Haunted houses

A Childhood of Spirits

01 December 2018 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

Until the age of 13, I lived with my parents in a two bedroom apartment in Philadelphia. The apartment was actually the second story of a three-story house. Our landlord lived on the 1st floor, my family on the 2nd, and a single mother and her young daughter on the 3rd. I lived in constant fear, at night time at least, due to the many and varied occurrences that shaped my outlook on the paranormal for the rest of my life. When I say may occurrences I mean many, but four stand out to me the most. The first, and the most frightening to me, happened one night while I was in bed. We had a small dog that would lay at the foot of my bed, under the covers

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The Laundry Room

30 November 2018 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

While yes, this isn’t the absolutely most terrifying or horrific story, it is the strangest and scariest thing that has ever happened to me. So, this happened when I was around 10. I’ve always taken the bus home from school, and I had gotten a home key for my 8th birthday. This was because most of the time, neither of my parents was home when by the time I arrived. Today was a day like normal. I got home at 2:45, unlocked the back door with my home key and walked into the house. I have always felt slightly uneasy about being home by myself, mostly because of many late nights listening to creepy YouTube videos, but today I just felt terrified as I stepped into the house. I brushed

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Demon Dogs

26 November 2018 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

This story took place during the summer of 1981. I was 12 years old. I was camping, with my family, at a place called Canoe River Campground in Mansfield, MA. The location of the campground is right on the edge of the Hockomock Swamp/Bridgewater Triangle. As was the custom on any sunny day, I took my red BMX bike and went looking for something to do. After cruising by the rec room and seeing that it was filled with teenagers, I decided I would explore one of the small brooks that feed into Mill Pond. There was a path that followed the brook part of the way, which I had stopped at last time. This time I decided I wanted to go further up stream and see what was up

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21 November 2018 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

So, before my grandmother moved closer to where my parents and aunts and uncles live now, she used to live in a big, double house a few hours south of us. The house was huge, which made it a TON of fun for me and my cousins when we were younger and would spend the night. It was the perfect place to play hide and seek, or go on secret spy missions with our walkie talkies. However, the house had sort of an eerie feel to it, especially at night time. You know, that sort of..”man I really don’t want to look around the corner” kind of feel? Like someone..something..is going to be there? Well back when I was younger, before she had her dog, they swore up and down

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My Family and Our Ghosts

19 November 2018 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

I’m currently 21, and I know that my childhood house is haunted. Since I was little I had always heard strange things, weird noises at night and strange feelings when I was alone. But as I got older, I began to experience more. Both me and my brother slept in the basement. My two sisters and parents slept upstairs. My grandparents on my fathers side had passed before I had gotten the chance to meet them. And recently we lost my grandfather on my mothers’ side. My fathers parents had lived in the house before my parents moved in. The year after I graduated high school, I took a year off to work and figure my life out. This was about 5-years ago. It was a week after all my

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The Old Mining Town

12 November 2018 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

Several years ago, I lived in an old mining town in the southwest. The small town had an interesting history, a mining massacre nearby, Bat Masterson and Kit Carson had lived there at one time as well. So it’s expected that there might be a few ghosts here and there…and there were. My husband and I moved to this small town because he took a teaching position. Rentals were hard to find but eventually we lucked out and found a small attic apartment in an old converted house. There were three apartments, two downstairs on the main level and then ours in the attic. It was quaint and cozy, each apartment had its own baseboard heat, no AC but plenty of windows. At first, I didn’t feel anything strange about

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The Spectral Monk

09 November 2018 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

I’ve always been what some people call energy sensitive. When I was a child I’d see things, but now as a grown up I only feel them. I have many stories, but one that sends a chill down my spine to this day goes as follows. My father was born in Mexico, so when I was very little he decided to go back and live there for a while. The house we lived in was always under this weird heaviness. I always felt it but I was too young to know what it was. I hated it though. One day, my mother had taken my brother with her to run errands. He was only two at the time and very active. I on the other hand had a cast on

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The Ghost on The Sofa

30 October 2018 | G. Michael Vasey's Nightmare Corner, Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

My ex-Partner and shared an apartment for many years. It always gave me the creeps even after major renovation. So much so that I actually secretly performed cleansing rituals in every room. I hated to be alone there and it seemed cold and gloomy to me. When we split up and I moved out, I wasn’t sorry to leave it. This summer, while on holiday with our daughter on Greece, my ex sent me a text message. In it, she stated that she had been feeling very depressed and gloomy all night. To alleviate the feeling, she had started taking pictures of the apartment as she was hoping to offer my old office as a room to rent to a student. She attached the picture. She hadn’t seen anything until

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The haunted Room

30 October 2018 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

The story happened in Vietnam last 2013, Im from Philippines and was expatriated to Vietnam. Our company was located at Binh Duong province part of Ho chi Minh City. Since I don’t want any hassle going to work daily, I decided to stay near to where I work. We found a nice house to stay. The house was located in almost at the center of the city proper, near the malls, grocery stores, bars and restaurants. So, it’s not a quiet and boring place. During the first 3-months staying at house everything was normal. Good ambience, cold AC, water is good, everything is perfect. Then one normal night came, I was alone in the house and doing normal things that I did. I was watching some movies and suddenly I

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My Haunted Childhood Home

25 October 2018 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

When I was a kid I grew up in what I truly believe was an evil place. Strange noises, weird feelings, and yes, apparitions. I remember it would be beautiful, sunny days, but when you walked into our home, something changed. It was this creepy quiet. Even though you couldn’t see it, you could definitely feel it. The energy there was dark. One night I woke up in the middle of the night to my Mom crying to my Dad. I heard her telling him that she saw an image of my Dad just staring at her. She said the apparition had no legs. It was just from the waist up. My Brother saw an evil apparition of me in his bedroom doorway at least two times. He said it

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Strange Manifestation

23 October 2018 | Haunted houses, Your Stories

This experience goes back to when I was about 12-years of age, living back in my hometown of Liverpool, Merseyside. We had moved into a Council House in Fazakerley sometime around 1974. The house was fairly new, and to my knowledge only had only one previous occupant, who had left sometime before we took up occupancy. The house was fairly unkempt when we moved in and it took a few weeks decorating it before it was habitable. I got a eerie feeling from this house the moment I walked into it and never liked the place at all. Anyway we had been living there some time, and I would usually go to sleep at night leaving the hall light on, and keeping my curtains closed in the bedroom, and window,

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The Haunted Trailer Home

22 October 2018 | Haunted houses, Your Stories

My husband, my daughter and I lived in a rental 1996 Double Wide Mobile Home when I was pregnant with my second daughter. It was a big improvement from our tiny apartment and we quickly set about making the place our own. The house, though a bit outdated was nice, and we had no complaints. However, things began to change with the birth of our youngest daughter. My experience took place around 2:30 am I was asleep in bed with both my 3 year old and my baby. I heard a very loud thud in the kitchen, then silence. My dog also heard it and sat at alert next to the kids. I grabbed a wooden dowel used to secure a faulty window and crept into the kitchen. I saw

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The Move

03 October 2018 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

While home on mid-tour leave from deployment a few years ago, I decided to rent a house in a safer neighborhood for myself, my daughter and my grandson. We found a cute rambler further out in the suburbs. The day we moved in, we were moving yard toys through the front door straight through the sliding door to the back yard. As we went through the sliding door, we would close it to keep my grandson from running in and out. The first time out the sliding door, it locked, leaving us to climb over the fence to go back around and inside the house. We didn’t have a key for the fence gate lock yet. The next few times we went through the sliding door, the same thing would

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19 September 2018 | Haunted houses, Haunted locations, Your True Encounters

My boyfriend I were both doing jobs we hated, when we were offered the opportunity to manage a pub. We both had had previous experience and it seemed the perfect opportunity to make a fresh start. The pub was a large building situated in Shropshire; it had started life in the 1930’s as a church, then a social club and finally, a pub. A doorway behind the bar opened up into a narrow corridor: turn to the right and it led to the cellar stairs, turn left and you accessed the upstairs flat where we would live for the next year. At the top of the cellar stairs, was a bank of switches that controlled the lights for the whole ground floor. At close, we would take it in turns

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The horror on harbor lights drive

11 September 2018 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

Let me start off by saying this story is mostly true. I say mostly because memory is a tricky thing. I know what I am about to tell you happened to me. Little details here and there may be off, but for the most part this did happen to me. That’s the biggest problem with repressed memories, they aren’t as clear as regular ones, but they are memories none the less. They say when your mind can not handle a traumatic event, as a defense mechanism it will forcibly forget the memory of it occurring to help you cope with day to day life. Kind of scary isn’t it? Who knows what you’ve seen, what you been through, that you own mind decided you couldn’t handle, and then buried it

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