Sex With A Ghost??

20 November 2015 | Bizarre

In the news today is a lady who claims she has sex with ghost lovers….

Here is the article….

Ke$ha is not the only one having sex with ghosts. Spectrophilia is a very real phenomena, and many people claim to have sexual relations with phantoms. In fact, many of these people are respectable and quite sane, so it makes it hard to just chalk up their experiences as figments of a warped imagination.

Some people who have had or continue to have a sexual relationship with the paranormal are surprisingly open and vocal about it.

Sian Jameson (left in cover photo), for example, says shed had an affair with the ghost of an artist who passed away more than 100 years ago. His name was Robert.

Sian is a writer, artist and spiritualist, who says her paranormal lover began visiting her soon after she moved into a cottage in a remote part of Wales, England. She had split up from her boyfriend and was lonely. She insists the experience was not imaginary or stress-induced.

She’s very open about the experience. She spoke candidly with the Daily Mail about her sex life with Robert:

“[Robert] was very handsome, with beautiful hazel eyes and, as we made love, he stroked my body tenderly and I could feel the weight of him pressing down on me. His body felt incredibly light. The whole encounter lasted an hour and afterwards he whispered: “That was the most amazing thing I have ever experienced. As we drifted off to sleep in one another’s arms, a voice in my head kept asking: ‘Is this really happening?’”
Sian says that Robert didn’t stay with her for long. A few days after their initial encounter, he told her he’d be leaving her. She was distraught.

Strangely enough, Robert was not her last ghost-lover.

“Though I had one other ghost lover after that, I haven’t had sex with a ghost for over two years,” Sian says. Apparently, she’s in a relationship now, with a man-in-the-flesh, who thinks her past affairs with phantoms are funny.

Sian is not the only one who swears that her sexual encounters with a ghost are real. There are many others, including Amethyst Realm (right in cover photo), a 27-year-old “spiritual guidance consultant” from Bristol, England. Not only is she open about her unusual sex life, she says that a ghost broke up her engagement to a man and she’s sworn off men ever since.

This is how it all started:

“I was lonely and noticed that items kept disappearing and then reappearing in our guest room,” Amethyst recalls. “I thought I must be going mad, but then I became aware of a presence. I could feel it all around me and it was very comforting. About six months later, my boyfriend was away and I saw a heart drawn on the condensation in the window of the guest room. As I peered closer, I felt someone come up behind me, put their hands on my hips and breathe softly on my neck. It wasn’t warm or cold, just a soft breath, but it felt lovely. It lasted two or three seconds, then faded. I couldn’t see or hear anything, but I knew someone was there. I wasn’t scared at all.”

She then seduced the ghost after putting on very sexy lingerie. He (the unnamed ghost) seems to have had a corporal reality to him:

“I felt a pressure all over my body as if a person was lying on top of me, but lighter and softer than a human. It was like nothing I’d ever experienced. I know how bizarre it sounds, but it felt real…When I woke up, I knew it hadn’t been a dream. I didn’t feel at all guilty about cheating because the whole thing felt so natural.”

Her relationship with a very real fiance soon fell apart, especially when he caught her — with a ghost.

“My fiance ran out of the house there and then looking so pale and shocked. I’ve never seen him since. I was actually jealous that my ghost had made himself visible to him,” Amethyst remembers.

Wondering what psychologists have to say about all this?

“Sleep paralysis is common,” says Professor Christopher French. “20 to 40 per cent of people say they’ve experienced it — and [it] is the state between sleep and wakefulness when you realise you can’t move. In a smaller percentage of the population, you get associated symptoms that can be very scary. One that’s commonly reported is a sense of a presence — something or someone in the room with you. You can also get hallucinations where you see dark shadows or monstrous figures, you can get auditory hallucinations — you hear voices, footsteps — and also tactile hallucinations.”

Of course, paranormal experts disagree and even cite the increasing number of paranormal experiences people are having lately. Steve Parsons, a ghostologist wisely says, “You’d have to be a fool to say that ghosts exist, but you’d also have to be a fool to say 100 per cent that they don’t.”

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