The Case of the Ghostly Legs

22 March 2016 | Bizarre

A very interesting but rather bizarre case of a haunting at a pub is described in an article in the  Rossendale Free Press – ghostly children’s legs!…

Paranormal investigators have been called into a pub after a series of strange incidents continue to leave its inhabitants spooked.

Carl Williams, landlord of the 191-year-old Craven Heifer in Rawtenstall and his fiancee Liz Corcoran, are used to the taps running of their own accord in the ladies’ toilets when the pub is closed and their two-year-old daughter talking to an invisible presence at the cellar door.

But after a ghostly pair of child’s legs appeared on photographs of their cellar steps, Carl invited ghost hunter and former Rossendale resident Chris Andrews and his Club Zero Paranormal team to bring in their ghost detecting equipment.

Carl, 45, who saw the ghostly photo taken for insurance purposes after the pub’s cellar flooded on Boxing Day, said: “I don’t even believe in ghosts but just can’t explain it. I was quite interested to see what Chris would come up with but after being here for four hours, they still couldn’t get to the bottom of it – it remains completely and utterly unexplained.”

Chris, who used thermal imaging and video cameras, motion sensors and a ‘ghost ark’ to record any other-worldly noises, said the investigation turned up a minor change in air pressure but nothing more.

He said: “We didn’t find evidence of the paranormal but what happened can’t be rationally explained either. We’ve never had anything like this before.

“We had to rule out the legs didn’t belong to the couple’s two-year-old girl, Hannah, but they couldn’t have done as she would’ve been very sick due to the chemicals the cleaners would have used.

“The first thing we did was check the photo hadn’t been faked by recreating it with one of our team who stood on the cellar steps in his socks. This allowed us to check what an actual pair of legs would look like under similar lighting conditions and, to our knowledge, it looks genuine.”

He added: “The landlord is sceptical but the fact is the photo’s there and we can’t say what’s caused it, it’s just one of those elusive cases.”

The pub is up for sale but landlord Carl would like to resolve the matter before he leaves.

He said: “It’s frustrating not being able to explain it.”

The sceptic admitted he was a bit spooked when he came to till up at the end of the evening though.

He said: “The takings that night came to £666 which I was a bit perturbed by.”


Childhood ‘apparition’ sparked interest in paranormal


Chris Andrews first became interested in the paranormal when he was just nine years old and believes he saw a ghost at the foot of his bed.

Chris, now 49, who grew up in Bacup and Waterfoot, said: “We were living in Abingdon in Oxfordshire at the time above an old supermarket.

“I went to bed one night and spotted a chink of light through the curtains.

“Then suddenly my bedroom door opened and a figure entered.

“The figure had a walking stick but I couldn’t see its body, just a white and blue swirling mist around it.

“Whatever it was then glided to the foot of the bed and pointed its walking stick at me and said “Damn you!”

“I was terrified and thought at first it was a nightmare but it wasn’t. I told my parents and we moved the same day.”

Chris, who attended Fearns Community Sports College, also recalled ‘toys moving’ in his childhood house in Bacup and his dressing gown ‘wobbling on the door’.

The former security supervisor, who carries his investigations for free, said: “I’ve seen things at the foot of the bed and ghosts since I’ve moved to Stockport too, even more in fact.”

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