January 2016

The First Edition of My Haunted Life Toosdays Is Up

05 January 2016 | January 2016

Here is the product of our collaboration with Weird Darkness…. Enjoy!

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Phone Call From The Dead

02 January 2016 | January 2016

It was about 3pm in the afternoon in the year 1976. I was waiting for some friends to pick me up when I decided that I would call my friend, Myla, to ask why they were late. As I picked up the phone to call, I found that there was no dial tone so I decided to say hello, since during the 70’s, we had what you would shared ‘party lines’. These were often illegally connected to other peoples’ phone lines. But what I instead got was a friendly greeting from a friend named George. He was interested in Myla, but Myla already had a boyfriend. He started by asking me to tell Myla he loved her very much and was also sorry for making trouble for her and her

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