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‘Haunted house’ goes on Rightmove – with warning about ‘paranormal activity’

18 June 2015 | Bizarre, Ghosts in the news, Haunted

A Liverpool house has gone on sale with an incredible warning hidden in the small print – that it’s haunted by a 135-year-old poltergeist. The undead resident once supposedly lifted a previous tenant out of her bed, using its unearthly powers. The Rightmove listing says, ‘”Please note previous tenants have advised us that they have experienced paranormal activity at the property.’ The listing now appears to have vanished – although it’s unknown whether this is because they have found a tenant, or due to strange powers from beyond the grave. The three-bedroom terraced house at 69 Pickwick Street in Toxteth, Liverpool, which has one upstairs window boarded up has been dogged by reports of paranormal activity since the 1800s. The online listing describes the property as a:’three-bedroom terraced house in

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New dating site Paranormal Date is OKCupid for people who believe in ghosts

11 June 2015 | Bizarre, Ghosts in the news

Paranormal dating sites – whatever next???   George Noory, who hosts conspiracy theory-centered radio show “Coast to Coast AM” has founded a new otherworldly dating site called Paranormal Date. Much like other interest-specific dating sites like Farmers Only or J Date, Paranormal Date is for people interested in “the paranormal, science, life after death, ghost stories, Bigfoot, UFOs, alternative medicine and conspiracy theories.” In an announcement on his website, Noory explained how his lonely-heart listeners inspired the new site. “Millions of people use dating services worldwide but few have a chance to meet people sharing their same interests in the paranormal. I speak all over the country and always people come up to me and say, ‘I can’t find someone who understands.’”   SOURCE:   

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A girl in a red dress and a shadowy figure hopping over headstones: How Toowoomba became Australia’s most haunted town

03 June 2015 | Evidence?, Ghosts in the news, Haunted

Is this Australia’s most haunted town? A growing number of residents in the regional Queensland town of Toowoomba are documenting a series of spine-tingling encounters with ghosts. The other-worldly activity is so frequent, a team of ghost hunters has set up shop in the not-so-sleepy town. Scroll down for video This picture, taken in May 2012, is said to be of a ghost hovering near a grave Toowoomba Ghost Chasers has travelled around Toowoomba and the surrounding areas since it was created by Kylie Samuels and Katie Harvey, who hope they are the ones locals call when there’s something strange in the neighbourhood. ‘We have found Toowoomba is full of ghosts,’ founder Ms Samuels said. The group has researched a number of reported sightings, and documents them with photos, videos

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Charlie Charlie Challenge: Your terrifying experiences of summoning a MEXICAN DEMON in bizarre viral ritual

27 May 2015 | Evidence?, Ghosts in the news, Ouija

A terrifying new Twitter craze claims a simple ritual can be used to summon the spirit of a MEXICAN DEMON called Charlie – and our readers have shared some of their most horrifying experiences of the challenge. Screams, whispers, broken mirrors and shaking bookshelves are just some of the super-spooky results of the ouija board-inspired game, which has prompted youngsters from across the world to claim they have communicated with a sombrero-wearing spook. Our readers were asked to try out the game for themselves and see whether it really does work – with amazing results. From rattling door handles to mysterious scratching noises, our readers have endured some terrifying experiences when trying to conjure the demon. One reader even shares his unearthly encounter with a sinister man who has ‘black

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Ghost hunters arrested after ‘breaking into historic church and destroying a burial monument from 1862’

26 May 2015 | Ghost Hunting, Ghosts in the news

How not to behave when ghost hunting???? Four ghost hunters were arrested after they were caught breaking into a historic church that shaped Minnesotan history. Kyle Huber, 23, of Victoria, and Todd Suurmeyer, 23, Joseph Porter, 25, and Brittani Roberts, 24, all of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, were arrested on suspicion of burglary and criminal damage to property. They were accused of breaking into Ness Church in Litchfield, Minnesota, early Sunday morning and were allegedly looking for ghosts. Porter, Roberts and two others were arrested on suspicion of burglary and criminal damage to property Ness Church is the first Lutheran church in Meeker County and is known for holding the graves of the first five victims of the U.S.-Dakota War of 1862. Ness Church board members say that videos are

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Paranormal investigations a fast-growing hobby

24 May 2015 | Ghost Hunting, Ghosts in the news

Saurabh Singh is a commercial pilot who’s just conquered a deep fear. It wasn’t fear of flying but a dread of the dark and of what he might encounter in its depths that had Singh spooked for years. Until a few months ago, he wouldn’t even sleep without his bedroom lights on. But a three-month course in paranormal studies has changed all that. “The course equipped me with knowledge of what ghosts are all about and how to deal with them. Now, I sleep peacefully in the dark, secure in my new-found knowledge,” says Singh. He is not alone in the pursuit of the unknown. An increasing number of urban Indian professionals are signing up for courses and training in paranormal sciences from a host of institutes that have mushroomed

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Supernatural Staffordshire: Shelton newlywed’s visit from a poltergeist

20 May 2015 | Ghosts in the news

PARANORMAL Investigator Damon Simms has explored the dingiest corners of some of Staffordshire’s spookiest places. Here he recounts the tale of a woman who had an unexpected visitor at her Shelton home in the 1970s. Despite some of the preconceptions you may, or may not, have about ghosts – they become manifest in many different guises; as noises, smells and some in a more visible form. It is also true that they can visit a certain place for a prolonged period or appear in isolation. There is no set methodology when you experience something truly paranormal. And that’s true for the woman at the centre of this week’s tale – a newlywed lady named Laura who was living with her husband in Shelton in 1974. Late one July evening, she

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Paranormal real estate: What you need to know about selling, buying a haunted house

20 May 2015 | Ghosts in the news, Haunted

KALAMAZOO, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) — When it comes to real estate, it’s currently a seller’s market. Realtors in West Michigan say there’s a shortage of homes for sale. And that’s turning home buyers’ attention to older houses. But what do you do if that home has a paranormal past? Newschannel 3 talked to a local realtor about what you need to know about haunted real estate. When putting their house on the market, homeowners often have a lot of concerns. “The most common is cleanliness,” said Amy Turley, a Real Estate Agent for Pearse Realty in Battle Creek. But sometimes there are some things you just can’t get rid of: ghosts. “I’ve had that a few times. It’s a very touchy subject,” Turley said. Turley said home sellers are required

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Paranormal Corner: Pennsville family experiences activity; JUMPS witnesses phenomenon

19 May 2015 | Evidence?, Ghosts in the news

Blow flies. They eat decomposing bodies. They lay their eggs on rotting meat or in animal feces. And a swarm of them showed up for no reason in a home located in a pleasant neighborhood in Pennsville Township. After moving into the cozy rancher in 2011, the family – husband, wife and four young children – began noticing strange activity. The matriarch – who believes she is empathic – noticed the strange experiences and began investigating the phenomenon on her own using a Ouija board, and calling upon a medium. Still in need of help, she reached out to Jersey Unique Minds Paranormal Society to request an investigation. “We live here in fear,” she said. “This house drains our energy and is tearing us apart.” As an empath, the client

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News Camera Catches Real Ghosts In Haunted House [VIDEO]

17 May 2015 | Evidence?, Ghosts in the news

DeAnna Simpson from Hanover, Pennsylvania bought a house seven years ago with her husband and they put every penny into the home. It wasn’t long after they bought the home when things started going down hill. They started seeing things and even getting attacked. They caught some of it on video which caught the attention of the media. According to FOX43 the Simpsons invited them to the home to prove that the house was indeed haunted. The Simpsons believe that there at least five ghosts hunting the house. When the news crew from FOX43 showed up, they were only in the house 5 minutes and the ghost where not happy! They let the cameraman know how unhappy they were by scratching him and the news reporter by pinching her. As

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