My Doppleganger

17 November 2017 | Doppelgangers, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

My wife and I have been fascinated by the paranormal since we got married. We enjoyed watching paranormal shows about ghost hunting and learning about the subject. We never thought we would share a paranormal experience which also involved our teenage daughter. This experience would have to do with what might have been a doppelganger. At the time, we did not know what these things were called or anything about them at all. During the early years of our marriage we lived in a two bedroom apartment with our daughter. It was a summer afternoon and I had decided to go to the gym. Normally I would be there about an hour, give or take. I had been gone for just over 20 minutes according to my wife when it

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Ouija Board Hell in America

17 August 2016 | Doppelgangers, ouiji boards, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

This is a very strange tale submitted by a site visitor in which her double is seen on multiple occasions and even spoken with on one. Was the doppelganger a result of playing with a Ouija board? Back when I was still in high school, a strange set of events occurred to me. It all began one night when my two younger sisters were in their bedroom on the second floor of our house with the door open. I was downstairs watching TV with my parents and had decided to go upstairs because it was late and I was ready for bed. When I went into the bedroom, my youngest sister looked at me and laughed. She asked why I had been on the stairs waving at her and smiling

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Doppelganger Strikes At University in United States

16 August 2016 | Doppelgangers, Your Stories

We have had a few doppelganger encounters this last year submitted but this one takes the biscuit as the most weird…. I was a sophomore at a university in California when this incident took place. I saw my roommate’s doppelganger. I’m not positive, but I think this doppelganger crossed over from a parallel universe. I say that because she looked, pretty sinister. She looked exactly like my friend, but she didn’t have the sweet smile my friend has. She looked twisted. Almost like a reverse mirror image of my friend. The smirk was definitely not anything my friend could have produced. At the time I’d never heard of a doppelganger, and I still wouldn’t call myself an expert. All I know is that I saw something that looked eerily like

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