Red Demon

20 August 2015 | August 2015

One day during my summer vacation of 3rd grade my mom had gotten in touch with an old friend who was married to a pastor of a small community church. I was forced to go to church with my mom for a few weeks to “reconnect with god”. I was a kid at the time who hated church and found it boring but soon started to enjoy it. Within a couple weeks of going to church with my mom, a man started standing next to my bed to watch me sleep. I was a kid (maybe a tad smarter than my peers) and dismissed it as a figment of my imagination. I mean, it seemed like a logical answer at the time. He was dark red, covered in horns, and had pitch black eyes. It would occasionally tilt its head to one side but never spoke. I remember one night waking up to it just standing there watching me.


Every night for a week or so I dismissed it as a hallucination until finally it got to me. I told my mom and her boyfriend. My mom was freaked out by how vividly I described it and how I showed her where it was. Her boyfriend took me into the kitchen and asked me to draw a picture while my mom went to call my pastor. I drew the picture and successfully freaked out her boyfriend. He asked me where it was again but it had vanished. My mom couldn’t ring up the pastor but managed to get a hold of my grandpa who is very religious. They gave me a prayer to say to get rid of it. (automatically they assumed it was a demon) The second “In the name of my lord and savior Jesus Christ Satan be gone.” left my mouth the man appeared and had an amused expression on its face. I swear it was smiling but I will never really know because of all the horns and how scared I was to look at it. After saying it at least twenty times he was gone and to this day I can’t even recall exact details or conjure it up in my mind. The picture I had drawn gave my moms boyfriend along with me an uneasy feeling so we had him burn it.

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