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Cafe Closed Due To Strange Paranormal Happenings?

27 June 2018 | Your Stories

A strange little news story from that you may not have seen yet. A café in Texas has been closed by the owners due to a “paranormal” incident. What do you think about this? The owners of an East Side cafe closed up shop to “protect the customer” after they reportedly caught a ghostly encounter on surveillance video. Since November, ‘On Live Hall of Fame Cafe’ has been feeding the East Side community with the sounds and sights of historic musicians. But on Thursday, the music stopped. “We are closed today to make sure everyone is safe,” owner April Ward said. Her concerns stem from security video which appears to show a makeshift barricade falling over. “I still get chills, my husband won’t come in here,” Ward said. “It’s

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The Vanishing Truck – A Paranormal Driving Experience

26 June 2018 | Your Stories

A strange incident today from Great Britain… a man is out driving and finds himself in a predicament. The truck that was following him has disappeared… When I first passed driving test I would spend a lot of time practicing and honing my skills on country roads and lanes. I had only just passed my test by the skin of my teeth, and I certainly didn’t feel comfortable enough to be on any major roads. I would try to drive for an hour each night after work. I had been doing these practice sessions for about a month before I decided to tackle a larger country road. The first couple of times on that road were uneventful but the third or fourth time I found myself being followed by a

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Ice Box Mystery

26 June 2018 | Your Stories, Your True Encounters

I have lived in this same house for 20 years and my bedroom has always been cold, even with the heating on in the whole house. My bedroom felt like an icebox hence the title of this incident. Some times the ceiling fan would start up on its own. I thought i was imagining it so I marked one of the blades and sure enough I found it had moved position without it ever being switched on by myself. I could always feel someone with me in the room when I was entirely alone in the house. The creepiest thing that ever happened was when I had a new mattress for my bed – a memory foam mattress the kind that mould to your body outline. It was on a

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Forewarned of a Fatal Traffic Accident: The Phantom Voice

22 June 2018 | Your Stories

Was this life saved by a guardian angel? This is a strange, uplifting tale about a man who was forewarned about a traffic accident that probably would have killed him. This happened to me while I was coming home from school. I used to walk down the side of a busy main road. Most of the time it was absolutely filled with traffic and I would be very careful to stay as far away from the road as I possibly could. There had been several people run over on that road, but it was essential for me to take that route to get home as quickly as possible. I walked that road four times a day. The only strange thing that happened was the time I was walking home from

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You Don’t Have To Be Seen To Be Heard: The Noisy Spirit in Tennessee

21 June 2018 | Your Stories

Not a sighting… but certainly something going on in this house in Tennessee… When we moved Tennessee, we didn’t expect to find ourselves faced with a spirit or ghost. We’ve had a lot of incidents happen and every time I mention these incidents people ask me if I’ve “seen” anything. I don’t know about seeing it. But we have sure heard it. We set up a recorder just after we first moved in and it recorded a very loud bang, which we didn’t hear and a voice saying, “I am Richard.” Really strange. But we haven’t heard any other time. We do get lots of strange noises at night and when I go to investigate, nothing is a miss. Still have the occasional sense of someone watching me or feel as

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The Mystery of the Flowers: A Sign of Life After Death From Mom?

20 June 2018 | Your Stories

A strange story today from a lady who desperately wanted to get in touch with her mother. The medium asked her to bring her mother’s favorite flowers to the sceance. Did it do the trick? My mother was very interested in the paranormal and would often attend sessions with mediums in the 1950’s and 60’s back when it was popular. One time she was hoping to get in contact with her own mother who had died before the war. The medium asked her to bring her mothers favorite kind of flowers, lily’s, with her to the séance.  My mother bought the flowers and arrived at the séance with my grandfather to make contact. The medium took the flowers, put them in a vase and placed them in the middle of

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The Horror of the London Tube: The Ghosts That Haunt The Underground

19 June 2018 | Your Stories

I was reading a fascinating article from yesterday. Whether you’re a believer or a sceptic, we’re willing to bet you wouldn’t fancy spending the night alone in an empty tube station. Thousands of commuters and station workers have reported ghostly goings-on over the years, so you’re probably a smart cookie to stick to your nice cosy bed. Truth is, there are hair-raising tales behind each of London’s haunted underground stations, each more terrifying than the last. Whether you live in London or are just visiting, you’ve most likely used at least one of these stations. But is there anything more to it than tricks of the mind? Just in time for Halloween, we’ve rounded up the best tales of subterranean supernaturalism. Maybe they’ll turn you into a believer after all… Farringdon

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Strange Goings On At A Demolition Site in London

18 June 2018 | Your Stories

Strange story from London… can the past really be replayed in a broken down old building? Is history recorded on old derelict walls? Many, many, many years ago, I was working with a demolition team who were taking down an old hotel in London. The hotel had been in operation for many years, but it had become dilapidated and needed ripping down and a new building put in it’s place. It had been a dance hall during the pre-war period and at night the watchmen would complain of strange noises. One night-watchman told me that the first night he had spent on the job had been one of the most terrifying nights of his life. He had almost called the police. Naturally I wanted to know why. He explained that

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Phantom, Ghostly Phone Calls From The Other Side?

15 June 2018 | Your Stories

Interesting addition to the site today. This lady had several calls that she could have classified as ‘paranormal.’ What do you think? Do you think these calls came from the other side? I had a series of phone calls that I can only describe as “ghostly.” A few months ago, just after Christmas, I started to get calls from an unknown number. At first, I thought it was a sales call, or some scam but the calls kept coming through and I ended up answering one. All I heard was static and what sounded like a scratching noise. I hung up and I got another call about twenty minutes later. Again, it was the same thing. The third call was the same, the fourth was stronger scratching and the fifth

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The Love And Comfort Of A Parent From Beyond The Grave?

14 June 2018 | Your Stories, Your True Encounters

Today’s post is from someone who has never been a believer– but was confronted by a man who had a resemblence to her father. Was this her father coming back to comfort her? Never been much of a believer in the afterlife but I did have one thing happen that I still wonder about to this day. My father used to wear a very distinctive beret hat. Every single time he left the house he wore it. It was distinctive because it had a red and gold rim. He used to have it made especially as he said it would, “make him stand out.” A few years after he died I was going through a difficult patch and I was particularly missing him. I was having coffee at Starbucks when

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Bizarre Paranormal Encounters in the War in Afghanistan

13 June 2018 | Your Stories

Today we are going to take a break from our usual true, paranormal tales to bring you something creepy… and new from  “There can be no doubt that terrifying things can happen in times of war. However, in most cases it can at least be counted on that the enemy one faces is a living human being. What happens when other, more supernatural forces creep into war zones? What are soldiers to do when faced with mysterious phantoms, ghosts, apparitions and entities against which they have no experience and which they have not been trained to fight? War zones have attracted tales of hauntings and supernatural phenomena since time unremembered, and certainly one of the more modern such places of paranormal terror is the desolate battlefields of the war

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Gypsie Who Knew What The Future Would Hold: A Creepy Experience

12 June 2018 | Your Stories

Not exactly paranormal… but strange. Has anyone experienced anything like this? Have been reading about experiences about the paranormal and wanted to share something strange that happened to me about eighteen years ago. I was a cleaner for a family and would often work alone at their house. This one time I heard someone knocking at the door. I went to answer it and found a gypsy standing there. Living in a rural area I knew there were often gypsies passing through the area, but I’d never known one to bother local residents. This one looked youngish, and just stood there. “I wanted to tell you,” she said. “You will have Craig before long.” My husband and I had been trying for a baby, but it was a secret and

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The Hooded Figure With A Candle

11 June 2018 | Your Stories

Strange tale that comes from the Midlands, England. A gentleman is making his way home when he sees a figure holding a candle walking towards him… My father used to work nights and he once told me a very creepy story that he adamantly said was “the gospel truth.” He was driving home from work one morning while it was still dark outside. He had a thirty-minute journey and happened to be on a dark country road in the middle of nowhere. The road led to a larger road that would lead him directly home. As he belted down this road he saw a figure holding what he said was a candle walking towards him. He said he couldn’t make out any features, but he could clearly see this “candle”

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The Phantom Jaywalking Ghost in England

08 June 2018 | Your Stories

A strange occurrence that took place in England. Incidents like this pop up quite often… Driving outside of Oxford, England I was on a quiet road I had driven along many times. About halfway along the road a man stepped out into the road from the left hand side. I stopped and watched as he stared at me, or through me, and walked across the road into the opposite hedge I continued on my journey. It was only when I got home I realized that he had walked from one hedge, across a road and into another hedge. Impossible? A few months later I was in the area again and found out that a farmer had been killed many years before while moving his cows from one field, across the

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The Ghostly Vicar Who Still Haunts His Church

07 June 2018 | Your Stories

Unusual submission tonight. I’ve never heard of anything like this before… have you? I have participated in a lot of ghost hunts over the years, and I’ve seen a few strange things like orbs, lights, figures… but the one incident that really convinced me happened several years ago. I was visiting a church with my wife. We were looking at local churches to see which one we would like to get married in. We’d looked at a dozen or so by this time, and she was set on seeing this one last church. We arrived, parked, walked up the hill and stood outside the church. My wife was seriously interested because she felt the beauty of the location would really make the photos special. As we were about to enter

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