My Haunted Life Too


Old Monastery Pool is Cursed

03 January 2023 | Your Stories, Your True Encounters

There is a place near my village that I am too afraid to visit at night. They say Old Monastery Pool is haunted and that this is the story which proves it. Just after the Second World War and with rationing still firmly in place, trading any extra food you grew or caught was near necessity. A youth in my tiny Nottinghamshire village known only as Young Charlie understood this well. Back in those days Young Charlie could often be found in the Burrell Arms (I actually live there now) trading the trout and eels he’d plucked from local streams for ration stamps. ‘I s’pose you know about Old Monastery Pool,’ one patron asked, as he exchanged a few stamps for one of Charlie’s slender trout. Charlie shook his head. ‘Never heard

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The Haunted Dresser

25 December 2022 | Haunted items, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

One of my first ghost experience was when I was about 9-11 years old. A relative of ours has passed away, after she passed, her family had given me a dresser of hers, (she kept her stuff in immaculate condition). Well, when I was sleeping, I saw her standing at the foot of my bed. The next morning, I told my mom, she didn’t say too much about it then. But then the next night, she was there again, I told my mom about her again the next day, she told me the only way to find out if something is real or not is to touch it. So, this is now the third night I see her standing at the foot of my bed, so I sit up so

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The Heysham Chronicle

24 December 2022 | Your Stories

We don’t usually publish fiction here but I will make an exception this once for this story by Mike Ricket and originally published here. By Mike Rickett Anthony Slim has always had a liking for local museums. They are usually quirky and full of curiosities that you would not find in the big city museums. He is wandering around a small museum in just three rooms in the village of Heysham on the Lancashire coast, probably best known for its port offering sailings to Ireland and the Isle of Mann. His visit is entirely unplanned. It is December and Hope University in Liverpool, where he is a senior lecturer in the Arts Faculty, is winding down for the Christmas break. He has a free day and the prospect of a

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Ghost Girl

23 December 2022 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

I grew up in an area that used to be a Pottawatomie Sioux and French fur trading village. This history is relevant. Outside of town, just down the road from my grandma’s house, was a clearing in the woods, on top of a hill, right near a spring. When I was a kid, my dad chose to situate a single-story ranch-style prefab house in that clearing, and we moved into it when I was maybe 12 or 13 years old. The weirdness started right away. Within a few days of moving in, when we were all watching a movie in the living room, we heard a loud BANG like a gunshot in the kitchen. When we went to see if something had fallen over, though, nothing was out of place.

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Missing Xmas Decorations

22 December 2022 | Poltergeist, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

A relative suffered an untimely death that shook our whole family to the core. Their passing was in early December many years ago and our family, grief-stricken, endeavoured to decorate our tree. The box of decorations was kept in a space under the stairs in our basement. That year, the box was nowhere to be found. Our family went out and bought entirely new tree decorations. We got through the holidays, into the new year and took the tree down. As we went to place the new decorations in the usual space…there was the old box we’d been looking for. And it was really one of three boxes under there.   Submitted by  t3eee

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20 December 2022 | Haunted houses, Poltergeist, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

An ex-friend of mine and I had one of those missing item experiences – his car keys (which were kept on the kitchen counter) vanished one morning before we left for work. We looked EVERYWHERE in the apartment. Scoured the living room, the kitchen, his bedroom, we even checked the driveway, but no keys! So he called the boss and told her that we weren’t going to be able to make it in to work because his keys were missing, and then we decided to take a short walk down the street to the convenience store to de-stress and figure out what to do if we couldn’t relocate the car keys. As soon as we got home and walked back in the front door, THERE WERE HIS KEYS, sitting on

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My Brother

19 December 2022 | Phone Calls from the dead, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

Before I start, I want to say that I am quite a spiritual person, but I always try to find the logic in things like this. My brother died nearly 2 years ago, and for months after his death he was quite ‘active’… For example, multiple people have claimed to have received phone calls from him. I witnessed one of them. My mother picked up the phone, apprehensive because it was from a “no called Id” number, and immediately we both recognised his voice.  We were quite shocked and he said “goodbye”. (Bear in mind my brother had a very very distinctive voice). When my brother was alive, he loved to paint.  After his death, my sister and I both took one painting from his house. The painting that my

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The Haunted School

17 December 2022 | Haunted houses, Haunted locations, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

A friend of mine runs a school for pre-school kids. It is located in a large 1920’s building just outside the city center that was built to strict standards of opulence by a wealthy jewish family.  Unfortunately, when the Nazi’s took over in this part of the world, the family were taken from their home and shipped off to concentration camps where apparently they unfortunately died. Several teachers at the school have reported strange happenings. One, took her boyfriend there returning home from a night out when it was very late with the intention of sleeping on the floor. She said that after about 30 minutes, someone switched the hall light on yet the building was empty. This worried them a bit but they switched off the light and settled

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We Spent 3 Nights in a Haunted Hotel Room

15 December 2022 | Haunted locations, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, we spent the weekend in a hotel room considered by many to be the most haunted hotel room in the country. The room is in the Marshall House in Savannah, Georgia — ranked as the most Haunted City in the USA, and the Marshall House as Savannah’s most haunted hotel. It’s room 414. And we stayed there for three nights. I did not plan on staying in room 414. Well, I sort of planned, but that was not the specific plan. Here’s how it happened. It was our 13th anniversary. We both love Savannah. Its historic district is beautiful and full of history. I love history, and she loves this kinda stuff… I mean, stuff like “ghosts”. And it was our 13th. It just made sense

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Ten Ways to Know if Your House is Haunted

18 November 2022 | Ghosts in the news, Your True Encounters

The Daily Mirror recently carried a story that struck a chord with me…. It said that according to Barri Ghai, a paranormal investigator, there were 10 ways to tell if your home was haunted… Here they are. A feeling of being watched and a presence around you when alone 2 – Frequent problems with electrical items including TVs, lights, cookers and other appliances 3 – Sudden and inexplicable temperature drops, often isolated to particular areas of the property 4 – Witnessing objects moving by themselves or noticing items going missing 5 – Strange smells that seem to come and go, like the scent of perfume, flowers, tobacco or even rotten meat 6 – An unknown infestation of flies or other insects may be a sign of a demonic presence 7

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Ghosts and Hauntings with Jeff Belanger

16 November 2022 | G. Michael Vasey's Nightmare Corner, Haunted houses, ouiji boards, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

In my latest podcast, I chat with Jeff Belanger about ghosts, hauntings and much more. It was a fun chat and a good long overdue catch up after working with Jeff a bit in my day job in the early 2000’s. Jeff Belanger is one of the most visible and prolific researchers of folklore and legends today. A natural storyteller, he’s the award-winning, Emmy-nominated host, writer, and producer of the New England Legends series on PBS and Amazon Prime, and is the author of over a dozen books (published in six languages). He also hosts the award-winning New England Legends weekly podcast, which has garnered over 4 million downloads since its launch, and ranks in the top 1/2 percent of all podcasts as far as popularity according to Listen Notes. Always one for chasing adventures,

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The Paranormal Pastor

05 November 2022 | Podcast, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

I had a great conversation the other night with The Paranormal Pastor. He told me about his attempts at exorcism and we discussed the nature of evil. Listen in? Find it on Apple here. Or listen on Youtube at the link below..   Please do like, share and subscribe!!!

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New Sampler on Kindle – Whispers in the Darkness

04 November 2022 | G. Michael Vasey's Nightmare Corner, Your True Encounters

I put out a sampler on Kindle for anyone who hasn’t read any of my books but would like to read a scary story or two… called Whispers in the Darkness it is available at the lowest price on Amazon. Whispers in the Darkness is a scary sampler of the true paranormal stories collected, edited and written by G. Michael Vasey. It contains stories from many of his hit books like Watched from the Shadows, The My Haunted Life series, The Scary best and so on. Vasey is a collector of stories and he compiles collections of true paranormal experiences like the My Haunted Life series as well as produces more investigative works utilising true stories as examples like Chilling Tales of the Black Eyed Kids. This book contains a

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Our Haunted Home: 63 Maple Street

03 November 2022 | Haunted houses, Haunted locations, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

About the town, the Haunting of 63 Maple Street took place in… Belišće, Croatia, the quaint little town that I moved to back in 2017, sits in a corner of southeastern Europe that is near the Slavonian and Hungarian border. It is a place with quite an interesting past, to say the least. The contents of this book center around the history and events that occurred on and around one particular street in town; Maple Street, as it used to be known before the Balkan Wars of the 1990s. The town was originally made up of peaceful working-class people who flocked there from all over Europe, for the most part, to work at the giant sawmill (one of the largest of its kind) created by the founding family of Belišće,

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The Place by the Lake

20 October 2022 | Your True Encounters

It was designed to be a prank. I was going to take my sister and her friend out to the place by the lake at dusk and then suggest that something wasn’t right. I just wanted to give them a bit of a scare that’s all. But it did not go to plan at all. It was easy to get them to join me even though darkness was approaching. “It’ll be fun,”I said. It isn’t far to the lake. Just through a small copse at the bottom of our land and across a marshy field. The lake isn’t very large nor deep. But it does have a few fish and so we had a spot down there for fishing. It had a fireplace, a wood-built shelter from the rain and

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