My Haunted Life Too


House on the Hill

28 October 2019 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

In 1986 I was visiting my mother, my older sister and my new step father in Cicero, Indiana it was in the country with nothing but corn fields for miles with one small town that contained a gas station, Dairy Queen, small grocery store and video store. I lived in San Antonio, Texas with my father, so this being out in the country like this was new to me. This would be the first and only time I visited at that home. The home in Cicero was big and on a lot of acres, there was a lot of room to roam, we had horses, and a man made pond. One morning I remember being in the kitchen and my sister and I over heard my mother and step father

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The Scary Best of My Haunted Life Too

26 October 2019 | Your Stories, Your True Encounters

To celebrate the best stories on the site and Halloween, why not buy the new compilation of stories edited by G. Michael Vasey? The Scary Best of – True stories of the paranormal edited by G. Michael Vasey An all new collection of favorite chilling true stories of the paranormal submitted to the Myhauntedlifetoo website compiled and edited by G. Michael Vasey. Ghosts, shadows, demons and poltergeist….. for those who experience such things, the paranormal is very real and very frightening. The stories in this book cover all of these paranormal phenomena and more besides…… Don’t read before bedtime! Creepy ghost stories Chilling Black eyed kid stories Haunted houses Haunted hotels Shadow people Poltergeists and more…. The Scary Best of – True stories of the paranormal edited by

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Playing with the Devil

25 October 2019 | Demons, ouiji boards, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

I was very young, very lost, confused and didn’t have a lot of support growing up. I was an only child and was passed around from family member to family member. Not saying I was the perfect child. I just didn’t have the best people to guide me. I was raised in the church, I mean 6 days a week and some weekends always in church. I didn’t want church, I didn’t want to be with all these different family members. I wanted my mother. Who for some reason or another was never around. I started acting out in school. Stealing, fighting etc. Finally my mother decided to send me to my aunts house. As if that wasn’t enough to add on to the stress of a teenager but she

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Coughing Fit

21 October 2019 | Demons, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

It was at around 3:30 to 3:45 am when I was half asleep (I had been on my computer for hours and had only got off of it at around 3 am) when I felt something pull at my legs. First, slowly, then more violently. I suddenly sat bolt upright and started choking aggressively. It was so bad that my mother had to come in to check if I was alright. I got my breath back after a few minutes, and when I was sure that I was okay, we went back to bed, and I slept downstairs. when we got up for breakfast the next morning, I was talking to mum at the breakfast table. she said that she had no memory of my coughing fit, but had a

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America’s Most Haunted Roads and Their Terrifying Legends

18 October 2019 | Your Stories, Your True Encounters

There are wonderful frights that tag along with the Halloween season. Witches, black cats, and ghosts to name a few. The scare is the best part of the season so it would only be fitting to visit these spooky icons that cover the areas of America’s most spine-chilling roads. The roads carry a shocking and unique story with each — get ready for goosebumps with every tale. There is a spook meter that gathers the shocking legends from each road to measure the eeriness. The spook meter creates the ranking on a scale of 1.0–5.0, measuring each road by the number of ghost sightings, dangerous obstacles, deaths and accidents, and strange phenomenons. Skip below to see an overview of America’s 7 most haunted roads. Mentioned with each road is a

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Passion for the Paranormal Halloween Special

17 October 2019 | G. Michael Vasey's Nightmare Corner, Ghosts in the news, Your Stories

I was interviewed for the podcast and enjoyed a good old chat about ghosties and ghoulies and the like. You can listen in if you want….

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The Lady in the Road

17 October 2019 | Haunted locations, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

This story comes from my father. It happened when my father was 17. My grandmother wanted to visit my uncle Lupe, so she asked all of her daughters and sons if they were willing too take her. No one wanted to go except for my father. They got on the road heading too my uncle Lupe’s house just outside of the city limits so driving on the road meant nothing but trees left and right. However, my dad noticed a young in her early 20s women just walking along the side of the road. The thing is though that when my dad got closer, it looked like she had no feet. It was like she was floating! mM father brushed it off as his mind playing tricks on him, but

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Zombie Paralysis

16 October 2019 | Old hag, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

One night, while sleeping with my now ex-wife, I felt the end of the bed begin to lean down. As if one of the dogs were attempting to climb up onto the bed. What I thought was a dog became quickly known as something much more. The shear weight that I could feel in the bed must have been closer to my weight or more. I attempted to open my eyes but was only able to look at the ceiling. The room was dimly lit but I knew my wife had been reading in bed. So, I didn’t think much of it. As I became more curious as to what was at the end of the bed, I tried to lift my head but to no avail. I was stuck!

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Dogs, They Know Evil.

15 October 2019 | Your Stories, Your True Encounters

I’ve always felt like I’ve been followed by darkness…this is simply, one of many, many things I’ve experienced. I grew up in a very “disturbed” neighborhood. Always neighborly drama, fights, and even death. The cops always showed up in our street due to the amount of issues. The neighborhood wasn’t very safe, so every house had gates and iron surrounding the windows, doors, and garages. Honestly, most of everybody in the neighborhood had dogs, large dogs to ensure protection. So, it wasn’t unusual for us to hear barking all day long. We were used to it. My family and I had a dog as well, a mutt mixed with German shepherd and some other breed that I didn’t know of. He was very protective of us and he was a

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The Demon Dog

14 October 2019 | Your Stories, Your True Encounters

This happened years ago. My best friend and I were driving around the small town we lived in. Me in the passenger seat and him driving. We would do this all the time. When we were bored or just didn’t want to be at home. We would “cruise” around and tell jokes, parody songs we loved, and tell each other ghost stories. That night was jokes and laughing. We had already been driving around for an hour or so that night and it was near midnight. We had turned down main street heading west after just leaving the only convenience store in town. My best friend was Jimmy. Crazy and side splittingly funny 99% of the time. No different that night. We had gone a block down main and he

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It Came In Through The Screen Door

03 October 2019 | Your Stories, Your True Encounters

This is a true story that occurred in rural Arkansas farming country in 1959. We had a hard scrabble 80 acre farm and we made a bare living from it along with our live stock. We kept chickens, hogs & some dairy cattle. I was 7 years old when this incident occurred and it has stuck with me all the days of my life. It was also a lasting memory of my dear Mother until she passed away. She told me that she thought of what happened on that summer afternoon almost every day. Later in life after I had grown up, when we were all alone I asked her ” Mom, just what was that that came through the screen door & into the kitchen that day so long

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Paranormal Investigators Encounter Ghost Policeman in Tunnel

01 October 2019 | Your Stories, Your True Encounters

The Sheffield Star is reporting an incident with three paranormal investigators exploring a tunnel near Doncaster. The “trio of female paranormal investigators say they were left ‘freaked out’ after encountering what they say was the ghost of a policeman in an abandoned Doncaster railway tunnel.” The story is really quite intriguing as they claim that as they explored the tunnel, they heard footsteps and a light was shone in their faces… Explained Charlene: “I heard footsteps and then there was a really bright torchlight in our faces and a male voice shouting “South Yorkshire Police” at us.” One of the trio challenged the officer for ID – but the group then say the ‘policeman’ vanished into thin air. “He just disappeared,” she said. “There were no footsteps walking away, the

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Live on FOJ Live Talking BEK

30 September 2019 | Black Eyed Kids, G. Michael Vasey's Nightmare Corner, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

On Sunday night I was live on FOJ Live….. you can catch the episode right here. Enjoy! nbsp;

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Calling the Dead

26 September 2019 | Audible Activity, Phone Calls from the dead, What Is a Ghost? and other definitions, Your True Encounters

A woman was working as a telemarketer temporarily. She had been working at the company for only a couple of months when this incident occurred. When making calls, the telesales person had a dialogue on the monitor in front of them to read from while talking with people. The computer dialed the number, so the actual call was completely random with no choice in who was called. The phone rang and a man answered. She asked to speak to Mr. or Mrs. Jones (not the real name), please. The man told her, “It depends on what you are calling about.” She began her sales pitch and then asked if she was speaking to Mr. Smith. He answered with a laugh saying something like, “Yes. And just how much would I

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Woman Divorces Ghost Husband

24 September 2019 | Bizarre, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

You may recall Amanda Teague, if you follow such things, as the Irish woman who married her ghost pirate lover, Jack, in 2006? She was one of several women I covered in my ghost sex book of a couple of years ago. Well, according to Irish Central, the relationship has ended in divorce. Teague explained on a British TV show, that she began to explore spirituality in 2010 after her son died in hopes of finding a “link to the other side.” She said it was five years before Jack presented himself, and even then, it took Teague months for her to believe “he was who he said he was.”  She began to feel uncomfortable several months into the marriage saying “things happen, you can’t blame everything on the paranormal,”

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