The Night my Mum Passed Away

16 October 2022 | Your Stories, Your True Encounters

Upset, I went to bed early. Despite myself I soon fell asleep. I was woken up at around 3am by a dream in which I was with my girlfriend and we met a young version of my Mum. We said hello and talked and in the dream, I had this growing realisation that my Mum was dead and we couldnt be talking. So, I told her – nut Mum, you are dead. And promptly woke up. It took me a while to get back to sleep but as I did start falling asleep, I was patted on the head – just like she used to do when I was a kid. I think she was with me.   Submitted by NightOwl

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The Elgin Mental Hospital Cemetery

13 January 2021 | Haunted locations, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

I heard about abandoned Elgin Mental hospital cemetery online and I read stories about hearing old hound dogs and chains from the former grounds keeper. I also heard that there are three bodies to every grave and have seen websites been were forced to remove this information. I’ve even seen websites saying that no cemetery exists. Well, if you have seen my independent film “Whom I Fear”, that is the cemetery. One day my then fiancée, (now wife), and I went driving around to find this cemetery. (A year before I filmed the movie there). We actually had to drive around the Elgin mental hospital and ask about 25 people where it was located. It took forever. Hours went by and 24 of those 25 people said there isn’t one.

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The Spirit of My Mother Visited Me

15 July 2019 | July 2017, Your Stories

A few years ago while watching television, a sudden bright, amber flash, similar at first to a huge strike of a match, appeared to my left, which eventually morphed into a figure, then unmistakably, my Moms face. I watched in amazement as the light dissipated and then, I realized my Moms spirit disappeared and now I noticed an outline under my bedding blankets and suddenly her voice saying, “I’m cold”, which in life she expressed regularly. I proceeded to get another blanket and covered her. She didn’t say anything else, but she didn’t need to since I talked nonstop while noticing the blankets moving up and down to the sound of her breathing! This scenario actually lasted throughout the night into the next morning. There is much more that occurred

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Touched By A Guardian Angel On A Rainy Day

06 June 2018 | Your Stories

Not a creepy tale at all. Maybe a more uplifitng story for Wednesday is in order? Maybe this is something for us all to take comfort from? Is there someone watching over us and making sure we stay safe? A few years ago, something strange happened. I’m not sure if I can call this a paranormal occurrence but I want to share it with you. Make of it what you will. I was sixteen, still attending school and on this day… very late. I had overslept, missed my bus, missed my breakfast and I was looking at walking all the way to school in the pouring rain which was at least a forty-five-minute walk. I was halfway down my street when a car pulled up and a man opened his

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Spirit Communicating Through My Dreams

05 June 2018 | Your Stories

Strange account today from a lady called Ari who has been seeing something spooky in her dreams.  I’ve been having some nightmares lately involving a man standing at the bottom of my bed. I can’t see his face but can make out his outline. He doesn’t move. He just stands at the bottom of my bed. I presume he is staring at me? When I wake up in the morning I can vividly remember the dream. It has been happening for several weeks. I have also started to notice that little things have been happening around the house. I live alone, and I woke up last Thursday to find that the fridge door was wide open. I also found my wallet had been moved, and I’ve been noticing tapping and

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King’s Playhouse ‘hot spot’ for paranormal activity, says Haunted crew

30 May 2018 | Your Stories

A great new article from After spending a few days and nights in the King’s Playhouse in Georgetown, P.E.I., the crew of the TV show Haunted say they were glad to get out of there. “I’m a little happy to not be in that space today or tonight,” said director of photography, Dillon Garland. The theatre has a rich history in the community and part of the history involves some ghostly legends, such as one about a little girl sitting in one of the theatre’s seats. Those stories motivated the crew from Halifax to spend two days and two nights in the theatre in hopes of seeing paranormal activity for themselves. Their show, which airs on EastLink Television, tries to capture haunted locations in the Maritimes. And Garland said they had results. “We had

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The Family Who Fear A Poltergeist Is Haunting Their Home

10 May 2018 | Your Stories

This article was originally featured on A family plagued by a ‘poltergeist’ set up cameras to capture its sinister tricks – and were left terrified when the footage revealed repeated paranormal activity . Husband and wife Robert and Pauline and their son Barry, who withheld their surnames for fear of attracting flocks of ghost hunters, have lived in the house in Gravesend, Kent, for 10 years. However around six years ago the family began noticing strange goings-on that centred around Barry, 33, and his bedroom – leading them to believe it could be a ‘portal’ to the other side. Once friends and neighbours became too terrified to even visit their home, Robert decided to install CCTV cameras earlier this year to see if he could catch the ghoul. Spooky footage shows a mug

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Is This A Phantom Flying Straight Towards The Camera?

01 May 2018 | Your Stories

This article comes from the Daily Mail. This is the spooky moment a fitness coach claimed he saw a ghost fly straight at his camera as he explored an 800-year-old graveyard. A smokey white figure appears to launch itself directly at Tony Ferguson’s camera as he investigated the cemetery at St Mary’s Church in Eling, Hampshire. Personal trainer and paranormal investigator Tony claims he decided to scout out the cemetery after reports of a ‘negative presence’ from people visiting their loved ones’ graves. The 33-year-old claims the moment he stepped foot in the graveyard he felt ‘unwanted’ and then suddenly heard a ‘whooshing’ sound which he now believes must have been the ghost whizzing past him. While seeing visual evidence of what he felt and heard was ‘really weird’ for

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The Most Haunted Parts of London

20 April 2018 | Your Stories

A great article from From the ghost of infamous street thief, robber and murder Dick Turpin to the Royal Theatre’s famous Man in Grey, it’s little wonder that London is often thought of as one of the most haunted cities in Europe. It’s easy to feel spooked while wandering the city considering the frequency of ghost sightings and things get even worse after discovering the twisted fates that some of London’s resident ghosts met before their deaths. Whether you believe in the supernatural or not, exploring these spooky hotspots will make for a memorable night; next time you’re craving a horror flick, ditch it for some real life spooks and check out London’s most haunted locations. The Flask, Highgate Now a Fuller’s pub, the Flask has been around London since 1663, so it should come as no surprise that

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The Most Haunted Road in the United Kingdom… Revealed!

13 April 2018 | Your Stories

A remote road across wild Dartmoor has been named as one of the UK’s most notorious haunted highways. With Friday 13th just a whisker away, the story of the hairy hands of Dartmoor has surfaced again in the national survey. Car breakdown experts at UK recovery firm 24|7 Vehicle Rescue have combed through the archives of paranormal sightings to compile their list. Spokesman Ranjen Gohri said: “Britain is a land steeped in superstition, myth and legend so it’s no surprise to learn that there are thousands of strange and unexplained sightings on our roads, with many reports coming from isolated highways that cut through barren stretches of moor and mountain. “Breaking down by the side of the road is clearly never an enjoyable thing. But we imagine the situation is

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A Ghostly Encounter in Asheville, North Carolina

27 March 2018 | Your Stories

The supposed apparition was captured in the city of Asheville in North Carolina, the US. On first impressions, the image appears innocuous enough – featuring a large house and a range of trees in the background. But after zooming in, the figure of a young boy becomes visible on a bridge near the front garden. He appears to stare into the camera while playing with a small toy car. Twitter user Anna Nicole’s Revenge shared the snap with the caption: “I was looking at this house that’s for sale on Google Maps and I’m convinced there is a ghost of a little kid sitting on the bridge! Thoughts?” A raft of bizarre sightings have been reported on Google Maps in recent weeks – from demons to UFOs. What else will

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PARANORMAL PROOF? Shock footage shows taxi crash into tree after ‘ghostly attack’

23 March 2018 | Your Stories

A TAXI veers from the road into a tree after a mysterious shadowy figure appears to strike the vehicle in footage caught on a dashcam. In the video, uploaded to YouTube, the red vehicle is seen being filmed by the dashcam of a car travelling behind it. You can watch the video below.    Have you tried these great #paranormal books from G. Michael Vasey? If you’re looking for true tales of the paranormal to keep you chilled throughout this harsh winter… just click here.

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The Spirit Of Our Grandfather Won’t Ever Leave Us In Peace

16 March 2018 | Your Stories

I really enjoy reading about the paranormal. I’ve grown up with it in a way. Several people have seen strange things in our house. Seven generations of our family have lived, and died, here. My uncle always claims that he saw his father, after he had died, sitting in a chair in the dining room looking down starting at his hands. Apparently he was perfectly solid and completely unaware of my uncle standing in the doorway watching him. Uncle James blinked, and the spirit just disappeared. My father said that he saw the same man walk straight through a closed door. He also saw him peering through a window at him when he was outside gardening. My brother says that same grandfather walked into his room and sat talking to

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The Cornish Ghost of Dorothy Dingley

16 March 2018 | Your Stories

TALES of death, ghosts and consequence in South Petherwin have come to light once again, as a Cornish historian aims to make a 17th century tragedy known. Cornwall has its fair share of tales of ghosts and spirits, but some may be familiar with the ghost of Dorothy Dingley, who supposedly haunted a young local boy in a field near South Petherwin, following her death in the 1600s. However, it has emerged that Dorothy has been paying visits to more recent owners of a connected home in the parish of South Petherwin. Keen historian and researcher, Barry West, from St Austell, has been researching a 17th century ghost story, involving an ancient Cornish family and a sad end for an unfortunate woman. Barry told the Post that his journey with

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Cedar Rapids Paranormal Investigator Writes Book About Her Creepy Experiences

08 March 2018 | Creepy places, Your Stories

Katie Hopkins was just 10 years old when she saw her first spirit. The longtime Cedar Rapids area resident was in the home of her neighbor, who had recently died. Hopkins said she and some others were in the basement of the home when she looked and “saw this guy rocking in a rocking chair.” “It was a quick, brief moment,” Hopkins said. “That was the first thing I can really remember being my first paranormal experience.” That encounter would be her first, but far from her last. Now Hopkins, a 30-year-old admissions adviser at Kaplan University, has chronicled her experiences with the paranormal in her recently published book, “‘Seeing’ Spirits: Opening the Empathic Door.” Hopkins said there are lots of books on the paranormal out there and she’s read

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