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“Police” Singer Sting Tells Of His Paranormal Experiences…

07 December 2018 | Your Stories

We just love to feature celebrity ghost experiences. A few days ago we got a good response to our video with Jermaine Jackson– and today we are featuring Sting. You can see the original video here.  Have you tried these great #paranormal books from G. Michael Vasey? If you’re looking for true tales of the paranormal to keep you chilled throughout this winter season… just click here.

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Meet One Of England’s Leading Psychics: Craig Hamilton-Parker Explains The Mysteries Of The Universe…

06 December 2018 | Your Stories

This interview was originally featured in Westerner magazine. About Craig Hamilton-Parker Craig Hamilton-Parker is a celebrated medium who has confounded skeptics with the uncanny accuracy of his readings. Together with his wife, Jane, and his psychic family, he is often seen on TV with programs such as The Spirit Of Diana, in which he and his wife made contact with the spirit of Princess Diana on live American TV. In the UK, he had a TV series on the BBC called ‘Talking to the Dead’ and a series on the Biography Channel called ‘Our Psychic Family.’ A new UK/US series is in production called ‘Britain’s Best Psychic Couple.’ Craig is the author of 15 books in the paranormal genre, including the best-seller The Hidden Meaning of Dreams. His website

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Ghosts in Gettysburg

06 December 2018 | Haunted locations, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

Ever since I was young, I have loved ghost stories and American History. My parents loved it because it gave them the excuse to go to Gettysburg for family vacations. We ended up going twice, the first time I was 11 and the second time I was around 15. The first trip, we went on ghost tours and wanted to have an experience, but it was pretty uneventful. The second trip is when these stories take place. Our paranormal encounter was not necessarily terrifying or shocking in any way, instead, it’s several small experiences that made me a true believer in the paranormal. The second day we were there, my Dad and I decided to take a tour of Ginnie Wade’s house. She is the only civilian to have died

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Jermaine Jackson Tells Of His Experience With The Ghostly Paranormal

05 December 2018 | Your Stories

Famous for being part of the Jackson 5, and being the brother of Michael. This account from Jermaine Jackson may give you chills, and goosebumps. Check it out and see what you think. You can see the original video by clicking here.  Have you tried these great #paranormal books from G. Michael Vasey? If you’re looking for true tales of the paranormal to keep you chilled throughout this winter season… just click here.

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Interview with Paul Dale Roberts, HPI’s Esoteric Detective Halo Paranormal Investigations

05 December 2018 | Ghostbusters, Ghosts in the news

Interviewed by: G. Michael Vasey Paul Dale Roberts (left) is a ghost hunter…. After a career as varied as being in the military to dancing, Paul Dale Roberts became a paranormal investigator in 2004 and with over a thousand investigations under his belt and over a thousand paranormal articles he has written lead him to be in 8 documentaries. From History Channel’s Monsterquest (Mothman episode) to Conversations of a Serial Killer by Two Four Productions to Showtime’s Penn & Teller Bullshxt – Mayan Prophesy of 2012 to 3 Biography Channel’s My Ghost Stories to Mysteries of Angels and Demons by Ives Street Entertainment to Michael Jackson: You are not Alone/In Search of his Spirit. His full biography can be read here. We reached out to Paul Dale Roberts to feature him

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My Grandfather Showed He Loved Me Even After His Death: Contact From The Other Side

04 December 2018 | Your Stories

Thank you to Larry… a gentleman who submited a very sweet story about his grandfather contacting him from beyond the grave. Thank you for sharing this with us all. People always want to ask that question. Is there life after death? Afterall… death comes to us all… and we want to know what comes next. I think there’s life after death. My grandfather died when I was seven years old. He, and I, had been very close. The Christmas before he died he got me an etch-a-sketch. He and I had spent a lot of time together playing with the toy. For those who don’t know what an etch-a-sketch is. It’s an iPad shaped toy that allowed you to draw using the knobs at the bottom. Most people couldn’t draw

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The Shapeshifter in the Forest

04 December 2018 | Demons, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

This is actually a story my dad told me. It happened to him when he was a kid. My dad lived in a small town in Mexico. He was nine years old at the time and because my grandfather was up here in Arizona, he had to get a job to help put food on the table. The year was 1957. He was walking back home. The distance from the market he helped at and his house was approximately about 3 miles. He had to walk through an avocado grove and then cross a dirt road to get to his house. It was late Fall and it got dark pretty early so when he was heading home at around 8 pm it was already very dark. As he made his

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Meet The Beatles: Charlie Chittenden Contacts ‘The Fifth Beatle’ Stuart Sutcliffe From Beyond The Grave

03 December 2018 | Your Stories

Stuart Sutcliffe was a Scottish painter and musician best known as the original bass guitarist for the Beatles. Sutcliffe left the band to pursue his career as a painter, having previously attended the Liverpool College of Art. Sutcliffe and John Lennon are credited with inventing the name “Beetles”, as they both liked Buddy Holly’s band, the Crickets. The band used this name for a while until Lennon decided to change the name to “the Beatles”, from the word beat. As a member of the group when it was a five-piece band, Sutcliffe is one of several people sometimes referred to as the “Fifth Beatle.” You can see the original interview by clicking here.  Have you tried these great #paranormal books from G. Michael Vasey? If you’re looking for true tales of the

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The Ellis House

03 December 2018 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

I had a great childhood. I guess you could say it was one of those “Leave it to Beaver” childhoods. Nothing particularly crazy ever happened to me as a child that I can remember. Looking back, the early years of my childhood seem to have been coated in pastel colors where the sun was always shining and life was always good. But as picturesque lives often go, sometimes there can be something hiding underneath, something a little off, and maybe a little strange. Such is the case for the first eight years of my life in Coffeyville, Kansas. In 1986, my family and I moved into a two-story house on Ellis Street. It was a beautiful house that sat right on the corner of Ellis and another street which conveniently

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A Childhood of Spirits

01 December 2018 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

Until the age of 13, I lived with my parents in a two bedroom apartment in Philadelphia. The apartment was actually the second story of a three-story house. Our landlord lived on the 1st floor, my family on the 2nd, and a single mother and her young daughter on the 3rd. I lived in constant fear, at night time at least, due to the many and varied occurrences that shaped my outlook on the paranormal for the rest of my life. When I say may occurrences I mean many, but four stand out to me the most. The first, and the most frightening to me, happened one night while I was in bed. We had a small dog that would lay at the foot of my bed, under the covers

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Is This The Creepiest Hospital In America?

30 November 2018 | Your Stories

“By the late 1970s, the railroad hospital association facilities were experiencing declining use, as more railroad workers began to use conventional medical-insurance policies. The area surrounding the hospital also became a less-affluent area and hospital funding was affected.The Santa Fe Railroad sold the 150-bed hospital to a managed healthcare company in 1980. According to a California Health Law News report, when Linda Vista tried to reduce operational expenses in response, the hospital was blamed for an increase in facility death rates. During that time, the hospital was regularly treating a fair number of gunshot wounds and stabbings from the local neighborhoods, which affected its mortality statistics. An increase in uninsured and under-insured patients forced the hospital to close its emergency services department in 1989. The quality of care at Linda

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The Laundry Room

30 November 2018 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

While yes, this isn’t the absolutely most terrifying or horrific story, it is the strangest and scariest thing that has ever happened to me. So, this happened when I was around 10. I’ve always taken the bus home from school, and I had gotten a home key for my 8th birthday. This was because most of the time, neither of my parents was home when by the time I arrived. Today was a day like normal. I got home at 2:45, unlocked the back door with my home key and walked into the house. I have always felt slightly uneasy about being home by myself, mostly because of many late nights listening to creepy YouTube videos, but today I just felt terrified as I stepped into the house. I brushed

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Tiptoe Through The Paranormal: Is This The Ghost of Tiny Tim?

29 November 2018 | Your Stories

Remember that singer, Tiny Tim? Well… here we have Charlie Chittenden trying to make contact with this very famous spirit… from beyond the grave! You can see the original video by clicking here.  Have you tried these great #paranormal books from G. Michael Vasey? If you’re looking for true tales of the paranormal to keep you chilled throughout this winter season… just click here.

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Mirror, Mirror On The Wall….

29 November 2018 | Your Stories, Your True Encounters

A few years back, I had a couple of my girlfriends over during spring break. We spent the day kind of messing around. Movies, popcorn, girl talk. Nothing too crazy. We stayed up kind of late watching a scary movie, Texas chainsaw massacre of course. After the movie ended, we went upstairs to my bedroom. I had an air mattress all set up for my friends, so the three of us climbed in and got settled for the night. We giggled for a while until one by one we fell asleep. I remember being the last one awake, hearing the gentle snores of the girls around me. After eventually dosing off, I remember having an awful dream. I had walked into my bedroom to get dressed. I was staring into

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Grown Adults Who Swear They’ve Seen Santa? Is This A Creepy Paranormal Paradox?

28 November 2018 | Your Stories

Believe it, or not, there are many grown adults out there who still swear they saw Santa on Christmas Eve. Could this be related to the paranormal? Look around, and you will find instances of Santa, elves, and other Christmas related spirits.  Below you will find one reported instance to illustrate the cases. If you spend time researching it you will find many others just like it. “When I was nine years old (I am 30 now), I could not get too sleep on Christmas Eve because I was excited about presents and wondered if my parents had anything to do with the gifts that I received from Santa the year before. That night it was hot because the heater was on (I lived in Texas), so I got thirsty.

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