February 2016

House of Nightmares

10 February 2016 | February 2016

This started when my parents bought a house in a small town. My father was working in the city and my mother worked in a different city so I was the only one who got to actually live in our house. Sometimes my grandparents would accompany me and one or twice a week, my father  visited me. I was 10 years old then and they taught me how to live like an adult. One night, my father said that I should sleep in my room because I always slept in their bedroom. So I grabbed my pillows and went to lay in my own room.  This was the the first night that I had a nightmare. I cannot distinguish if it was really a nightmare because I can often feel that I

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Haunted Bathroom?

09 February 2016 | February 2016

About twenty years ago I worked for a large company. The company had just completed a new department and I worked in that department. One day about a year after we had moved into this new wing, I went into the restroom and as I turned the corner, I noticed the stall door closed on the middle stall. The floor under the door looked dark like someone’s shadow was blocking any light. The stall doors naturally hung open, so I just assumed someone was inside the stall. I went into the first stall instead of the second, in order to maintain some privacy by keeping a stall between us. While in my stall, I listened and didn’t hear the other person make any noise. No flushing, hand washing, and no

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Alien Tracking

05 February 2016 | February 2016

This happened to me when I was 18 years old, a year ago in Nashville, TN. One night at around 7.00 p.m. I sat on our couch playing a game while my younger sister opened the door and gazed at the clear night sky. We always had such beautiful evenings in the summer. Then she asked me, “Is that a star moving?” I went over to the door trying to look at the moving star. When I looked at it I said to her, “That’s no star!” It’s a UFO!” That’s the first time I saw a real UFO with my own eyes. Then it happened again on her birthday. I was on our front lawn at that time when suddenly I felt something strange was above me. I looked

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