Hat Man

A Confrontation at the Foundry

20 July 2024 | Hat Man, Shadow people, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

Despite the frequent unexplained occurrences at my wife’s clinic in The Foundry, I’d never felt genuinely afraid. As a believer in the paranormal, I was more intrigued than scared by the events. However, there came a point when I decided it was time to address the situation head-on. It started on a sweltering summer evening. The shopping centre was closed, and I went to the store alone to restock supplies. The darkness didn’t bother me; in fact, part of me hoped to encounter something out of the ordinary. I wasn’t disappointed. As I moved about the store, I became aware of a large, black shadow in the shape of a man. He wore a wide-brimmed hat and paced up and down the hallway of our clinic. I greeted him with

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The Hat Man

06 September 2022 | Hat Man, Shadow people, Your True Encounters

I used to live in a big Victorian era home, that was chopped into 4 apartments. There was a tenant living in the apartment right next to mine. She was a single mother with 3 kids. She was also addicted to drugs. After they moved in, I started waking up to the hat man shadow. He would be staring at me and usually went back to her place. I didn’t feel it was ‘evil’ but it had a very strong presence. First I thought I was having dreams, but my dog ~ she slept on the bed next to me – was very aware of him. She didn’t act scared or aggressive, but she was very alert watching him, too. This woman was very paranoid, and sometimes would take off

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