My Haunted Life Too


The Phantom Nurse Who Helped Me Through My Sickness

23 July 2018 | Your Stories

An all-too-common happening. A phantom nurse, doctor or priest who sits with a suffering patient. Healing them with kind words, and love. This is a strange tale… take a look.  This happened to me during my childhood in the 1970’s. I had been taken to our local hospital to have an operation to remove my tonsils. They kept me in the hospital for a few days and while I was coming out from under the anaesthetic I had a nurse with me the whole time mopping my brow and giving me encouragement. I remember she was so kind and loving. I wondered at the time, as much as you can wonder while coming out from anaesthetic, how the hospital could afford to have a nurse stay with a minor patient

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The Ghost Girl in the Old Room

23 July 2018 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

This story begins last Fall (2017), when my family decided to buy / renovate a house that had previously been abandoned for the last 19 years. This house was a quite large, 2 story farm house that had been built in 1871 and hadn’t been lived in since the late 1990s. At first sight, the house looked like something from a modern day horror movie with rooms that had collapsed ceilings and holes in the walls and floors, to whole rooms that had been sealed off with plastic wrap for who knows how long. The house from the first time I step inside it gave me an uneasy feeling and I felt that something was watching me all the time. We started cleaning out the house and take out all

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The Student in the Cafeteria

21 July 2018 | Your Stories, Your True Encounters

It was in the early 90’s. My friend and I sat at a round table in a State University cafeteria to have lunch. My friend sat almost exactly in front of me. Suddenly, I saw a student wearing a backpack, a dress and light clothes colors. She stood next to our table, her eyes looked in the open space, her face seemed quite sad. I could see her and her outfit vividly, but I could not see her legs from the about the knees down. My instinct told me she was not a there physically. In just in a blink; as I took my eyes off her, to look at my friend, this student vanished! I asked my friend if she saw the student; the answer was no! As I

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‘What I went through was real!’ What really happened with the Enfield Poltergeist

20 July 2018 | Your Stories

I came across a brand-new article from The Express newspaper. An article about one of the most famous hauntings of all time. The Enfield Haunting. I wanted to share this article with you. You can read the original by clicking here. There’s nothing that picks out 284 Green Street as anything other than a suburban semi possessed by little more than everyday domesticity. But from the humdrum routine of family meals, school times and homework, it emerged as the chilling epicentre of paranormal activity that held a nation spellbound. The Enfield Poltergeist became a sensation as it terrified a family over an 18-month period with furniture clattering across rooms, household objects flying around, disembodied voices, sudden temperature drops and even episodes of levitation when an 11-year-old girl was witnessed floating

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Creepy Hellfire Caves

20 July 2018 | G. Michael Vasey's Nightmare Corner, Haunted locations

On a recent visit to the UK, I was able to visit the Hellfire Caves. These were built by Francis Dashwood and were apparently used by his hellfire club for their activities. Whether these were black magic and satan worship or just a bunch of powerful rich guys mocking the establishment and getting drunk with local prostitutes, we may never actually know. But, the atmosphere in the caves made me feel nauseous and I had a headache for several hours after re-emerging. My sixth sense tells me that there is bad energy in those caves and that it was deliberately made that way. The entrance to the caves menaces like some gothic church out of a horror movie and, as you go down the caves, you are greeted by carvings

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The Haunted Cinema That Became A Haunted Museum

19 July 2018 | Your Stories

An interesting new article from the Nottingham Post about a cinema that has been re-opened as a museum filled to the brim with paranormal artefacts. You can read the original right here. A former cinema in Mapperley is set to give visitors a fright after being transformed into a new haunted museum. Paranormal investigator Steve Wesson, 45, has been collecting rare and unusual artefacts linked to the dead for many years. He now wants to share his morbid exhibition and has decided to use the haunted Mapperley cinema as the backdrop. The Majestic cinema in Woodborough Road opened in 1927 and closed its doors in 1957. Mr Wesson and his crew at UK Ghost Hunts believe the building is extremely haunted. Only last month a mysterious metal door, nailed shut, was discovered hidden

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Creepy Memories

19 July 2018 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

So I’ve lived in the same house to the current date and we’ve had some strange things happen. I can only recall a few that I have experienced personally and can still remember as some of them happened when I was very young. To start from the beginning, I remember my mom telling me that when I was between 1-2 years old, I would be playing with my toys in the living room being quite happy and content, and then after a while, I would run to her scared asking if she sees the man in the corner. She couldn’t see anyone, but I refused to play in that room for a while. Eventually I’d go back in, play, and see the man again and go find my mom. From

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How Ghosts, Ghouls And Paranormal Activity Change The Value Of Your Home

18 July 2018 | Your Stories

Not something that get discussed a lot… how does a ghost change the value of a property? A new study from the Metro explains all. As always you can read the original article here. Terrifying twilight visits from ghosts are apparently not the only downside to living in a haunted house. Not only do haunted homeowners have to put up with the paranormal, but their property plummets in value if they are investigated, a researcher has claimed. A study into supposedly haunted homes in Britain found their value dropped by 17% compared to similar homes nearby. Statistician Dr Geoff Ellis said it suggested that having a haunted house knocks almost £40,000 off the average UK property price when it came to selling it. It may well be there are a

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My Brother Was Dating A Witch

18 July 2018 | Precognition, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

My brother was dating a witch. I know, it’s a strange way to start a story, but it’s true. She was into witchcraft and other pagan practices, if my memory serves me correctly. You see, I was a teenager, I’m now nearly 30yrs old, and this story still rings vividly in my mind. He’s my older brother. There are nearly nine years between us. Despite this age difference, and our very different life styles, I still looked up to him. His stint in the Marines was a difficult time for me and my parents. Long periods of time without contact with him. A base in Japan was his home for a year before he returned to the States. In all of this I’m thankful to God that he never saw

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Something Strange In A Baby Scan? Is This A Guardian Angel?

17 July 2018 | Your Stories

Recently the Daily Mail had an interesting article in one of their issues. The article concerned a baby scan that showed a guardian angel. It’s an interesting article and we have shared it here for you to enjoy. You can see the original, and the baby scan photo by clicking here. A mum claims her baby son’s ‘guardian angel’ grandad appeared in a scan photo to look over her child – and even helped save his life from meningitis after he was born. Gemma Hughes, 25, spotted what she says is the face of her partner Dane Curran’s late father Ian in the black and white scan of her son Vinnie. The boy was a rainbow baby after Gemma had suffered a devastating miscarriage in 2015, and Gemma believes Ian was watching

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Ghosts in my Photo?

17 July 2018 | G. Michael Vasey's Nightmare Corner, Your True Encounters

For quite a while now, I have been using a photo of me in black and white stood in London by a red telephone box in a number of places. The photo  was taken by my business colleague when we were both in London using my phone. In all the time that I have worked with this image, I had not seen something sinister – especially given my interest in ghosts. I do not recall anyone being sat on the kerb when we took the photo, but now this is all I see…. is that two Victorian ladies sitting there? Or is it just a couple dressed in some strange fashion gear? You decide and let me know what you think please….. it send shivers down my spine when I

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Hauntings from Atchison, KS

17 July 2018 | Your Stories, Your True Encounters

I’m a big fan of Weird Darkness and after hearing many stories similar to my experiences, I thought I’d take the chance to share my story…well stories. I go to school in Atchison, KS, also known as “The Most Haunted Town in Kansas.” Growing up, my dad and I bonded over the paranormal. Friday nights were often spent watching Ghost Adventures and many scary movies. We loved the thrill and the feeling of being scared. So going to school in the most haunted town in Kansas was the perfect thrill I needed for my enjoyment of the paranormal. I have a few experiences to share from my 3 years of living in Atchison; the first occurring during my very first week at school. Atchison prides itself on being haunted. It attracts people

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The Ghosts of the “George and Dragon” Pub In Belper, Derbyshire…

16 July 2018 | Your Stories

This submission will be interesting to those who have always wondered about old English pubs… “The George and Dragon” pub in Belper, England is part of history… but does history still reside in the pub? This article originally came from the Derby Telegraph. Click here to read the original article. The George and Dragon Pub has been one of the oldest and finest public houses in Belper for more than 200 years. Craig the landlord was very friendly when I visited and opened up about stories of the paranormal in the pub. Craig’s other half, Rebecca, once rang a medium regarding visiting the George to hold a group reading at the pub. The medium said: “In the bar entrance to your right is a corner where a door once was, which is now

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My Great Grandparents Home

16 July 2018 | Your True Encounters

My great grandparents spent their entire lives in Johnstown, Pa, a city once vibrant and thriving thanks to the steel mills of of Andrew Carnegie and the like, but has been in slow gradual decline as many cities are now a days. On May 31, 1889 there was a massive flood when the South Fork dam broke killing around 2,200 people. My great grandfather was a hardworking man, he dropped out of school when he was just 12 to help support his family. He got a job at a local glass factory and worked there for the rest of his life, except the three years he spent in the South Pacific during WW2. When he came home, him and my great grandmother bought a tiny 3 bedroom house in 1945

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The Lady Vanishes: A Paranormal Encounter In England

13 July 2018 | Your Stories

Strange story from a lady who heard this story from a second person. Still, it does sound very feasible to me. How do you feel about it? I heard this story second hand from a lady who used to clean for a family in Leicestershire, England. Apparently one afternoon the mother-in-law of the family was sitting having breakfast when there was a knock on the door. She called out to her daugher that there was someone at the door. Looked up from her breakfast and saw an outline of a woman walk through the door, across the room and through the back wall. Apparently, she screamed and the whole family rushed into the room to find her in hysterics. They thought she had been seeing things, but their middle child

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