My Haunted Life Too


Trying To Contact Late Rock Star Richie Valens Through A Ghost Box

18 October 2018 | Your Stories

Another one of those strange “spirit box” videos today from the same fella who posted yesterdays video. If you didn’t see that video you can view it by clicking here. Take a look at today’s video and see what you think? Is there anything to this “spirit box” craze? Has anyone tried this? This guy has made hundreds of videos. 

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All In The Ghost Box: The Man Trying To Contact Legendary Actor Carroll O’Connor

17 October 2018 | Your Stories

Another one of those strange “spirit box” videos today from the same fella who posted yesterdays video. If you didn’t see that video you can view it by clicking here. Take a look at today’s video and see what you think? Is there anything to this “spirit box” craze? Has anyone tried this? 

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He is Not Home!

17 October 2018 | Your Stories, Your True Encounters

My whole life, I have been able to see spirits, or feel a presence from time to time. My mom attributes it to the fact that I almost died while she was giving birth to me. I literally had one more minute, a single minute to live or else they couldn’t save me. We all believe that I got some sort of gift, sixth sense, or sometimes I think it’s a curse. I have had many horrifying experiences in my 31 years, here is the most recent it happened On October 1st, 2018. my buddy, that I grew up with, that had moved a few hours away came home to spend the night at my place and visit. My brother, who this story revolves around, was at work all evening.

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The Man Trying To Make Contact With Roger Moore From Beyond The Grave…

16 October 2018 | Your Stories

 Another strange video we found from the web. This one is a man trying to make contact with the late actor Roger Moore through a “spirit box.” Nothing conclusive here at all… but what do we all think of these “spirit” boxes? You can see the original video by clicking here.

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The Angel Statue Stole my Soul

16 October 2018 | Your True Encounters

I live in a relatively boring town in England; I’m sure everyone says that about their town but nothing interesting ever happens here. However we do have many myths and legends; just like any town. Some are “official” and have roots in real life events – the priory and convent for example have tunnels that connect them where, a few years back, excavations found many many small skeletons. They were baby skeletons and while some were not fully formed, the vast majority were. It was theorised that the nuns and especially the monks were not so pious after all. One of my favourite legends is that the four horsemen of the Apocalypse will ride through this town when the end of all times comes – all I can say is

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Who Loves Ya, Baby: ‘Kojak’ Star Telly Savalas Recounts His Own Experience With The Paranormal

15 October 2018 | Your Stories

 Saw this interesting video the other day, and thought I’d share it with you. You can see the original video by clicking here.

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The Lady in White

15 October 2018 | Your Stories, Your True Encounters

I saw an apparition of a female wearing an old style white dress. I learned recently that the most common apparition is that one of a woman in a white dress, but I did not know this when it happened to me so many years ago. This experience was the spark that ignited my obsession with the strange and unexplainable. It was the summer of 1991, I was 11 years old and lived in the town of Melrose Park, Illinois. The house was pretty old and it had two floors and a basement with stairs in the back, which where not covered and anyone could see people going up or down (this would be relevant later in the story). It was a normal hot and humid mid summer night like

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Discover Some Of The Scariest Haunted Houses In The World

12 October 2018 | Your Stories

This great new article from lists some of the most haunted houses in the world. An interesting array of houses from around the world—real estate that may scare you! Take a look at the list… You can, of course, read the original article by clicking here. There are thousands of haunted house attractions in operation around the world, offering fear factors which range from fairground thrills to mind-bending terror. The ghost train might be spooky enough for some, but if you think you’ve got what it takes to handle a truly extreme horror experience, add some of these to your bucket list. Labyrinth of Fear, Japan Located within Japan’s Fuji-Q Highland theme park, the Labyrinth of Fear certainly lives up to its name. Navigating your way through the corridors

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A Creepy Halloween

12 October 2018 | Your True Encounters

My wife and I live in a small central Oklahoma oil town. It’s nearly crime-free, but not quite Mayberry. The nest has been empty for years. The past few years someone(s) have rung our doorbell late at night, 9:30 – 10:30. The first couple of times this happened I opened the door. Finding no one on the front porch I walked around the outside of our house looking for a prankster. Didn’t see anything, but half expecting to hear a giggle from our shrubs. Nothing. Those doorbell events never prepared my wife and me for our creepiest Halloween night ever. On Halloween night it has became inconvenient for us to buy expensive candy, then get up and down for Trick-or-Treaters every time the doorbell rings. Typically, we go into our

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No Power Source? How Did The Washing Machine Turn On?

11 October 2018 | Your Stories

This submitter asks a simple question at the end of his submission. I wonder if anyone can come up with an explanation for this strange, strange incident? The only paranormal experience I have ever had happened when I was growing up in a house in Wiltshire, England. The house itself was fairly new. We bought it straight after they’d finished building it. However, I think something else stood on the land before the house was born. For a start the atmosphere in that house was electric. At times you could have cut it with a knife. I always felt tense. Like having a low level headache all the time. The only actual paranormal thing I ever saw, or heard, though was one time when I was sitting in the kitchen

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Terrifying Poltergeist Activity In Boston? A New Video Emerges…

10 October 2018 | Your Stories

Something strange has been happening in Boston. Strange happenings… a possible poltergeist? According to the Boston Standard they may have video of a poltergeist in action. You can click here to read the original article, and see the video. CCTV footage showing a spooky, unseen force smashing a glass has been captured at Witham and Blues restaurant near Boston. As reported by the Standard last week, staff and customers at the American-themed diner in Langrick have been experiencing ghostly goings-on – including the sighting of a ‘scary lady’, noises at night after lock-up, and glasses moving across tables on their own. Now footage taken from around 8pm on Saturday has captured the moment a glass appears to have been pushed off a shelf. Restaurant manager Victoria Burden, who lives above

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Fifteen Terrifying, Real Haunted Hotels You Can Visit!

09 October 2018 | Your Stories

If you’re planning a vacation this year—you may want to check out this list of fifteen haunted hotels from These hotels might be more interesting than some of the destinations. Enjoy the list. You can read the original article, as always, by clicking here. Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington, D.C. Let’s kick things off on a super creepy note! Back in the early years of this hotel (it was built in 1930), the owners let a financial advisor named Henry L. Doherty move into suite 870 with his family. During their time there, three people died, and not just three random people—Doherty’s maid, his wife, and his daughter. Ahem. Though the suite remained vacant for 50 years, it was eventually renovated for guests. Now the hotel affectionately calls the

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Everyday Items Our House Hides And Returns: A Strange Account

08 October 2018 | Your Stories

Interesting series of incidents here from a lady who lives with her family. Items keep disappearing and reappearing in her house. What do you make of this? My wife and I had dinner with my sister-in-law a few weeks ago. A very pleasant evening was had by all. But we got onto the subject of ghosts and hauntings after she started telling us about some of the strange things going on in her house. She said that these recent events have been small, but noticeable. The first thing was her phone charger cable. She had been looking for it for two days. She knew she had left it on her bedside table but thought perhaps her kids had moved it. A few days later she woke up one morning, went

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The Swaying Christmas Tree In Our Haunted House

05 October 2018 | Your Stories

Interesting account from a man who grew up in, what he believed to be, a haunted house. Enjoy this account! I grew up in a council house in London. Our house was a two up and two down that had been lived in by a few families before us. The house itself was okay but a few things happened that creeped us all out. Mum would always sit downstairs knitting and would often scold us as children for running up and down the stairs. Sometimes we were to blame but sometimes we had been out of the house or had been elsewhere in the house. Sometimes at night we could also hear someone running up and down the stairs. It got so bad one time that my father actually sat

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Guardian Angel Saves Me From The Black Eyed Kids

05 October 2018 | Black Eyed Kids, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

So, I was home alone one night just casually watching TV around 3AM when I heard a knock at my door. It’s pretty late in the night, but my sister would pop in around this time unexpected all the time, but as I reached the door, I noticed it was increasingly quiet regardless that I live in the country, I didn’t even hear crickets chirping outside. When I opened the door there was a little boy staring at the ground wearing old-time like clothes possibly from the 70? He asked if he could come inside to use the bathroom. I thought this was strange because it’s 3 in the morning. I ask the boy if he was lost or lived somewhere in town. He didn’t answer but instead just said

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