The Witches’ Daughter

16 September 2015 | September 2015

Many, many years ago, I went on a school trip to SW England. One evening during the stay, there were some girls in the hotel of as similar age who had come for the weekly disco there. I was immediately attracted to one of them and over the course of the evening, did everything I could to hook up with her. I had some success and at sometime after midnight I walked her home holding hands. As we walked out of town down a dark country lane she began to become afraid and insisted that I leave her to walk the remaining half a mile or so on her own. She told me a rather strange story as we walked.

She told me that her parents were witches and of the darker variety. She told me how she was forced to take part in rituals and was extremely scared. She told me that even now, I was in danger just by her being with me. I laughed at her creepy tale but stopped short when I saw the tears in her eyes. “Go, quickly,” she urged me, “before you have their attention.” I have to admit that a touch of ice ran down my spine and after a quick hug, I left.

I arrived back at the hotel deeply perturbed by her story, but, as you do, I laughed it off and went to bed.

At first, I was fine. However, as i lay on the point of sleep a strange feeling came over me. As if I were being observed. Of course, I put this down to my imagination.I finally did fall asleep but had very strange dreams and awoke in the later hours of the morning covered in sweat. It was very dark. In the corner of the room, I could swear there were two bright red eyes. I shut mine tight and willed it to go away, but when I opened my eyes again, there they were. Shaking I reached for the bedside light however, it did not work! There I was in sheer darkness with a pair of red eyes staring at me from the corner of the room and a growing air of malevolence in my small room.


I was terrified. Who wouldn’t be?

I began to pray silently. I invoked the forces of good to defend and protect me and more besides. The feeling of gloom and despair deepened. The eyes grew in intensity.

I prayed more feverishly shivering in what was now a very cold room.

Suddenly, the most amazing thing occurred. I saw a glow appear. Slowly it took on shape and solidity. What I saw defied any logic. It became a soldier in a bright blue uniform. It looked at me and the love emanating from his eyes was sufficient to calm me. It even smiled at me. In one movement, it raised its arm in a gesture that said ‘begone’ and that was it. The gloom lifted, the atmosphere turned into one of happiness, a fragrance passed through the room of roses and the first light of dawn peeked through the curtains. The eyes were gone and so was the soldier.

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