The Witchfinder – Weird Darkness

17 March 2017 | My Haunted Life Toosdays, Your True Encounters

Published on Mar 14, 2017 “The Witchfinder” and 3 more true creepy stories! #WeirdDarkness In the 1600’s, a witchfinder was given whatever he asked for, for fear of him declaring those who refused a witch. But how he chose to test one woman for witchcraft is enough to make your stomach turn. *** A young couple discover a radio… with a mind of its own. *** A strange ball of light enters the room of a young man, with no explanation to be found. *** Sheldwich is typical of the small rural hamlets which litter Kent, but in some ways, is far more unique and strange, one could almost say, weird. If you like this video, please give it a thumbs up. If you’re new to my channel, please click

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