Fancy Dress Ghost Horror

10 March 2016 | March 2016

I was at a fancy dress party – everything was fine and people were having fun. I was wearing in a detective costume and my friend was in a knight uniform.

31616cffe63c03c5e5fa125a120a44afAll of a sudden it went dark and me and my friend were the only people in the room. Then a boy came down the stairs with a knife. I said “KNIFE costume,” and my friend laughed. The boy said “I’m gonna cut you.” Well, as you can imagine, I was weirded out by this as we had not seen the boy at the party at all. He ran at us and I pushed him away. He disappeared and the lights went off. I heard a the sound of a knife cutting. Then the lights came back on and everyone was back.

Me and my friend swore never to go to a fancy dress party again.

Submitted by Zoren.

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