The Grey Man Weird Darkness Episode

17 November 2016 | My Haunted Life Toosdays, Your Stories

  Featured In This Episode from… “Let Us In” (The BEK Strike In Arkansas) submitted by Barry Roberts… “The Dead Arm’s Warning” (The Statue of Virgin Mary That Caught a Thief) submitted by G. Michael Vasey… Also featured in this episode… “The Highlands Grey Man” (The Big Grey Man: The Scottish Bigfoot) used by permission from “The Village Outside of Time” (Legend of Brigadoon: Mythical Village Where Time Stands Still) used by permission from “The Blessed Statue” submitted by Randy Lee Beasley Find links to this episode’s stories and authors in the show’s description. Music provided by Shadow’s Symphony All content in “Weird Darkness” is used by permission of the authors and composers. Copyright Marlar House Productions, 2016. Rebroadcast or duplication

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