My Haunted Life Too


A Ghostly Gas Station

29 October 2015 | October 2015

It was a Monday morning and it had snowed heavily overnight.  I usually started work at 8:30 and it was already 8:15, so I would at least be 30 minutes late by the time I got there. I noticed that I was low on gas so I stopped at the little town gas station on the corner of 138. As I sat there waiting for the attendant, I noticed that the town was curiously silent. I figured the lack of people driving around was due to the snow. The older man who ran the station came out and I told him that I could only afford $5 in gas. He kindly offered to put $10 in the tank and when I got paid, I could come back and pay the

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A Haunted Barroom

26 October 2015 | October 2015

My children, room mate and I lived in a home that was the first barroom in Somerset, MA, down by the old colony area. I would literally hear furniture moving around upstairs, where there wasn’t any furniture. There was always a strong smell of alcohol in the dirt cellar, where I would hear voices of many and clinging noises-like china being stacked. My roommate and I witnessed a toy in the children’s room that went off multiple times even after I removed the batteries. Lights in the house would turn on in the middle of the night. The telephone was actually off of it’s receiver one night but, it woke me up from the loud busy signal coming from it-No one was in the house other than me. It would

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The Voice in the Wilderness

23 October 2015 | October 2015

This happened to me about ten years ago. My wife and I were heading out with some friends camping. My wife was cooking some dinner on the stove and we were about to settle down for the evening. I decided to go for a run and that I would get back before she had finished making dinner. As I started to jog down a narrow trail I entered a woody area of the track and I could see that there was a sharp drop ahead of me. I thought it would be a slop but my head exploded with voices telling me to stop. I heard another voice behind me that yelled “STOP BRUCE!” I stopped and walked to the beginning of the slope—to my horror I saw that part

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My Protective Grandmother

21 October 2015 | October 2015, Your Stories

As a child my mother was concerned about me as I would talk to people in my sleep. I later began sleepwalking all the time. Although she was concerned about the talking in my sleep, and my sleepwalking she always played along and acted as though she wanted to meet my invisible friend. During the middle of the night I woke up to see, what looked like an old woman, sitting at the end of my bed. It was a dark, shadow figure but I could tell from the permed hair that it was female. I literally hid under my duvet and I never told anyone else about it. After that my sleepwalking and talking ended and I forgot about the whole thing. A few years later, after my mother

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The Face Looking In

19 October 2015 | October 2015

It was back in October 2006 and I was preparing to go to sleep when I finally remembered that I had to remove some clothes from the washer. As I came downstairs to go to the laundry room, I saw that the curtains of the family room were open. I could see through the light coming from outside a creature standing on the balcony, crouching by the window. The face was very striking. It wasn’t human and it had a kind-of orange colour. It knew I was terrified and I knew I could do nothing but pray for protection from God. I turned, went straight back to my bedroom and I didn’t look back. I was fine—but a few days later I found myself struggling with chest pains. I know

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The Haunted House in Detroit

13 October 2015 | September 2015

I live in Detroit, my family have lived here for many years. Whenever we passed a small wooden house in Highland Park my dad always pointed it out as a very haunted house that his grandfather built. My grandfather ran his business from the house and my father always told me of a story—apparently there was a dark little room in the back with a painting of an old fashioned hearse on the wall and a small table. Every so often the building got cold and some very strange things would happen. Apparently my grandfather would hear a loud shaking noise at night, and in the morning the small table would be in a different location. If you were in the room you could heard the sound of horses galloping.

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The Ghost That Loved Me

12 October 2015 | September 2015

One late evening I was lying in bed half-asleep and half-awake waiting to go into a deep sleep. I’d been out with some friends drinking and had gotten home and gone straight to bed. It was unusual for me to be half-asleep and half-awake as normally a few drinks assure me of a full nights sleep. I was drifting off when I felt my wife get into bed next door to me. I heard her switch the light off and turn over. She was obviously interested in me that night so we made love and then I turned over and went straight to sleep. The following morning I woke up hungover and she wasn’t there and I remembered that she had been at a conference all weekend. So who the

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Grandma’s Ghost and the Babysitter

08 October 2015 | September 2015

My Grandma passed in 1967. It was a shock to all that knew her, for she was only 57 years old. My Grandma was a firebrand and left behind her loving husband, three daughters and three sons. Naturally, the loss of your mother at such a young age was hard for her children. They all missed her spark and often spoke about her. A year, or so, had passed and the family was beginning to recover after the wake of such and unexpected death. Grandma’s oldest daughter Steph, who looked just like Grandma, had me and my brother to take care of, which kept her busy. Mom went out with her friends one night and had hired a local sitter to watch me and my brother. As the night went

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06 October 2015 | September 2015

A few years ago, I lost my husband. For a while, I would often feel his presence in the house and talk to him in fact. It was a very sad time indeed. One day, I had made myself a cup of tea and set it by my chair. The phone rang and I had quite a long conversation. By the time the call was over, the tea was stone cold and needed heated up again. However, at that point, I suddenly felt as if my husband was there in spirit. To my utter surprise, I watched steam coming off of the cup of tea. There really was steam rising from the cup. I touched the cup and of course it was stone cold and yet it steamed. He liked

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The Voice

01 October 2015 | October 2015

It was the summer of 1981. Bryan Adams was playing on the radio, the sun was shining and I was driving a brand new Ford Mustang. I was in Nova Scotia, Canada where I was doing my first season of fieldwork for my Ph.D. thesis. Things could not be better.     I had applied for a couple of Ph.D. programs earlier that summer. The one at Strathclyde University in conjunction with the British Geological Survey in Leeds was the one I wanted for all sorts of reasons. Firstly, it involved traveling to Nova Scotia, second, it was a topic that interested me and finally, I thought unlike many others that seemed designed to turn you into a university academic, this one might actually help me get a job. Even

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Can A Table Be Possessed?

28 September 2015 | September 2015

About twenty years ago we moved into a very old house. When one of the walls was removed, they found a room, inside the room two of the workmen discovered an old table. It looked extremely old and my parents decided to keep it. At the time we all thought it was a beautiful table and it lived in our dining room. We had never experienced any kind-of paranormal activity but we began to notice that some of our family photos, taken at the table, had orbs in them. Finally we realized that the only photos that had orbs in them were photos that included the table. Nothing more sinister than that really happened—we still have the table and strange things happen when the focus is on the table. For example

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The Demon in my Dreams

24 September 2015 | September 2015

Some years ago my family, and I, moved to a house in Pittsburgh, PA. The previous owner had died suddenly and his family wanted to sell everything—house, contents—everything. We moved into a house that was decorated in a very 1950’s style. My room had an arm chair, an old bed, an old stereo and a pile of dusty old books. A few days later, bored, I went to my room and started to read one of the old books. It was about the paranormal. I soon discovered that all of the books were about the paranormal and inside one of them there was a newspaper cutting from the turn of the century. I discovered that the house we had bought had once belonged to a priest who had, by all accounts, gone

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A Ghostly Dog – A Scary Ghost Story

21 September 2015 | September 2015

When we first moved into our house in Houston, TX., we had a few strange experiences. The house wasn’t old – perhaps 10-years old by the time we moved in so we really couldn’t explain the occurrences. The first thing we noticed was what appeared to be a dog walking by just outside the Den windows in the back yard. It was a big dog and moving slowly. The first few times, we just assumed it belonged to a neighbor but once we go to know them we learned no one locally had a big dog. Occasionally, I would run out across the kitchen and out the back door but there was never any dog to be found. After a while, we just got used to the ghostly dog in

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Unseen Presence in My Bedroom

18 September 2015 | September 2015

When I was a child, my parents lived in Ontario, Canada. I had just gone to bed one night and was watching TV with my cat. My cat suddenly got scared and freaked out. I looked around the room and all of a sudden something grabbed my ankles and pulled me down the bed. I remember being pulled very angrily down to the bottom of the bed—but I couldn’t see anything. Then it was like something was sitting on the bottom of the bed next to me. I could see the depression in the mattress. I got up, left the room and would never sleep in that bedroom again.

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The Witches’ Daughter

16 September 2015 | September 2015

Many, many years ago, I went on a school trip to SW England. One evening during the stay, there were some girls in the hotel of as similar age who had come for the weekly disco there. I was immediately attracted to one of them and over the course of the evening, did everything I could to hook up with her. I had some success and at sometime after midnight I walked her home holding hands. As we walked out of town down a dark country lane she began to become afraid and insisted that I leave her to walk the remaining half a mile or so on her own. She told me a rather strange story as we walked. She told me that her parents were witches and of

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