December 2015

Weird Darkness and the BEK

10 May 2024 | December 2015, Your True Encounters

Weird Darkness podcast – go and sign up for this amazing podcast – covers some of my stories and content about Black eyed Kids – give it a listen…

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Lady in the Mirror

31 December 2015 | December 2015

This happened in 1988 when I was remodeling my house. I had 3 carpenters staying in at the house so that they could save on travel expenses and also, so they could start work on time. The other workers opted to go home since they lived closer to the house. After about a week of work, my lead carpenter suddenly changed his mind and said they would rather go home each night than stay at the house. I asked them why and here is his story… They were sleeping on the floor of the master bedroom since it was the only one with carpeting. At around 2:30 a.m., he stood up to use the restroom, which was adjacent to my walk in closet. You have to go through a door

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The Monster In The Cupboard

29 December 2015 | December 2015

Small children everywhere are often scared by whatever monster they imagine is in that cupboard in their bedroom. Little Joseph was no exception. He had told his parents on a number of occasions that he didn’t want to sleep in his room because the Thing in his cupboard might come out and get him. When his parents asked what the Thing might be, he described it as a ‘dark teddy bear’. The house was relatively new and neither parent had any reason to believe this was anything other than a child’s imagination at work.   Usually, children outgrow such fears and his parents expected Joe to eventually forget about the monster in the cupboard as well. However, he didn’t. If anything, he became even more terrified of the cupboard as

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Black Menacing Figure Haunts Family

21 December 2015 | December 2015

In the 90’s in London, England, my daughter rented a house from a landlord. It was a two bedroom as she has three children. Everything seemed fine at first, but her two youngest boys kept telling her that there was something nasty in the house. She didn’t believe them, and thought they were making it up. The house happened to be near a cemetery. One evening, after she had taken the children to bed, she told me that she came out of the bedroom and a great big black figure was standing just outside the door. It had no visible face. She said that it must have been an entity. She was terrified, and it just gradually disappeared. Another time, she took a photo on her camera phone when she

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Ghost Writer

15 December 2015 | December 2015

Here is something submitted to the site that is a bit different. A ghost encounter that resulted in a song…… The song was inspired by an experience I had in Gloucester Place, London a few years ago. In the night, I was taken very ill and I was ‘visited’ by a beautiful, sophisticated young Victorian woman who had been an author during her life. Naturally I was terrified, firstly by the appearance of a ghost and secondly by the fact she had come to help me over to the other side. She regarded me as a kindred spirit and persuaded me that death and the next life are nothing to be afraid of. If I wanted to let go then all I had to do was to take her hand,

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My First Hand Experience of the Civil War

11 December 2015 | December 2015

During a cross-country trip from Washington to Indiana—I had a strange experience at a Civil War battlefield. I have always been interested in the way—but I never had the chance to visit the battlefields before. It was a balmy, warm day and I was looking forward to walking across the battlefield and learning about the battle. We pulled over at the side of the road and started to walk towards the beginning of the battle route. It was a very bright day and there were other people around enjoying it. I didn’t feel in anyway strange. As we climbed a large embankment though I could hear talking. I put it down to other tourists. When we got to the top there were two men in full uniform talking to each

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My Driving Angel

07 December 2015 | December 2015

Driving home from my boss’s dinner party at midnight I had an experience that I’d like to share with you. I hadn’t drunk much that night and I was taking a reasonably slow drive home. At some point on the way home I dozed off. I actually fell asleep at the wheel. Suddenly my head was raised from the lowered position it was in and my eyes were forced open. I saw a metal guard rail coming right at me. I was suddenly driving at 85 miles per hour. As fast as my eyes were opened something grabbed my wrists and moved the steering wheel. The car glanced past the guard rail. I could hear the screeching tires and I thought for a second that the car was going to

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Crying Lady

03 December 2015 | December 2015, Your Stories

This happened when I was about 16 years old. My dad had just scolded me for coming home late. I went outside and sat by our pool to cry my heart out. When I looked at the swing there was an old lady sitting there looking at me. Immediately I knew she was an apparition because she was almost transparent. I couldn’t move, I thought I was yelling for help but nothing seemed to come out. I closed my eyes and when I opened them she was gone.I saw her again as I was on my way out with some friends. She was motioning for me not to go. I thought I was imagining this and went out just the same. We got into a head on collision accident. I

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