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Ouija Halloween

21 May 2018 | Haunted houses, ouiji boards, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

There were always signs in our old house that it was haunted. Before mom, dad and I lived there, it was owned by my great grand ma and grand pa Nana and Dee which whom passed away when I was very young and that we believed haunted the house. Some of the strange happenings were disembodied voices (which my mom claimed sounded like Nana), things disappearing only to be found later in the spot it was missing, leaving the house for errands to find the bath tub filled with water and wet foot prints on the floor, distorted faces reflecting in windows and in mirrors and the feeling you have when someone sits on the edge of the bed, but no one is there, to just name a few. I

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Five Very Haunted Spots in Laramie

18 May 2018 | Your Stories

Laramie Live featured an interesting article for Paranormal Day. May 3rd is Paranormal Day, in which people are encouraged to share their experiences with the paranormal, according to National Day Calendar. With Laramie’s illustrious 150 year history, it should come as no surprise that people who have been to the Gem City, whether they moved here or were just passing through, have stories of interactions with the paranormal. Knight Hall Also featured in “5 Wyoming Stories That Should Be Featured on Drunk History”, Knight Hall owes its alleged paranormal activity to the gravesite that was discovered at the location during the construction of the building. Although you have probably heard about the petrified corpse found underneath the building, there are also reports of beating drums in the basement, the ghost of a young Native

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Prince Louis’ Nursery Is Haunted: A Royal Ghost

17 May 2018 | Your Stories

This article was originally featured on See the original here. Originally built in 1605 as a Jacobean mansion, Kensington Palace began life under another name: Nottingham House. Following their coronation, however, William III and Mary II bought it and commissioned architect Sir Christopher Wren to expand and renovate the property. They lived in it from Christmas Eve 1689 ‘til both of their deaths — Mary until 1694, when she died of smallpox, and William in 1702, when he caught what ended up being a fatal chill. Queen Anne, George I, and George II all lived there during their reigns; however, since George II’s death in 1760, no reigning monarchs have lived in the palace. George III — George II’s grandson — didn’t particularly like Kensington, so instead of living there himself, he

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The Laughter of God

16 May 2018 | Your Stories, Your True Encounters

Back when I was a student, I was having troubled time on almost every front – not least of which was the supernatural. I was depressed perhaps suicidal and very confused. Then, I started to notice a man who seemed to be watching me. Everywhere I went, everything I did, he was there. It freaked me out. One day, as I walked back from class to my accommodation on campus, I realized he was following me.  I grew increasingly nervous of this Asian looking man I kept seeing. As I entered my accommodation block, he followed. As I got in the elevator, he stepped in at last minute. I noticed he didn’t press for a floor. People got out floor by floor and as we arrived at the 19th floor,

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The Most Haunted Bodies of Water in the World

15 May 2018 | Your Stories

Readers Digest have put together a fascinating article about haunted bodies of water around the world.  The first location on the list is called ‘Devil’s Pool’ in Australia. Devil’s Pool is a natural pool created by surrounding boulders and a waterfall that feeds it, and as beautiful as it is, people say it’s cursed. According to legend, Oolana, an Aboriginal woman, drowned herself in the pool after being separated from her true love. Still searching for him today, she lures young men to their death in the green waters. Sixteen young men have died there in the past 50 years, reports You’ll also want to avoid these beaches, they’re the most dangerous in the world. Why don’t you check out the other haunting locations by clicking here and visiting Readers Digest. Have you

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I see Dead People!

15 May 2018 | G. Michael Vasey's Nightmare Corner, Haunted houses, Haunted locations, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

Yesterday’s post by Nick got me to thinking. When I was growing up, I saw ghosts all of the time. Later in life, I decided to go ahead and shut down that ability as far as possible. But what is it really like to see a ghost? Well, the first thing I would say is there is an atmosphere. It’s like an electrical storm is about to hit. You sense something – some energy – that is forming nearby. It makes the hair on the back of my head stand up on end and it gets my adrenaline flowing. Shortly after that, I used to develop fear. I knew, it knew and I was scared. I now believe that it is the fear that attracts such things and that this

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What Is It Like To See A Real Ghost?

14 May 2018 | Your Stories

Cambridge news featured an article from someone who has seen a ghost. For many of us it would be a terrifying experience… But that’s not the case for Huntingdon-born Mark Egerton, who is spending his retirement exploring the world of the unknown. Mark, 57, from Southhoe near St Neots, has been investigating the paranormal for more than 40 years. His explorations have taken him to some of the most haunted sites in the East of England and have enabled him to write his own book. “I think the really interesting thing about the paranormal is everybody has a slight affinity with it,” Mark said. “If you ask the people who you trust the most, near enough every one of them will have experienced something which they can’t explain.” Discover Mark’s experience

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Ghostly Footprints Outside My Office

13 May 2018 | Your True Encounters

I currently teach at a university in Nagoya, Japan. I have an office on the sixth floor, which is comfortable and useful for meeting students and colleagues. I use when doing research, class planning, and writing. I feel at home there with all of my books stacked on the shelves and my favorite photos on the wall. It has an atmosphere of being “my sacred space”, which I appreciate very much. Seminar rooms and the offices of other professors take up the rest of the sixth floor. I was in residence at this university for two years with nothing unusual happening to me, although one teacher from Jamaica whose office was down the hall reported that she had been obliged to chase some kind of strange spirit out of her

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“Who Are The Shadow People?” and 10 More Scary Paranormal Horror Stories! #WeirdDarkness

12 May 2018 | My Haunted Life Toosdays, Your True Encounters

A super edition of Weird Darkness with many stories from this site. STORY CREDITS… “Just Your Average Night” was written by Julie Oliver: “My Driving Angel” “Ghostly Angel” “Ghost Writer” “Grandma’s Ghost and the Babysitter” “The Boneyard” “The Farmer’s Daughter” Were all submitted by “Demonic Assault” was submitted anonymously “The Black Whisperer” was written by Mournful Magnus: “Who Are The Shadow People?”:… “Running From The Shadows” by Cindy Parmiter (Chapter 3, “Shadow People” from her book, “Fear of the Night: Real Tales of Sleep Paralysis, Night Terrors and Prophetic Dreams”: WEIRD DARKNESS MUSIC PROVIDED BY Midnight Syndicate and Shadow’s Symphony – all music used with permission. All rights reserved.

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The Most Haunted Side of Wales

11 May 2018 | Your Stories

This article is reblogged from Wales is full of historic homes and creepy old buildings – and many of these have chilling stories linked to them. Some of these tales are eerie enough to send shivers down the spine of even the biggest sceptic. From scorned-lovers to haunted pubs , Wales is a pretty scary place for believers. Although, as it happens, not all of these spectres are of the evil persuasion, if the stories are to be believed. It’s probably best if you avoid reading this when you’re home alone with the lights off – unless you’re feeling particularly brave. Click here to see the full list. Have you tried these great #paranormal books from G. Michael Vasey? If you’re looking for true tales of the paranormal to keep you chilled throughout this harsh winter… just

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The Most Haunted Locations in Ireland

11 May 2018 | Your Stories

This article originally appeared on the Daily Edge website. IF YOU DON’T believe in ghosts, spirits or paranormal activity in any form, today is just Thursday. If, however, you do believe in all or any of the above, it’s well worth know that as well as being Thursday, it’s also National Paranormal Day. Yeah we know; absolute catnip for anyone who’s convinced the gap between the living and the dead is just a quick seance away. And with that in mind, we decided there was no better time (except maybe Halloween, but bear with us) to take a look at some of the most haunted places in Ireland. Click here to see them. Have you tried these great #paranormal books from G. Michael Vasey? If you’re looking for true tales of the

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The Family Who Fear A Poltergeist Is Haunting Their Home

10 May 2018 | Your Stories

This article was originally featured on A family plagued by a ‘poltergeist’ set up cameras to capture its sinister tricks – and were left terrified when the footage revealed repeated paranormal activity . Husband and wife Robert and Pauline and their son Barry, who withheld their surnames for fear of attracting flocks of ghost hunters, have lived in the house in Gravesend, Kent, for 10 years. However around six years ago the family began noticing strange goings-on that centred around Barry, 33, and his bedroom – leading them to believe it could be a ‘portal’ to the other side. Once friends and neighbours became too terrified to even visit their home, Robert decided to install CCTV cameras earlier this year to see if he could catch the ghoul. Spooky footage shows a mug

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Don’t Go Near The Woods: The Most Haunted Woods in the World

09 May 2018 | Your Stories

Forests are creepy enough in their own right. Add some urban legends about murder victims who now roam the forest as ghosts, and you’ll never want to wander through one again. We rounded up 10 forests around the world that are thought to be haunted. Discover the most haunted woods in the world here. Have you tried these great #paranormal books from G. Michael Vasey? If you’re looking for true tales of the paranormal to keep you chilled throughout this harsh winter… just click here.

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The Terrifying Ordeal of Two Teenagers Are Followed Home By A Ghost

04 May 2018 | Your Stories

This article is originally from the Mirror newspaper. Two teenagers faced their fears after a camping trip in a haunted wood near an abandoned church went horribly wrong. In tonight’s episode of True Horror, the finale of the series, Stephen Foster and Todd Bevis tell the story of when they camped overnight in the woods close to a ghoulish church, which had tales of suicide and death attached to it. The two boys made jokey videos, pretending places were haunted when they were not and putting together comedy skits. One night, the boys made a trip into the dark night to set up near the plague pit, where thousands had been burnt to death, when Todd spotted something with glowing eyes stare at him. The two teens hid in their

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The Ghost of Gladstone Villa

03 May 2018 | Haunted houses, Your True Encounters

My family and I lived at a large property called Gladstone Villa in the former mining town of Bargoed, in the Caerphilly county borough of the South Wales valleys in the UK. From 1969 to 1978 we experienced activity that simply defied rational explanation such as lights going off and on. We witnessed electrical cables being pulled and my grandfather Bill claimed to have had a glass bottle thrown towards him as he entered the main bedroom, missing him by inches. I didn’t personally see this myself, but I still recall the time he came from there with the broken bottle in his hands and he told us what happened !!There was the occasional sighting but this was a very rare indeed, so rare that in all the nine years

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