Ghostly Hand Prints

24 March 2016 | March 2016

While serving in the Army, stationed at Ft. Hood, I had a huge life-changing experience. I had just arrived from Germany and some guys I spent time with at home wanted to show me around. They talked about a place where strange things happened. We went one night to a place out in the country between a Cove off of Hwy 190, which they said was a strange place to spend time. Apparently the story behind the place was that a load of children were travelling on a bus, the bus ran off a large bridge on the road and the bodies were never recovered.

locker_2We parked a few hundred feet from this bridge on this single lane road and they poured baby powder on the back of the car. We walked half way across this timber bridge and stopped. Everything was quiet for a few minutes, then I heard children’s voices faintly that seemed to be coming from the dry river bed. Then I could cries and we all got a little freaked out and decided to go. I was terrified. We then went back to the car and found ghostly footprints and handprints all in the baby powder. I don’t need to tell you that I never returned there.

Submitted by Anon.

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