My Haunted Life Too


The Dark Mass

29 August 2018 | Demons, Your Stories

It was back in college. My roommate and I attended an art school and our apartment quickly became the home where my fellow classmates would come together to do homework, complete projects, talk and, if need be, crash for the night. We all became really close to a class that was graduating shortly before we would. One of the boys in this class was Wiccan. I grew up in a christian home and considered myself a firm believer, so having him in our apartment was really unsettling to me. I distanced myself when our friends and my roommate started becoming very interested in his beliefs and his stories of spirits, creatures, energy and so on. It always gave me a sickening feeling, and I would often separate myself from the

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How Would You Like To Spend A Night In The Haunted Prison That Housed The Kray Twins?

28 August 2018 | Your Stories

An interesting article from concerning a notorious prison… a notoriously haunted prison… how would you like to spend the night there? You can, as always, read the original article by clicking here. If you’re someone who loves nothing more than being scared senseless, this will most definitely interest you. A prison which is often said to be the most haunted in the UK is letting people explore its terrifying cells – before staying the night in one of them. Shepton Mallet Prison, less than an hour’s drive from Bristol, was home to a number of hardened criminals including child killers, rapists and notorious gangs, such as the Kray Twins, who were moved there from the Tower of London. Before closing in 2013, the Somerset lock-up was the oldest operating

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The Sinister Caprine Creature

28 August 2018 | Demons, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

Hello. This is a story I have to tell that either falls under paranormal or supernatural, though I don’t see any difference between the two words. I am a person who doesn’t like to reveal my identity. And I’m sorry for that, so I’ll just go by the name Benji for this story and all future stories I might upload. Now, this story isn’t about some inanimate object moving on its own or some gateway to an alternate dimension. No, this story is about a creature who legitimately terrified me and stalked me for a few years of my life. To some, this story might be a bit cliche, but this entity actually scared me during the few encounters I’ve had with it. So I’ll tell you about the 4

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The Smiling Angel

27 August 2018 | Your Stories, Your True Encounters

I have been a medium since I can remember and my first encounter was when I was about 6 years old. I had a nightmare, so I was going to go into my parents room. When I reached the hallway, I saw a woman, with long dark hair and a flowing white dress. She was staring into my parents bed room. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I rubbed my eyes and when I looked at her again she turned a smiled at me, the way a loving mother would smile at a child. I didn’t know what to do, I charged down the hall waving my hands in front of me and just before I would have touched her she vanished. I woke up my mom, who told

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A Sweet Tale of Love After Death

24 August 2018 | Your Stories

A sweet submission today that concerns love, and marriage. A lady who felt that her husband visited her from beyond the grave to comfort her. Read on… After my grandfather died my grandmother always claimed that he would come to visit her. She lived alone in the house she had shared with her husband since they had been married. “Berry,” which is what she called my grandfather, had been a good husband and they’d had a good marriage. She would say, and she wasn’t a person to be fanciful, that sometimes she could sense him in the room with her. She even claimed that she could smell him from time to time. I often wonder if they both haunt her old house now that they are together in spirit. Have

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The Ghost of Jimmy Saville?

24 August 2018 | Haunted locations, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

I have never told anyone before this story as it still seems pretty unbelievable after all these years. When I lived in London in the 1980s, our regular pub was the Noggin’s Bonce in Peckham. It was a large pub with several rooms upstairs that they used to rent out for functions, wakes etc. I remember at the time that people used to take about strange things going on upstairs such as unexplained shadows, horrible smells and cold patches, but I always thought that these experiences were caused by people having one too many drinks and dismissed all the stories. Anyway one evening, I’d had one too many drinks and found myself going upstairs with my friends Rodney, Boycie, Trig, Del, my uncle Albert and the landlord Mike for a

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Visited By A Guardian Angel

24 August 2018 | Your Stories

A nice story submitted by a reader. A guardian ‘spirit’ visiting a girl. Take a look at this cute happening… My mom used to tell me about a ghost, or spirit, that would visit her sometimes when she was a child. The ghost of a woman. This ghost would stand in the door of her bedroom ‘shimmering’ in the dark. My mother would lie in bed and stare across at this spirit until she fell asleep. Mom tried to tell her parents, but they didn’t believe her. She said that the spirit just shimmered. She couldn’t make out any features, but she said she ‘knew’ that this angel meant her no harm. Mom always said that this spirit was her guardian angel. She stopped seeing her when she was around

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The Wedding Ring

23 August 2018 | Haunted houses, Your True Encounters

I’ve seen quite a few dead people, and strange things happen to me, but here is a story about my grandmother’s house. My grandparents got married in 1939 and moved into a terrace house in a Kent town near Chatham Dockyard in the UK. My Gran lived in this house until 1997. As a child I would have really vivid nightmares no more so than when I stayed with my grandparents. The house was very old over 150 years, it wasn’t that creepy but as I got older strange things started to happen after my mum and my grandad died. I’d see a black mist behind me in a mirror, i’d have strong feelings that my mum or my grandfather were standing behind me. My grandfather smoked a very pungent

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The Woman Who Says She Is Having Sex With Her Dead Boyfriend’s Ghost

22 August 2018 | Your Stories

A few days ago we featured a “news” item from a woman who claims to only date ghosts. Today another article jumped out at us from Take a look at this article. You can read the original by clicking here. A woman says she has sex with the ghost of her boyfriend during late night visits made since his tragic death. The woman – known only as Simone – said she was ‘definitely sure’ the ghost was her former partner Speaking to New Zealand radio show The Edge, the woman said: ‘I get some good sensations.’ ‘I was in a long-term relationship and unfortunately he passed away,’ Simone told hosts Jono Pryor and Sharyn Casey. ‘But yeah, he still visits me every now and then and lets me finish,

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Moving Chairs, Strange Activity: The Haunting Of A Residence in England

21 August 2018 | Your Stories

Another strange account that comes from British newspaper “The Daily Star.” Footage of strange activity taking place in a residential home in Kent has been, apparently, explained by an expert. Take a look at this story and see what you think. You can read the original article here. Married couple Robert and Pauline – whose surnames were withheld so as not to attract ghost hunters – hit the headlines earlier this year after sharing creepy CCTV clips of their home in Gravesend. The cameras were set up after the family started noticing strange goings-on centring around their son Barry, 33, and his bedroom six years ago. In the eerie video – which surfaced back in May – a mug seemingly moves of its own accord as Barry tries to pour hot water. It then

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Woman Who Only Has Relations With Ghosts Is Now Ready For A Ghost Baby

20 August 2018 | Your Stories

A few weeks ago, we shared an article from the Sun newspaper about a lady who gave up physical relations to date ghosts. A new article today from the Daily Mail expands on this story, and explains that this same lady is now hoping to have a baby with her ghost boyfriend. We present this story to you—but you can read the original by clicking here. A woman who claims she only has sex with ghosts has revealed her plans to have a baby with her spirit lover. Amethyst Realm, 30, from Bristol, told This Morning on Monday she has been with her ghost lover for six months and said she is ready to start a family. Speaking on the ITV show, Ms Realm, who claims she turned her back

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A Strange Graveyard Ghost Hunting Incident In Ohio

17 August 2018 | Your Stories

How many of us have been on ghost hunts? Take a look at this interesting account from a submitter, and see what you think of this experience. Sometimes you never know what you’ve recorded. Many years ago, I was on a ghost hunt with a bunch of people from the local college. We were having a lot of fun going around a local graveyard. This graveyard was actually not in use anymore. A new one had been opened on the other side of our town. Anyway, we were sitting in the dark and waiting to see if anything would happen. One of the guys had a Ouija board with him but we hadn’t gotten around to trying it yet. Half an hour later we were starting to get rowdy, so

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Author Asks Rugbeians To Come Forward With Their Ghost Sightings

16 August 2018 | Your Stories

This is an interesting new article. An author is asking Rugbeians to come forward with their ghostly sightings as part of her investigation into the paranormal. You can read the original article by clicking here. Tales of a recklessly driven phantom truck terrorising motorists on the A45 caught the interest of Ruth Roper Wylde as she writes her third book on the supernatural. Legend has it a ghostly truck haunts the stretch of the A45 between Rugby and Coventry, frightening motorists by driving recklessly at speed. Reports of the truck appear to date back to at least the 1950s, when the road was a country road. Ghost hunters cite a police constable, G Forsythe, who is said to have lived in the area the time and saw a ghostly truck

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A Strange Haunted Incident in Lincolnshire

15 August 2018 | Your Stories

Strange incidents today from a grandfather who grew up in a ‘haunted’ house in Lincolnshire. Interesting account… see what you think… Not very exciting account but my grandad always said that one of the houses he grew up in as a child was haunted. Back in the 1940’s he said that people weren’t so aware of the paranormal as they are now. It was not like it is today with movies and ghost hunting shows on TV. He moved into a house in the countryside with his parents. His father worked on a farm in Lincolnshire and he said that things would happen all the time in that house. He, and his mum, saw a young man covered with mud walk through the door of their house and through to

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Ghost Hunters All Shook Up Over What They Find At A Haunted Location

14 August 2018 | Your Stories

The Daily Star has been sharing many interesting articles with a paranormal theme lately. This new one caught my eye today and I thought I’d share it with you… You can, of course, read the original article by clicking here. Eerie footage filmed by ghost hunters shows a tricycle appearing to pedal backwards on its own. Lee Kirkland, 40, caught the creepy blink-and-you’ll-miss-it backpedal on video during a late-night tour of an “insanely haunted” house. The red tricycle can be clearly seen moving backwards momentarily while illuminated by the torch. The pedals appeared to be pushed by phantom feet as the front wheel turned and pushed backwards across the concrete floor at the Ashmore Estates in Illinois, US. The abandoned building was once a poor house before it was turned

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