The Resentful Spirit Who Haunted My Childhood

06 June 2017 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

This story took place during my childhood in the 1970’s. We lived in Manchester, UK in a council property in a, now, derelict part of the city. Back then the houses we considered old and were quite rundown. That house always had a strange feeling for me, particularly the cupboard under the stairs. I never felt comfortable leaving the living room unless I was with one of my parents. I always got a feeling of real dread anytime I approached that point of the hall and used to run full out of the living room to the stairs and run all the way up them, then rush down them. I never ever saw anything but the feeling was sheer terror and horror. One night my dad had taken me up

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The terrible sundial – The dial of death

02 March 2017 | Haunted items, Your Stories

The sundial in our garden has been telling the time for over two hundred years. It is accurate during the summer, and in the winter months can be adjusted slightly to be more or less accurate. It is only one of several sundials we own, these timepieces being an interest of mine. This is the story of the strangest sundial I have ever inspected, a sundial with just one purpose, a Dial of Death. Solar clocks come in many types, the technology is ancient, and time has been told using the shadow of the sun for thousands of years across all cultures. Starting with a simple stick fastened upright in the ground, to a bronze muzzle loading noon gun, fired with the sunlight from a lens, all types of sundial

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The Paranormal Eyewitness Series

01 March 2017 | G. Michael Vasey's Nightmare Corner

I have launched a new series of short Kindle books called The Paranormal Eyewitness Series. The series begins with a compilation of Your Haunted Lives and Your Haunted Lives Revisited – which already went to #1 in the Supernatural category in the UK on Amazon. Then, there will be a series of ‘episodes’ of the series with Episode 1 – The Black Eyed Demons Are Coming already issued. Each book will feature a particular paranormal issue – Black Eyed People, Demons, Ghosts of the living, Poltergeist and so on. Each will be quite short – say 30 pages – and feature submitted stories, my own experiences and research. Look out for each new episode in the coming months!

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