The Ghostly Horse Rider

14 August 2015 | August 2015

One late summer evening when I was a boy, my family and cousins family were walking back from a pub in the English Lake District to our camp site. It was dark. Very dark. As we followed the windey country road up the hill towards our tents we were chatting animatedly on various topics. It was then that my cousin heard the faint sound of a galloping horse from behind us. “Listen,’ she said, suddenly concerned that this horse rider might not see us in the road, ‘let’s move aside, a horse is coming.’ We all stepped aside onto the grassy verges. Sure enough, there was the sound of a horse galloping getting louder. We all waited.

In the field to one side of the road, we all watched as a huge shadow passed by. It was dark but the shadow was darker. A huge stallion and rider. The rider was dressed flamboyantly in a large wide brimmed hat and strange clothes… although it was difficult to tell in the dark I will admit. We all watched mouths agape as this shadow horse rider rode by us not 20 meters away. The noise from its hooves was thunderous in the silence of the night. And then…. it was gone. The shadow, the sound. It simply disappeared.

We continued our walk home quietly. All contemplating the fact that, whatever we had seen and heard that night, it wasn’t something normal ….a ghost rider in the night.

ghost rider

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