My Haunted Life Tuesday New Episode – The Haunted School Bathroom

05 October 2016 | My Haunted Life Toosdays

#WeirdDarkness EP084: “The Haunted School Bathroom”

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The following stories were submitted by…

“The Nursing Home From Hell”
submitted by Reg B.…

“The Phantom Gardner”
submitted by Pierre…

“Haunted Fish”
submitted by G. Hamilton…

“The Disappearing Smoking Ghost”
submitted by George M.…

“The Tapping Ghost of Manchester”
submitted by Tim J.…

“A Ripple In Time? The Hanged Man”
submitted by Andy M.…

“The Haunted School Bathroom”
submitted by R.D.…

“The Las Vegas Sand Demon”
submitted by Dan Rosenburg…

The novel “Inside The Mirrors” is written by Jason R. Davis. The full audiobook is available now on the AudioBooks page at I’ll also bring you more of the audiobook in our next episode!

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