Your True Encounters

Playing with the Devil

22 July 2019 | Old hag, Ouija, ouiji boards, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

I was very young, very lost, confused and didn’t have a lot of support growing up. I was an only child and was passed around from family member to family member. Not saying I was the perfect child. I just didn’t have the best people to guide me. I was raised in the church, I mean 6 days a week and some weekends always in church. I didn’t want church, I didn’t want to be with all these different family members. I wanted my mother. Who for some reason or another was never around. I started acting out in school. Stealing, fighting ect. Finally my mother decided to send me to my aunts house. As if that wasn’t enough to add on to the stress of a teenager but she

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The Scary Best of – Out Now on Kindle

18 July 2019 | G. Michael Vasey's Nightmare Corner, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

For those interested, I have compiled a new book of stories and articles published on this site. An all new collection of favorite chilling true stories of the paranormal submitted to the Myhauntedlifetoo website compiled and edited by G. Michael Vasey. Ghosts, shadows, demons and poltergeist….. for those who experience such things, the paranormal is very real and very frightening. The stories in this book cover all of these paranormal phenomena and more besides…… Don’t read before bedtime! The cover is a photo I took in Budapest – a creepy city indeed. The Scary Best of – True stories of the paranormal edited by G. Michael Vasey

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Lost In The Hosiery Mill

18 July 2019 | Haunted locations, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

I can remember as a child when my dad worked as a shift manager at a hosiery mill in a rough neighborhood close to Rossville, GA. I remember going by with my mom to see him at work for he would be there working until dusk. Or, I’d go with him to work on the weekends when he’d work half a day and then we’d hit up the flea market down the street together. Anyway, everyone was always talking in hushed tones about the ghostly lady roaming about the hosiery mill, both day and night. Most everyone who had seen her said she was petite, had shoulder length curly hair, wore a civil war era dress and was completely transparent. If approached and questioned as why she was there or

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One Minute UFO’s

17 July 2019 | Alien Abduction, UFOs, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

My close encounter with a UFO took place in rural Iowa, back in 1992.  I can confidently categorize this object as a UFO, because this   object was definitely flying, and I was then – and remain to this day – at at a complete loss as to how to identify it.  The object I observed was not one of those far away lights in the sky engaged in seemingly impossible maneuvers.  No,  this  object passed slowly over my head at a height not much higher than nearby treetops.  I stared directly at it for close to a minute.  To some, one short minute may not seem long enough to lend credibility to an eye witness account of a UFO. I totally get it, because I am as skeptical as anyone. But

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Seeing the Future

16 July 2019 | Precognition, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

Ever since I was little, ie, since I was about 9, I was able to get a sense of energies, see some versions of the future and know when people are going to die. Now I know most stories are about one experience in particular but I want to tell several without going too far into detail. I am 15 now and after many sleepless pondering nights I’ve still not made sense of it all. My first account was fairly mundane. I saw a regular day in my life three days before it happened. I could recall the conversations, what I had for lunch, etc. It was weird because whenever this happens, on the day I had predicted I feel, for lack of a better word, weird. Everything that happened

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The Spirit of My Mother Visited Me

15 July 2019 | July 2017, Your Stories

A few years ago while watching television, a sudden bright, amber flash, similar at first to a huge strike of a match, appeared to my left, which eventually morphed into a figure, then unmistakably, my Moms face. I watched in amazement as the light dissipated and then, I realized my Moms spirit disappeared and now I noticed an outline under my bedding blankets and suddenly her voice saying, “I’m cold”, which in life she expressed regularly. I proceeded to get another blanket and covered her. She didn’t say anything else, but she didn’t need to since I talked nonstop while noticing the blankets moving up and down to the sound of her breathing! This scenario actually lasted throughout the night into the next morning. There is much more that occurred

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The Night Shift Security Guard

11 July 2019 | Haunted locations, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

The Native business I work for is also next to a Native cemetery. When I close the buildings and lock up. I hear whispers and knocks. When I first started ,the other security guards mentioned that it’s a common thing. How can people become so cool with stuff like this? I understand the situation and how you don’t show fear. But, I’m making this post now and I’m sitting here at work looking at my cameras seeing lights that are on that were off when I went and checked the whole building for anybody or anything (the building has a security system that was working). And there are two buildings I watch. Out of the 2, the one closest to the cemetery has the most activity.   Originally submitted by

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A Trip to Wales

10 July 2019 | Haunted houses, Haunted locations, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

About 25-years ago, I and a few friends went to stay for a week at the small Welsh estate of a work friend. He had inherited a small parcel of land and a 16th Century house on the coast in mid Wales and rented it out to help keep it maintained. As it turned out, the house was very haunted. On arrival, we decided which bedrooms each family would use. We chose the master suite, my parents another room and some friends yet another leaving one bedroom free. The entry hall was quite grand, wood paneled, very gloomy with a staircase that came down from both sides to a central balcony and from there, to the ground floor. Later, we were to discover a Priest hole in the floor of

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A Haunted Toy?

09 July 2019 | Haunted items, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

I have a 15 month old boy named Zeth (yes with a Z) and since his birth, now and then, interesting things have happened. When he was a few months old, he would look at the corner of the ceiling smiling and laughing at nothing; He would do it at his daycare too. About 3-months ago, my wife was home with him and he fell asleep on the floor by her side. She started taking pictures of him sleeping and in one a ball of light is next to him. It was in the middle of a sunny day and only that one photo. So fast forward to last Sunday and my wife had left to go shopping in the morning while I stayed with Zeth. We were in the

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Hey Come Here!

04 July 2019 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

About 13 years ago my sister lived in a house in a not so great neighborhood. You came in through the kitchen, then the dining room and turned left into the living room. Behind the living room was a hall to the main bathroom and all the bedrooms. The couch was positioned with its back to the hallway. At the end of the hall was a bedroom that always creeped us out. We didn’t ever go in there or in the half bath that was inside it. She mostly has boxes in there. Well, my nieces’ nursery was right beside that room and we always had weird stuff happen in there. One time my sister was asleep and heard a voice scream one of my nieces’ names in her ear.

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The Hooded Demon

02 July 2019 | Demons, Haunted houses, Old hag, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

It was 3am. I was laying in bed. My room was dark and the only light came from the mobile phone in my hands. Then, my phone’s battery died and I couldn’t see an inch in front of my face. I placed my phone on my pillow and laid down staring into the darkness. Slowly, my eyes adjusted to the darkness. It was at this point that I realised I wasn’t alone. There, standing beside my bed, was a dark figure wearing a hooded cloak. At this point in time I had a friend staying at my place so when I say this dark figure, I instantly laughed thinking I was the victim of a practical joke. Suddenly, the figure lunged at me hitting me in the chest. I was

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Faith and Fireflies

28 June 2019 | Haunted locations, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

I wanted to share something original; something that I’ve shared with close friends, but have never written down, until now. With that being said, this piece is written with dedication to my best friend, Hope, who fought valiantly against cancer, but succumbed to it in 2015. This is a story I shared with her, which helped strengthened her faith and belief in God. Inevitably, it was through this story that she gave her life to Christ a month before her death. FAITH AND FIREFLIES I worked for the Department of Natural Resources the Summer after my freshman year of college. My love for nature and the Summer sun found me garbed in hunter green, selling daily and annual passes to vacationers and residents, alike, looking to enjoy a picnic or weekend

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The Grandmother’s Last Visit

27 June 2019 | Your Stories, Your True Encounters

This is in short my ex-wife’s story and she swears by it. Her grandmother was from China and they moved to Vietnam right after the US left Vietnam. Her grandmother live to be over a hundred years old and she said that after her grandmother died, she visited all of her relatives. My wife was also visited by her to and supposedly her grandmother kind of floated into the room and over a my wife. She was so scared. All she saw was the feet of her grandmother and the dress she was buried in.  I don’t understand why? Hearing the stories of her grandmother is very interesting to me. Supposedly she was so beautiful that a hundred Vietnamese men would try to knock or throw rock rocks at her

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The Demons of 11e Hunter’s Crescent

26 June 2019 | Demons, Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

I was born in November 1986 in Perth, Scotland. I spent my first four years living with my Mum and Dad in a top floor flat of a block of six. The housing estate we lived in was called Fairfield and was just a little run down and rough around the edges, but it was home. From the time I was born my maternal grandmother, who had The Gift, always insisted that I also had it. All throughout my life I have had visions of things that have passed and things that are still to happen. This gift has gotten stronger since my grandmother passed away a couple of years ago. This story, however, centers on my first four years living in 11e Hunter’s Crescent. This flat was haunted, to

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Recurring Nightmare

24 June 2019 | Your Stories, Your True Encounters

So to set this story is simple. I’m 28 years old a truck driver and have some problems sleeping sometimes. But anyway, moving on, I have this weird reoccurring nightmare and while it’s not all the time it usually comes in 1-2 week spurts. My dad passed back in 2007, which is a part of this story, but it actually begins in 2013. I left and went to Colorado to get my cdl (commercial drivers license). This nightmare always starts the same way and feels so real. I wake up and start my morning routine. Wake up, get up, and pull the curtain back over my windshield sit down, light a cigarette and crack a monster. But something catches my eye – it’s my dad sitting in the passenger seat.

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