Strange Selfies

17 February 2021 | Haunted items, Your True Encounters

A few years ago, I attended dance classes between five and eight each evening. Once I had to stay up late and practice for our upcoming show. After the practice, my friends and I would hang out in the main office and wait for our parents to pick us up. It was about ten in the evening. I was standing beside the main entrance. Behind me was just a white wall and some lamps. As I was standing there I took a few selfies of myself and went home. At night while checking the photos I had taken, I found something strange in one of them. In that photo, it was not only me smiling but also someone else standing right behind me, with a large grin and looking straight

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The Spirit of My Mother Visited Me

15 July 2019 | July 2017, Your Stories

A few years ago while watching television, a sudden bright, amber flash, similar at first to a huge strike of a match, appeared to my left, which eventually morphed into a figure, then unmistakably, my Moms face. I watched in amazement as the light dissipated and then, I realized my Moms spirit disappeared and now I noticed an outline under my bedding blankets and suddenly her voice saying, “I’m cold”, which in life she expressed regularly. I proceeded to get another blanket and covered her. She didn’t say anything else, but she didn’t need to since I talked nonstop while noticing the blankets moving up and down to the sound of her breathing! This scenario actually lasted throughout the night into the next morning. There is much more that occurred

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Haunted Hollywood: The Creepiest Ghost Stories in Tinseltown

09 February 2018 | August 2017, Your Stories

Double double, toil and trouble, fire burn and…Hollywood is freaking terrifying, you guys. On this, the annual All Hallows Eve, as the spirits awaken and the candy is handed out, our television screens aren’t the only things that are going to be haunted. As it turns out, Hollywood itself is basically like one giant Freeform made-for-TV-movie. (Yes, we’re talking about ghost stories). As long as there have been celebrities in La La Land there have been creepy tales floating around the city. Whether it’s a set seemingly occupied by a gang of ghosts, or an A-lister experiencing their own frightening encounter, no one is immune from dark magic this time of year. Discover some of the most famous hauntings in Hollywood here. Have you tried these great #paranormal books from G. Michael

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The Haunting of Laura – A Poltergeist Story

07 February 2018 | January 2018, Your Stories

Traumatic events can sometimes trigger poltergeist activity, but for one young girl, the torment seemed to have no end It is currently theorized that poltergeist activity arises out of the subconscious of a living person, called an agent. This agent, very often a young girl, usually is known to be under some kind of stress, whether it is emotional, physical or psychological. By some mechanism that is still unknown to science (and paranormal researchers), this inner stress can manifest as phenomena outside the agent. The case of Laura B. might very well qualify her as a poltergeist agent. As a young girl she suffered the anguish of an alcoholic father, who often lashed out in violent anger. It’s not surprising, then, that Laura was terrified of her home’s basement at night, since

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Old Hag, Sleep Paralysis and Succubi/Incubi Encounters

18 December 2017 | G. Michael Vasey's Nightmare Corner, Old hag

I am hard at work on a new book about these phenomena and am seeking encounter stories for inclusion in the book. If you have had such an encounter or experience, please do tell me about it and I may include it as an example on the book due out next month. Many Thanks, G. Michael Vasey You can submit below….

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“THE DEMON HOUSE” and 4 more true horror stories! #WeirdDarkness

14 November 2017 | My Haunted Life Toosdays, Your True Encounters

“THE DEMON HOUSE” and 4 more true horror stories! #WeirdDarkness In this episode: Some people claimed the old woman on the outside of town was a witch – and even today, hundreds of years later, you can still see her walking around with a lantern’. *** Sometimes a sixth sense for the paranormal runs in families – and author G. Michael Vasey shares experiences that his own father has related to him. *** A woman is convicted of the murder by poisoning of her husband… and two previous husbands… and seven children. *** Imagine finding your dream home only to realize that you’re living in an infested demon portal that leads everyone to hell.   Please post a review of the show on iTunes! Posting an iTunes review helps people

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Astonishing Legends – The Black Eyed Kids 3 – Featuring G. Michael Vasey

13 November 2017 | G. Michael Vasey's Nightmare Corner, Your True Encounters

The guys at Astonishing Legends have been doing a series on The Black Eyed Kids – a very good and deeply interesting series. They asked me to participate and also used some of my books reading some of the stories and my interview appears in this section – Part 3. You can listen to all three using the link below.    

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Blast from the Past – Meet My Guide

10 November 2017 | Your Stories, Your True Encounters

The problem with a blog format is juicy and scary stories gradually get pushed to the bottom of the heap and people no longer find them So, periodically, we will refresh some of the better submissions as a blast from the past. Here is a wonderful story about my father’s childhood…. My father was a very good man and a great father. He was always so understanding of the strange events that happened to me and us while I was growing up and even into adult life. The reason for this was that he, too, experienced strange things and had done so since he was a boy. In fact, his mother was a medium, and my dad plainly had inherited some of the gift (?) and carried like an unwanted

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Halloween Case #23 – The Body Trade

26 October 2017 | Your True Encounters

This October we are going to bring you some of the most interesting #true paranormal cases we can find. You can discover more true, terrifying accounts of the paranormal right here. This Reuters story is really very Halloween…… Did you know there was a real trade in bodies and body parts in America? When Americans leave their bodies to science, they are also donating to commerce: Cadavers and body parts, especially those of the poor, are sold in a thriving and largely unregulated market. Grisly abuses abound. LAS VEGAS – The company stacked brochures in funeral parlors around Sin City. On the cover: a couple clasping hands. Above the image, a promise: “Providing Options in Your Time of Need.” The company, Southern Nevada Donor Services, offered grieving families a way to eliminate

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Halloween Case #19 – Houska Castle and The Gates To Hell

23 October 2017 | Haunted locations, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

This October we are going to bring you some of the most interesting #true paranormal cases we can find. You can discover more true, terrifying accounts of the paranormal right here.   Are there portals to other dimensions, other existences, or planes? Well, if there are, one scary example might well be Houska Castle situated about 50km north of the Czech capital city, Prague, also known locally as The Gate To Hell.  Over 1000-years ago, much of the Czech countryside would have been dense forest. In the Houska area, those forests would have been dark, gloomy, damp, and eerie as the area is famous for its sandstone formations known as ‘Skaly’. The sandstone in the area erodes out into block-like formations that jut ominously in many locations, creating an eerie but

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Halloween Case #12 – A Creepy, Cursed Church and Its Ghosts

16 October 2017 | Your True Encounters

This October we are going to bring you some of the most interesting #true paranormal cases we can find. You can discover more true, terrifying accounts of the paranormal right here.     The Czech Republic lies in central Europe on the edge of vampire country. As you might expect, it is a country of myth, legend and the weird paranormal. It might just be the most haunted country in the world. However, as we approach Halloween, I want to draw your attention to what just might be one of the creepiest places in the country. Once in the village of Lukova, St. George’s thrived as the local parish church. That is until a string of strange incidents which culminated in the collapse of part of the ceiling of the church

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Weird Darkness – The Terrifying Mothman

10 October 2017 | My Haunted Life Toosdays

  Tell your story so I can use it in a future episode at! Please post a review of the show on iTunes at! Posting an iTunes review helps people find the show more easily, helps grow the show, and encourages people to send their stories for future episodes! This episode is brought to you by the audiobook, “Your Haunted Lives, True Tales of the Paranormal” by G. Michael Vasey, narrated by Darren Marlar. Hear a free sample or purchase the title at The Terror Of The South Shields Poltergeist:… The Shadow Woman Who Haunts My Bedroom:… Discovering The Strange and Terrifying Mothman Phenomenon:… Mothman: The Enigma of Point Pleasant:

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“A Thrill From Contacting The Dead” and 8 more true paranormal stories! #WeirdDarkness

06 September 2017 | My Haunted Life Toosdays, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

In this episode: “The Witch in My Dream” 14:34 “The Old Hag” 12:53 “The Aunt and the TV” 11:36 “The Phone Call” 10:25 “The Terrifying Vision of a Hanging Man” 6:58 “The Tugging Ghost of Alabama” 5:22 “The Return of the Living Dead” 3:25 “The Sinister Dark Shadows That Haunt My Life” 1:17 “A Thrill From Contacting The Dead” 15:42 This episode is brought to you by the audiobook, “The Black-Eyed Kids” by G. Michael Vasey, narrated by Darren Marlar. Hear a free sample or purchase the title at Books featured in this episode: “The Phone Call”, taken from the book “Kanashibari: True Encounters With the Paranormal In Japan” by Thomas Bauerle: “The Aunt and the TV”, from “Ghosts in the Machines” by G. Michael Vasey:

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The Aunt and The TV

21 August 2017 | Your Stories, Your True Encounters

A lady who moved into her deceased Aunt’s house began to suspect something was amiss when small objects appeared to move around the house by themselves. However, she became quite alarmed when the TV in the upstairs bedroom came on all by itself. This wasn’t a one off occurrence happening regularly at the same time on certain days of the week and no matter on what channel the TV had been on, it always featured the same channel. Eventually, she began to realize that the TV came on for her aunt’s favorite TV shows. She also discovered that if the TV came on by itself, she could tell it to switch off by itself and it would do. She even videoed this to prove to stunned neighbors and relatives. She

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Ghostly Radio

15 August 2017 | Your Stories, Your True Encounters

Dead people can apparently also use radio to communicate with the living. A couple that was moving into a new home after their wedding started to hear music playing quite loudly in the house, but couldn’t figure out where it was coming from. They began to search through the boxes of belongings that were piled up all around looking to see what the source could be. Eventually, they came across an old transistor radio that had once belonged to the wife’s grandfather. It was playing wartime band music very loudly. There was just one problem. The radio was not connected to any power, contained no batteries and had been broken and unusable for years. She only kept it as an ornament and memento of her long dead grandfather. It seemed

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