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Paranormal real estate: What you need to know about selling, buying a haunted house

20 May 2015 | Ghosts in the news, Haunted

KALAMAZOO, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) — When it comes to real estate, it’s currently a seller’s market. Realtors in West Michigan say there’s a shortage of homes for sale. And that’s turning home buyers’ attention to older houses. But what do you do if that home has a paranormal past? Newschannel 3 talked to a local realtor about what you need to know about haunted real estate. When putting their house on the market, homeowners often have a lot of concerns. “The most common is cleanliness,” said Amy Turley, a Real Estate Agent for Pearse Realty in Battle Creek. But sometimes there are some things you just can’t get rid of: ghosts. “I’ve had that a few times. It’s a very touchy subject,” Turley said. Turley said home sellers are required

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Paranormal Corner: Pennsville family experiences activity; JUMPS witnesses phenomenon

19 May 2015 | Evidence?, Ghosts in the news

Blow flies. They eat decomposing bodies. They lay their eggs on rotting meat or in animal feces. And a swarm of them showed up for no reason in a home located in a pleasant neighborhood in Pennsville Township. After moving into the cozy rancher in 2011, the family – husband, wife and four young children – began noticing strange activity. The matriarch – who believes she is empathic – noticed the strange experiences and began investigating the phenomenon on her own using a Ouija board, and calling upon a medium. Still in need of help, she reached out to Jersey Unique Minds Paranormal Society to request an investigation. “We live here in fear,” she said. “This house drains our energy and is tearing us apart.” As an empath, the client

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News Camera Catches Real Ghosts In Haunted House [VIDEO]

17 May 2015 | Evidence?, Ghosts in the news

DeAnna Simpson from Hanover, Pennsylvania bought a house seven years ago with her husband and they put every penny into the home. It wasn’t long after they bought the home when things started going down hill. They started seeing things and even getting attacked. They caught some of it on video which caught the attention of the media. According to FOX43 the Simpsons invited them to the home to prove that the house was indeed haunted. The Simpsons believe that there at least five ghosts hunting the house. When the news crew from FOX43 showed up, they were only in the house 5 minutes and the ghost where not happy! They let the cameraman know how unhappy they were by scratching him and the news reporter by pinching her. As

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Rome Investigatora of the Paranormal starting Lamplight Tours

17 May 2015 | Ghost Tours, Ghosts in the news

ROME — Starting May 29, the Rome Investigators of the Paranormal, or R.I.P., will take guests on a path through Rome’s history as part its new Lamplight Tours. R.I.P. is offering two walking tours, giving guests the opportunity to learn about Rome’s historic past. These tours are the Friday “Erie” Lamplight Tour and the Saturday Lamplight Tour. Each walking tour will offer its own unique experience. These two immersive tours will run throughout the summer from May 29 until Aug. 15. R.I.P. will also be offering a third tour starting in the fall, which will be focused on the paranormal. The two-mile walking tours will last approximately 90 minutes. Tickets are currently available online at; adult tickets are $10 and tickets for children under 13 are $6. The Friday

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