Graveyard Banshee Scream

17 June 2016 | June 2016

When I was fourteen, in 1961, my family moved house. On the opposite side of the road to the house stood a church. This church was surrounded by a grave yard on three sides.Tthe church was still used but the grave yard had had no burials carried out since sometime in the 1940s. Some of the graves dated back to the 1800s. The newer part was sor of ok but the side with the old head stones was very over grown. A road ran to the front of the church, as did a path. An old wooden fence surrounded the church. This fence was constructed of single slats of wood which on many occasion as I walked passed the church, I would run my fingers along, until I reached the end of the grave yard, before crossing the road where I lived. Just before reaching the end, there was a gap in the fence of about 10feet where the fence was missing. In the middle stood a lamp post, which was the only one within about 200 yards. This lamppost was lit by a single light bulb, similar to one found in a domestic building.

Over the years of growing up, my father told me stories such as the one about someone who was passing passed the church in the early hours on his way to work. What he saw caused him to run all the way to his work place where on his arrival, he was still so shocked that medical staff had to attend to him. He told them that on walking past the graveyard, he caught sight of someone in the old part which as I said before, was really overgrown. He saw an old gentleman dressed in what looked like clothes dating from the 1800s. He was carrying an old lantern and was bent over a grave as if looking at the headstone.

Fast forward three years to when I was seventeen and had been for a night out with four friends. They lived in the estate behind where my parents house was. Where I lived stood on a lane in a row of about six to eight houses. We said our good nights and I walked up past the front of the church while they walked in a different direction. As I walked, I ran my fingers along the fence, which was about five feet high. As I reached the end of the fence and the grave yard, I stopped under the lamp near to the gap in the fence. I glanced at my watch, which said it was exactly 12 midnight, when all of a sudden there was a very loud scream, sounding much like the scream of a woman, which rooted me to the spot. It was so loud that even my friends who must have been 100 yards from where I was standing heard it, came running to where I stood. As did a police constable whom lived in the same row of houses as I did. It wasn’t just a normal scream. It started and didn’t stop. It seemed to start and go on and on, but it was becoming less and less, as if whatever it was was moving away from me. It just went on and on eventually fading out until it stopped.

My friends and I, together with the local Bobby, walked to the back of the grave yard, climbed over the back fence, and walked through the overgrown part of the old grave yard, and found nothing. Having walked through the grave yard, we eventually arrived back at the lamp post where I first heard the scream. One of my friends was so shocked that he stood crying on the path under the lamp post. We stood talking for a while before once again going our own ways.

I don’t know what the scream was that night – neither did we find out, but I have never forgot it. I was 17 years old at the time, and I’m now 69 years old

Submitted by Keith.

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