North Wales Police Called Out 57 Times For Paranormal Incidents

02 January 2016 | Ghosts in the news

An intriguing article today regarding the North wales Police and call outs for zombies, witches and ghosts……

New North Wales: NORTH Wales has more than its fair share of strange goings on – with police being called to almost 60 paranormal incidents in recent years.

This land of myths and story-telling has a rich culture of the unusual and figures from the police show that spooky events happen more than you would think.

Police across North Wales have been called out to 57 complaints of witches, ghosts, zombies, vampires and aliens since 2010.

The figures show there have been 10 calls concerning witches, 21 about ghosts, two involving zombies, two involving vampires and 22 concerning aliens between 2010 and 2015.

None of the incidents led to any arrests.

The figures were released under the Freedom of Information Act on the force’s website.

Bala exorcist Elwyn Edwards has dealt with 20 incidents in the last five years.

He said: “What happens is people feel a presence in the house, doors banging, temperatures going cold and then hot and getting a smell in the room.

“Sometimes they can feel they can feel a presence in the room as well.

“I see what is happening there and I can see what is upsetting the ghost.

“The last time I could see a young girl about 17 or 18 and I asked the father of the house if he had a daughter of that age and he said yes and that she would be going to college in a month’s time. I said call me back after she had gone to college and there have not been any more problems. The ghost knew his daughter was psychic. Once she left, the house it went quiet.”

Another case he dealt with was at the council offices in Caernarfon, part of which used to be a gaol.

“I had a call from some of the girls there and I could see a woman in black with a pair of keys who called herself the principal.

“Recently I was in the office for a meeting and there were pictures on the wall of people there from the time of the gaol and the woman I saw was in one of the pictures.

“I pointed her out to the girls and they said they had been talking about her because she looked so like one of the girls’ mothers,” he said.

North Wales has had more than its fair share of spooky goings on.

In a country where mythology is such a big part of the culture this is a natural phenomenon.

But the affects of these old stories can be seen all around us, in fact it is claimed that the name of Denbigh comes from a legend about a dragon.

The area that is now Denbigh had been terrorised by a dragon, so the story goes, and people there recruited Sion Bodiau to fight the beast.

After defeating the creature the people of the town shouted Dim Bych (no more dragon).

Children visiting the Urdd centre in Glan Llyn will all have heard the stories of the black nun who haunts the old house.

Whether the incidents reported to police were supernatural or not, it seems that in North Wales we are never far from a good ghost story.

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