About Us

My_haunted_Life_tooMy Haunted Life Too is a website dedicated to your strange, but true experiences of the paranormal including scary ghost stories. Everyone has a ghost story or so I discovered.

The story behind this site is simple. I grew up experiencing some very strange things indeed and in 2013, I decided to write about them producing a book – My Haunted Life. The book sold quite well for an independent effort and I was encouraged to start a second – My Haunted Life Too. The problem was, I didn’t have enough ghost stories of my own left to fill it! So, I began taking every opportunity to ask friends and relatives if they had ever experienced something strange. almost everyone I asked gave me a story even if they told me they did not believe in ghosts….. Very soon, I had enough to compile My Haunted Life 3 and I found that I had become a collector of ghost stories…..

How better to collect ghost stories than start a website like this one?


You can submit your story to the site here and I will take the best of them, edit them, and post them on the site. Some of them may even be selected by our partner – Weird Darkness – to be made into a podcast and be read by the very talented Darren Marler.

Don’t be shy. Everyone has a story.

What’s yours?

Submit your true ghost story. We look for stories about ghosts, apparitions, shadow people, black eyed kids, poltergeist, deja vu, demons, and other supernatural phenomena.

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