The Las Vegas Sand Demon: Have You Seen It?

21 September 2016 | Bizarre, Creepy places, September 2016, Your Stories

This happened in the early 80’s. I was getting married for the first time. My wedding was to be in Las Vegas, so my fiancée and I drove up and were traveling on the freeway to Vegas. This happened on that freeway during our journey to Vegas. We were coasting along, talking about the wedding, when we both noticed something “white” start to cross the freeway in front of us. This figure was actually floating, and I honestly thought it was a piece of paper. I continued talking to my fiancée, but kept my eye on this thing when finally, we got right up to it and almost ran it over. At exactly the same time, we screamed, “What the hell is that?” What we saw was a miniature ‘devil’

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“Fake” Human Sacrifice at CERN???

19 August 2016 | Bizarre, G. Michael Vasey's Nightmare Corner

Yesterday, The Guardian newspaper reported on a video purporting to show a fake human sacrifice at CERN HQ. The video is disturbing to say the least! Apparently, CERN admit that the video is real and took place at their facility….. they claim it was a prank by visiting scientists…. Some prank! Playing with black magic is serious and deadly business!

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Statue of Jesus Filmed Opening and Closing its Eyes!

11 August 2016 | Bizarre, Evidence?

What do you think to this video? The bizarre video of the statue was captured at the Chapel of Saltillo in Mexico’s state of Coahuila de Zaragoza and appears to show it with its eyes wide open. After a few seconds of staring at the confused video maker it suddenly closes them tightly, prompting the man with the camera to pull away in shock. Read more: Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook 

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An American Werewolf in….. Hull?

23 May 2016 | Bizarre, Ghosts in the news

Yes – apparently, it is being reported in multiple papers that my home town of Hull is being victimized by a werewolf. This report from the Daily Express is quite good.. I particularly enjoyed these lines at the end of the article… “We are determined to sweep the whole area and leave no stone unturned. The trouble is we cannot sniff the creature out. “The overwhelming stink from the local tannery is masking its smell.  

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The Case of the Ghostly Legs

22 March 2016 | Bizarre

A very interesting but rather bizarre case of a haunting at a pub is described in an article in the  Rossendale Free Press – ghostly children’s legs!… Paranormal investigators have been called into a pub after a series of strange incidents continue to leave its inhabitants spooked. Carl Williams, landlord of the 191-year-old Craven Heifer in Rawtenstall and his fiancee Liz Corcoran, are used to the taps running of their own accord in the ladies’ toilets when the pub is closed and their two-year-old daughter talking to an invisible presence at the cellar door. But after a ghostly pair of child’s legs appeared on photographs of their cellar steps, Carl invited ghost hunter and former Rossendale resident Chris Andrews and his Club Zero Paranormal team to bring in their ghost

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Combining Paranormal and Striptease (NSFW)

02 February 2016 | Bizarre, Ghosts in the news

As if the paranormal wasn’t bizarre enough, a ghost hunting show out of Thailand on youtube also features sexy young girls stripping……. Not sure if its a winning combination but it certainly is pretty weird.

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Sex With A Ghost??

20 November 2015 | Bizarre

In the news today is a lady who claims she has sex with ghost lovers…. Here is the article…. Ke$ha is not the only one having sex with ghosts. Spectrophilia is a very real phenomena, and many people claim to have sexual relations with phantoms. In fact, many of these people are respectable and quite sane, so it makes it hard to just chalk up their experiences as figments of a warped imagination. Some people who have had or continue to have a sexual relationship with the paranormal are surprisingly open and vocal about it. Sian Jameson (left in cover photo), for example, says shed had an affair with the ghost of an artist who passed away more than 100 years ago. His name was Robert. Sian is a writer,

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Ghostly Fingerprints?

19 October 2015 | Bizarre, Ghosts in the news

The Express & Echo reports a sinister little event in Torquay, Devon, England. A paranormal event witnessed fingerprints inside a glass case housing a mummy……… During a paranormal experience at Torquay Museum, participants were left “freaked” out after finger-and—thumb prints appeared on the inside of a mummy case which had not been opened for years. The event on Friday night was run by the museum and the Real Investigators of the Paranormal who claimed there was ‘quite a lot of activity’ and a few contacts with the dead were made. Carl Smith, from Torquay Museum, said: “The weirdest thing was that we have a mummy, which we believe is Devon’s only human mummy. During the night on the inside of the case we saw what we believe were handprints on

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Talking To Yourself

09 October 2015 | Bizarre, Ghosts in the news

There is a very interesting little article in the Southside Times called Haunts & Jaunts: Paranormal occurrences about how not all paranormal incidents involve ghosts. The article discusses conversations people had had with relatives or even themselves (!) thinking that the person really was there only to find out that they were completely alone. How do you explain that I wonder? One example quoted in the article – One woman had a loud conversation with her brother, with them yelling throughout their house. Her brother’s voice eventually trailed off into an unintelligible mumble. It turned out she was the only one at home! Her parents have since experienced hearing each other’s voices, and that of the brother.

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Watch Haunted Puppet Move After Allegedly Choking Its Owner [Video]

13 August 2015 | Bizarre, Evidence?, Ghosts in the news

A haunted puppet that allegedly tried to strangle its owner recently shocked a British paranormal investigator by seemingly moving its control bar all by itself. The puppet’s movement was captured on camera, but it took three long months of filming before the toy got caught using its supposed paranormal power. According to the Daily Mail, the footage above was filmed by a well-known paranormal investigator named Jayne Harris. She specializes in haunted dolls, but she admits that she’s never seen anything like the haunted puppet footage above. It was taken in the middle of the night while the puppet sat inside a sealed cabinet. “I’ve never had anything as exciting as this,” Harris said. “I’ve caught pictures of mists, orbs and shadows but nothing as physical as this video evidence.”

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Paranormal expert claims ghosts are using cell phones to contact friends

12 August 2015 | Bizarre, Ghosts in the news

A paranormal expert in Britain has claimed that ghosts are trying to contact the living through mobile phones, with the number of mystery calls attributed to them rising by 43 percent in the last four years. Phil Hayes, a spectre investigator from Paranormal Research UK, believes a third of all haunting are now through mobile phones. “There is evidence to suggest that ghosts can use phones to communicate, with reports of people receiving phone calls from deceased relatives,” the Sun quoted Hayes as saying. According to him, the calls often feature heavy static and the voice sounds faint and distant, and nine in ten show as “withheld number” or “000000000000” on caller ID. Statistics show two thirds of all paranormal phenomena feature sounds, with just 20 percent being actual sightings

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Paranormal Corner: Study shows most ghosts are male

11 August 2015 | Bizarre, Ghosts in the news

The living have pondered the dead for thousands of years. Is there life after death? Why do our spirits linger on Earth if there is a heaven? Do loved ones greet us at heaven’s gate when we finally get there? But one Icelandic psychologist, Erlendur Haraldsson, conducted research that suggests a large portion of ghost sightings are males who died a violent death. Paradelphia Radio hosts Rick Prewitt and Doug Hogate Jr. — founder and CEO of Jersey Unique Minds Paranormal Society — discussed the issue during Thursday’s live broadcast on and suggested that perhaps the past, when men were the ones involved in dangerous situations, could attribute to the findings. “In history, men were out doing the dangerous jobs and women were home caring for the kids and the house,”

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‘Haunted house’ goes on Rightmove – with warning about ‘paranormal activity’

18 June 2015 | Bizarre, Ghosts in the news, Haunted

A Liverpool house has gone on sale with an incredible warning hidden in the small print – that it’s haunted by a 135-year-old poltergeist. The undead resident once supposedly lifted a previous tenant out of her bed, using its unearthly powers. The Rightmove listing says, ‘”Please note previous tenants have advised us that they have experienced paranormal activity at the property.’ The listing now appears to have vanished – although it’s unknown whether this is because they have found a tenant, or due to strange powers from beyond the grave. The three-bedroom terraced house at 69 Pickwick Street in Toxteth, Liverpool, which has one upstairs window boarded up has been dogged by reports of paranormal activity since the 1800s. The online listing describes the property as a:’three-bedroom terraced house in

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New dating site Paranormal Date is OKCupid for people who believe in ghosts

11 June 2015 | Bizarre, Ghosts in the news

Paranormal dating sites – whatever next???   George Noory, who hosts conspiracy theory-centered radio show “Coast to Coast AM” has founded a new otherworldly dating site called Paranormal Date. Much like other interest-specific dating sites like Farmers Only or J Date, Paranormal Date is for people interested in “the paranormal, science, life after death, ghost stories, Bigfoot, UFOs, alternative medicine and conspiracy theories.” In an announcement on his website, Noory explained how his lonely-heart listeners inspired the new site. “Millions of people use dating services worldwide but few have a chance to meet people sharing their same interests in the paranormal. I speak all over the country and always people come up to me and say, ‘I can’t find someone who understands.’”   SOURCE:   

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