Your True Encounters

The Lady in the Church Yard

18 September 2019 | Haunted locations, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

Last year, I visited friends in the UK and we spent the weekend visiting old churches and other mystical places. The weather was beautiful and so at one church, we decided to sit on the grass and have lunch. The church was surrounded by its own little graveyard of course. I finished my sandwich and decided to explore the churchyard a bit. as I entered one corner of the churchyard – an overgrown and abandoned part – I had a vivid impression of a woman dressed in a long Victorian dress. She looked sternly at me and was plainly upset and annoyed waving me away. The atmosphere changed to to one of well – being unwelcome. I returned to my friends and mentioned that I had seen or had an

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No one Ever Believes Me About This

17 September 2019 | Audible Activity, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

But I’m thankful that I have my mom, sister, and grandma who all experienced it too. This strange… event? Still haunts me to this day. When I was 8 years old, I saw my pa die. Unfortunately seeing a person Struggle for their last breath isn’t something you can unsee. About a week after his passing, we (my mom, grandma, sis, and I) all came back to my grandma’s house after going shopping. Grandma went to check her messages on the machine since she had a few. One was just static, the other was static and inaudible voices. The last was much less static and the voice was very clear. It said “pa’s dead”. It was pa, there was no mistaking it. The sound in his voice was pure dread.

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Lilly the 13th sign

12 September 2019 | Alien Abduction, Haunted houses, Time warp, UFOs, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

I have always had a deep inner knowing. As a child I could always guess people’s names and know things. I have messages in my dreams and they have come true. I was always drawn to witches and the supernatural. As I grew up, I decided to go to a psychic to find out what all of this meant. I always felt different and from a different time or place. When I went to the psychic she told me I was a witch in a past life and I was hung and that is why I don’t like wearing anything around my neck. I froze for a moment because this is true. I never did like anything to right on my neck and never turtle necks etc. She went on

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The Demon that Held me Down

11 September 2019 | Old hag, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

I woke up one morning at 5:30 to my alarm clock going off. I wasn’t ready to face the day yet, so I rolled to left so I could reach the clock and hit snooze. As I turned, I felt my blanket catch on something, like when another person is sitting on the blankets and the blankets won’t budge. Immediately after feeling the blanket catch, SOMETHING flipped me onto my back and sat on my chest. I could feel my arms being held down next to my head. I couldn’t move at all. My mom was asleep in the next room. I tried to scream for her, but couldn’t make any noise. I could feel my tongue moving in my mouth, trying to scream, but no sound would come out,

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The Floating Baby Doll

10 September 2019 | ouiji boards, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

It all happened on a warm summer night, we lived in California at that time, my sister and I were around the ages of 9 and 10. We decided to play a game of hide and seek, in the driveway, there were enough cars parked outside to have great hiding spots. I remember that night very clearly, I remember my sister and I were having a great time that warm Cali night. As it got darker my sister and I decided we would play one last time before heading back inside. It was my turn to hide, as she was counting I decided to hide behind an old yellow truck that was parked near our garage door. it wasn’t the best hiding place she found me fairly fast. Found you!

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The Christmas Visitor

09 September 2019 | Audible Activity, Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

When our kids were younger, my mother in law lived in a small apartment built onto to our house. We were her main caregivers and she was a big part of our life. Sadly she passed away unexpectedly after about 10 years, right before Christmas. She loved the holidays and was an amazing baker so I knew our kids, especially my daughter, would miss helping her make Christmas cookies that year. One night about a week after the funeral, I was having trouble sleeping and decided to work on packing up her place. I got caught up in my task of cleaning out the closet and the next thing I knew it was ‪3:00am. My sister in law had already made a lot of progress on the bedroom that day

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Texas Oilfield Worker Encounters Aliens

06 September 2019 | Alien Abduction, UFOs, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

Hello, my name is Ronny Dawson. The story I am about to tell you seems too incredible to be true. I assure you it is. My images and story have been researched by experts across the globe. If I was trying to fake anything, I would have been called out years ago. I have even filed FAA Low Craft reports regarding the encounter. A crime punishable by law to fraudulently file such a report. The FAA suggested I file a report to NUFORC (National UFO Reporting Center). The term they used to describe the craft in the photo’s was UFO. The pictures were captured in 2011 but the story begins 2 years earlier in 2009. You see I am just an old truck driver. I work in the oilfield loading

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My little hometown is weirder than I thought

05 September 2019 | Demons, Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

I’ve only started telling this story recently. My small-ish hometown of Spanish Fork, Utah has more strange things happen per capita than I realized. When I was a kid, I moved into the basement of the house my grandpa built, and thought life was perfect. I was the only one down there. There was a really cold, creepy spot at the base of the stairs, but I didn’t think much of it at first. As time went on, it got worse. A lot worse. To the point that I was almost 19, and had to turn off the lights in a specific order so as to not be left in the dark while in the line of sight of that spot. The place had grown. It wasn’t just a place

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Miracle at the Creek

04 September 2019 | Angels, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

I had a few experiences with the paranormal in my life. I’ve had a few run in’s with ghosts. Those are stories for another time. Today, I want to share my story of a near death experience when I was a kid. For a long time I never shared with anyone out of fear of not being believed. I am past that now and here goes my story. One summer day, the end of my third grade year, my best friend invited me to come along to go down to the neighborhood creek. We lived in a small town in Wisconsin and the creek was a wooded area behind a park down the street from our house. My friend Crystal along with her uncle, step dad and I walked through

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The Phantom Truck

03 September 2019 | Haunted locations, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

I worked security at an army depot in eastern Oregon from 2003 to 2009. The base had been a munitions depot meaning they stored, processed, manufactured or shipped munitions all over the country until it came down on the base closure list under President Clinton. The munitions had been moved out and most of those operations had been stopped. The reason the base wasn’t totally shut down was because it also stored chemical weapons that couldn’t be moved and were to be destroyed on site. When I hired on the demilitarization or demil plant was being built. What occurred happened either 2005 or 2006 on a Saturday about 3 pm in the afternoon. The day was a pleasant spring day. One of the duties I had for my patrol was

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Sleep Paralysis

02 September 2019 | Old hag, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

My eldest daughter, who’s now 21 and doing fine, was having almost nightly episodes of sleep paralysis when she was 15. Before it started she’d been having a hard time at school, cutting classes and getting failing grades. The paralysis started after she decided to stop cutting class and take her school work more seriously. I had no idea it was happening until one day she asked me if it was normal to feel some one climb on your chest until you can’t move or breathe. I had her look up sleep paralysis or old hag and she told me it sounded like what she’d been experiencing except she hadn’t seen anyone because when it happened she was afraid to open her eyes. I told her until I could think

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Why I don’t watch Ghost Stories on the Internet Anymore

22 August 2019 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

I’ve been debating on whether I should share this story or not, but I feel that what I experienced it important to share for anyone who has some interest in the paranormal. First off, let me give you some info. I’m 32 years old, happily married and the owner of three cats. I’m also a believer in God and Jesus and attend my church regularly. I know what you’re thinking, “ugh, another one of these people. why is he shoving his belief down our throats?” before you skip this part, I just ask that you listen, this part is important for later. For most of my life I had a huge interest in the paranormal. While in college, I took many ghost walks and even participated in a few ghost

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Velhartice Cemetery

21 August 2019 | Haunted locations, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

The cemetery at Velhartice in the Czech Republic is supposedly a very, very scary place. Firstly, on the side wall of the small chapel in the cemetery are dark spots that seem to resemble faces. Even if painted or freshly plastered these spots soon reappear again. This is said to be as a result of an original small wooden chapel being burned down by robbers with some locals trapped inside it. There is also a story made famous in a well-known Czech poem about a local girl whose fiancé returns from the war. Being very happy to see him, she at first isn’t suspicious about his request to marry in the middle of the night. Off they go to get married at midnight and the girl becomes increasingly suspicious of

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Ghost bride haunting the D1 motorway near Brno

20 August 2019 | Haunted locations, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

The tale of an unhappy female ghost causing havoc for motorists on the highway is almost universal. There is one in the Czech Republic, but she is not the victim of a recent car crash like so many of the others. She was the bride at a 16th century wedding that ended in a massacre. The place has been called Nine Crosses (Devět křížů) for as long as anyone can remember, and tall wooden crosses still stand by the side of the turnoff where the nine victims were buried. The site is a protected cultural monument. The spot is just off the D1 highway from Prague to Brno, the busiest road in the country. For years, tabloids have been pointing out that the fatal accident rate near exit 168 by the

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What Got Me Interested in the Paranormal

16 August 2019 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

When I was young my family had moved to West Virginia. My parents had just bought a house and we moved in the Summer of 1989. Things were pretty normal from the start. I met my neighbor who would become my best friend, and I was just your normal kid. At the time we had an Atari, so I played that like crazy, you know once a gamer always a gamer. But, I am getting off topic. My parents had setup my room diagonally from their room. My mother wanted to be able to look across the hallway into my room to make sure I didn’t roll out of my bed. This is where things start getting interesting… One night I was asleep and my mother felt the urge to

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