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Welcome to our (Haunted) House!

11 July 2016 | Haunted houses

We live in a (very) haunted farmhouse in Scotland, UK! We moved into our house around eleven years ago. It’s remoteness is what attracted us initially and the views from the windows to the open fields and mountains beyond. Almost as soon as we moved in, we heard noises during the night and just assumed we had prowlers around the land, maybe poachers looking for rabbits or deer. We would arm ourselves and head off outside to confront whomever was there, but never found anyone. Eight months passed and one night while we were in bed asleep, there was an almighty commotion coming from downstairs. We rushed downstairs and as per usual we headed outside, it was only when we came back inside we noticed the cause. A large brass

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Haunted by Doppelgangers and the Bad Luck That They Bring!

09 July 2016 | Doppelgangers

We have had a few stories about doubles or Doppelgangers and the bad luck that they are reputed to foreshadow…. this one is a really creepy example of a family that appear to have been literally haunted by them. I have had several instances of doppelgangers. I had a period in my life when I was suffering from severe insomnia and depression. I was living with my mother then and wouldn’t sleep for 3-4 days at a time. One afternoon, I was finally able to fall asleep. Before I went to bed, I let my mom know that I was probably going to be asleep for a while. She told me she would be leaving to go visit a friend. She knew I was very tired. I drifted off to sleep after

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Arguing Voices From Upstairs Concern A Small Girl

07 July 2016 | Audible Activity, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

When I was young, I lived at my Aunt’s house. The house was huge but was completely occupied as most of my relatives lived there. However, during the day, the house would be almost empty except for my older aunt and the housemaid, as most of the people living there went to work. One day, I was sent home early from school because I was sick. Upon arriving home, the housemaid prepared me some chicken soup and told me to eat it at the dining area. She left me there alone and I started to eat the soup. After a few minutes, I heard some voices coming from the 2nd floor. At first I couldn’t make out what they were saying but it sounded as if they were arguing. Straining

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My Haunted Life Toosday – Is Your House on the List?

06 July 2016 | My Haunted Life Toosdays, Your True Encounters

#WeirdDarkness EP072: “Is Your House On The List?” HELP SPREAD THE DARKNESS! Please help us spread Weird Darkness to others! If you like the show, please subscribe, leave a comment, like the video, and share a link to this episode on your own social media pages! The more people that know about the show, the more stories we’ll receive! All stories on “My Haunted Life Toosdays” are submitted by Find more episodes at In this episode…. “Doppelganger Confusion” Submitted anonymously… “The Black Eyed Phenomenon – Not Just Kids?” Submitted by Roger M.… “Is Your House On The List?” Submitted by Keith W.… “Another Black Eyed Kids Encounter – Is This An Epidemic?” Submitted by Rick R.… “What Caused Our Creaking Catwalk?” Submitted by Amanda

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Three Creepy Text Messages You are Glad You Didn’t Receive

30 June 2016 | June 2016

Who needs to buy lots of expensive ghost hunting and spirit communicating kit these days? Ghosts and the dead don’t need such tools. They can just text you. Here are three deeply disturbing examples of texts from ghosts….. A Text from Hell? After purchasing a new cell phone it began immediately receiving text messages. The owner of the phone had not even had a chance to tell anyone his number or even that he had a phone. At first, the text messages were just strings of garbled letters, but then he noticed that sometimes there really were words. A call to the the number doing the texting turned out to not exist, but when a text was sent back, the texter would answer. Over time, the texts became more and

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What Caused Our Creaking Catwalk?

29 June 2016 | June 2016

I’ll tell you something that happened to me while I was growing up. When I was 5, we moved into one of those Cookie Cutter neighborhoods with cheap houses and only a dozen or so different floor plans. It was the first house my parents ever bought and they loved it. The floor plan was laid out with the bottom floor being very open. The kitchen and living room and dining room were all connected in a big oval. The upstairs had a narrow catwalk which was like a suspended hallway where the walls only went up to your waist. If you looked over, you could see down into the living room on one side, or the foyer and front door on the other. The house had 2.5 bathrooms and

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My Haunted Life Toosday

29 June 2016 | June 2016, My Haunted Life Toosdays

All stories on “My Haunted Life Toosdays” are submitted by Find more episodes at While there you can send your own true or original creepy stories for me to narrate, find us on Facebook, download the free mobile app so you never miss a single episode, hire me to voice your own media projects and more. “The Black-Eyed Kids” submitted by Deana M… “Shadow Man In The Circle” submitted by Keith… “The Stalker submitted by James… “Shadow at the Door” submitted by Oliver… “Eerie Footsteps in an Empty Hall” submitted by Keith… Music provided by Shadow’s Symphony All content in “Weird Darkness” is used by permission of the authors and composers. The novel “The Last Observer: A Magic Battle for Reality” is

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The Top Five Ghost Stories In the Last 12-Months

27 June 2016 | Your True Encounters

Whether you believe in the supernatural or not, creepy true ghost stories make for a good read. My Haunted Life Too has now been in existence just over a year and has had literally hundreds of stories submitted by people just like you. Here are the top 5 stories in terms of the number of visits to read them. 1. The Girl in the Mirror Submitted anonymously, the Girl in the mirror is a story about a ghost trapped in the closet that tries to swap places with our story submitter….. 2. Grandma’s Ghost and the Babysitter Another anonymous submission but a great story in which Granny’s ghost protects the kids from the babysitter who was engaging in teenage activities with her boyfriend. The babysitter is sent packing by dead

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Eerie Footsteps In An Empty Hall?

27 June 2016 | June 2016

Unexplained sounds can often be the creepiest thing. In this true experience, Keith tells us about the sound of footsteps in an empty building. Ghost or imagination? This happened to me sometime in the late 70s, at the time I was working, as a contracting engineer. The company I was assigned to was situated in an old school building that had been extensively extended. The old school building ran for about 100 yards before being connected to the new part of the buildings. There where various rooms, which had obviously been used as class rooms. Only the doors and walls had been removed to leave open rooms. A corridor, which was a wooden floor, ran the full length from the entrance door to the beginning of the new part, after

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Shadow Man In The Circle

24 June 2016 | June 2016

Having experienced unexplainable happening in the past, I have since had an interest in the paranormal, hence it has taken me on several ghost hunts, some of which have left me feeling what the hell am I doing here. But one particular experience left me with a do I, or do I not believe, in ghosts and the supernatural? It happened about eight years ago when I went on an organised ghost hunt to a pub called the Marsden Grotto. This pub was cut into the cliff side and was only accessible by a lift, which took you down into the pub below. You could walk out onto the beach if you wanted to. If I can remember correctly, it was a September night, very cold, raining and very windy.

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My Haunted Life Toosday Latest Episode

22 June 2016 | June 2016, My Haunted Life Toosdays

All stories on “My Haunted Life Toosdays” are submitted by Find more episodes at   While there you can send your own true or original creepy stories for me to narrate, find us on Facebook, download the free mobile app so you never miss a single episode, visit the Weird Darkness store, and also learn how to become a patron of the show. “Night Time Visitor” submitted by Ollie… “Mother’s Voice” submitted by Jennie… “Battle With a Ouija Board Entity” submitted by Greta… “Graveyard Banshee Scream” submitted by Keith… “Our Pets Sensed It” submitted by Thundr… “Florida Panhandler” submitted by Kip… Music provided by Shadow’s Symphony All content in “Weird Darkness” is used by permission of the authors and composers. The

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The Stalker

22 June 2016 | June 2016

My family and I used to have our own farm until we lost it to the bank. Strange things had always happened to me, especially in the house on that land, but nothing like the experiences I had at my grandparents’ home. We had been living with my grandparents probably a couple of months or so and everything had been normal. Until one night I woke up in a daze. In my bedroom I had a big window looking out into the backyard. There outside my window was, what seemed, to be a woman with long black fingernails and long black hair. I remember I felt a sense of pure evil from that figure. Her eyes were red. I can still remember her to this day. I know she meant

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Shadow At The Door

21 June 2016 | June 2016

This experience happened 2 years ago and I still feel unnerved remembering it. It was late in the evening and we were preparing for upcoming halloween. My friends were meant to come around. One did but the other didn’t show up. It was dark outside now. We were still wondering where he could be. We decided to take a peek out into the darkness incase he was late. What we saw was not my friend. A shadow-like figure walked up to the door. It was humanoid but it didn’t look human. Its shadowy hand rang the old doorbell. We rushed to the door, opening it. I am probably the biggest idiot ever. Who would open a door to a stranger at this time? Anyways, I did. Nothing was there. We

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Night Time Visitor

20 June 2016 | June 2016

This experience happened a good year ago (this takes place in Ireland). Me and my mates were out in the pub and one of my friends asked if one of us could take him home. We laughed and told him that he could get himself home. He said it was a long walk and he wanted some company. In the end, I had to. If only we knew why he was scared. We went past the roads and town until we reached the countryside not too far from the pub. We reached his house and walked past the porch and into the hallway. My friend told me a man would sometimes visit him in his sleep. I didn’t believe it and told him it was bull. I thought he was

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Graveyard Banshee Scream

17 June 2016 | June 2016

When I was fourteen, in 1961, my family moved house. On the opposite side of the road to the house stood a church. This church was surrounded by a grave yard on three sides.Tthe church was still used but the grave yard had had no burials carried out since sometime in the 1940s. Some of the graves dated back to the 1800s. The newer part was sor of ok but the side with the old head stones was very over grown. A road ran to the front of the church, as did a path. An old wooden fence surrounded the church. This fence was constructed of single slats of wood which on many occasion as I walked passed the church, I would run my fingers along, until I reached the

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