Unnerved by a Haunted Workplace!

19 July 2016 | Haunted locations

It was somewhere in the late 1990s or early 2000s and at that time, I was employed as an engineering manager. Where I worked there were three buildings each joined together by tunnels approximately 10 yards long. Each building held about 300 employees. I had an engineering team of about 11 men. One was a young man named Ian, who like myself had not worked there very long, only a matter of about six months.

One day, I was in the boiler house when Ian came in and we just started a general chit chat. He asked did I believe in ghosts and then he began telling me a story of how not long after he had started to work for the company, he had been in the very boiler house in which we where standing, when an elderly gentleman walked in. He described him as in his 70s, with grey hair and wearing a boiler suit. He spoke to him but he didn’t answer but just looked around and walked out. He said he had never seen this gentleman before. He asked one of the older engineers who he was and he described him. The other engineer replied, you are describing Charlie, who was the boiler attendant here, but it can’t be as he passed away about a year ago. I spoke to the engineer involved and he verified his story.

A few months later, I was speaking with a female supervisor and she told me that one night after the plant was empty, she had witnessed a lady walking into the ladies toilet. Wondering who she was, she followed her in and was surprised to find no one in there. The next day she described the lady to one of the managers. He replied as before that it couldn’t be the lady described as she had been killed in a traffic accident on her way home from work some time ago.

I must admit these stories unnerved me somewhat as I normally was the last one out, and used to set the alarms on my way out. Not so bad in the summer when the nights where light, but in Autumn/winter’s in dark nights, I had to walk to the centre of the building to throw the main power switch leaving the buildings in total darkness, and find my way to the exit by torch light. It unnerved me so much that I had PIRs installed in the building that would light up as I passed through the building. There was also an upstairs in each building; no one worked up there, but I had to on many occasions had to go up there to check services, and I will admit, I always felt as if someone was watching me.

Submitted by Keith R.

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