Is My House Haunted?

17 March 2016 | March 2016, Uncategorized

53796b58-a3b4-4cd3-8311-9b2f2b5da7c6Several years ago, I moved into a four-bedroom house that my brother had just vacated. After a few weeks, strange things started to happen. At first, I thought I could always see a little girl’s shadow following my oldest son, who was 11. My second youngest son, who was eight at the time, slept in a room alone. There was always a strange presence in the room when we walked into it.

She also owned a doll, and every time at around 2pm it started talking on its own, even when it was turned off.

Many times when I left my bedroom door, I could hear people talking, and I would see strange lights on my door. They seemed to be the kinds of lights you would get if the TV was on, in a dark room.

One night my daughter was taking a nap at around 8pm. She suddenly woke up to see our dog barking at a corner. When she looked into the corner, she saw a man staring at her.

One night my youngest son, crawled out of his cot and walked into the living room and just stared outside. I picked him up and put him back to bed.

After a while, lights started flickering on and off. So we just moved.


Submitted by Anon.

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