water, it wasn’t defending anything except a remote hillside far off the beaten track. Even more mysteriously, the castle is often omitted from maps of the region and its origins – unlike most castles in the Czech Republic – are not well known. Originally, it seems, travelers passing through the region were subjected to visitations of demons and strange creatures in the vicinity. Back in the 900’s, one can well imagine how remote this location would have been and how frightening the dark forest would have been. Strange creatures such as the left-handed female

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50,000 Dead People Piled Floor to Ceiling

21 March 2016 | Creepy places, March 2016

In 2001, a startling discovery was made in Brno during a survey of catacombs under the center of the city. Although disturbed by underground water and mud, the remains of 50,000 people were found stuffed in a small room. The room was floor to ceiling with the skeletal remains of the City’s former inhabitants. After restoration work, the Brno Ossuary was opened to the public in 2012 ands is the second largest Ossuary in Europe after the Paris catacombs. So how did they get there? In the 16th and 17th Century, due to cholera, the Plague, war and so on, people tended to die in large number s periodically. They were buried in the churchyard near the Church of St. James inside the city walls however, to cater for such

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Brno’s Strange and Creepy Mummy Show

18 March 2016 | Creepy places, March 2016, Your True Encounters

Here in Brno is one of the creepiest places I have ever visited. It is known as the Capuchin Crypt. On the outside, it is nothing but yet another small but ornate church but inside…….. It is Brno’s strange and creepy mummy show…. The Capuchin monks who used the church for many years were an order who vowed poverty. As a part of this austerity program, they used just a single coffin over and over again, laying the body of their dead colleague on the ground, rosary in hand, in the crypt. Due to the nature of the soil and the air currents down there, the bodies became mummified. Each body was laid on the floor with its head on a pile of bricks that served as a pillow. The

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A Churchyard Visit

27 February 2016 | Creepy places, February 2016

Last year, we visited an area of Prague called Vyshrad. According to Wikipedia, Vysehrad (Czech for “upper castle”) is a historical fort located in the city of Prague, Czech Republic. It was built, probably in the 10th century, on a hill over the Vltava River. Situated within the castle is the Basilica of St Peter and St Paul, as well as the Vyšehrad Cemetery, containing the remains of many famous people from Czech history, among them Antonín Dvořák, Bedřich Smetana, Karel Čapek, and Alphonse Mucha. It also contains Prague’s oldest surviving building, the Rotunda of St Martin from the 11th century.Local legend holds that Vyšehrad was the location of the first settlement which later became Prague, though thus far this claim remains unsubstantiated.. I found it a beautiful place, but

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