The Haunted Room

08 August 2017 | Your True Encounters

The bedroom I ended up sleeping in was notorious in our family before I was even born. Several members of our family complained about headaches, nightmares and visitations when they slept in that room. I had few experiences in there over my ten-year tenure. I shared the room with my sister and she complained often of things happened but only one incident stands out to me.

One night, I was awoken by moaning. It sounded like a moan of anger and despair. It sounded like our house helper was having a nightmare. But what got to me was that her moaning voice was much deeper than her actual voice, and the intensity of her despair was too hard to ignore.

I decided to wake her up as her sound creeped me out. I was calling her name out and she just kept moaning back each time. I decided to roll around to the edge of the bed and shake her awake. When I did face her, her face being only about a foot away from mine, I saw very clearly that her eyes were wide opened. It was opened as wide as eye lids can open and almost looked circular. Her eyes looked furious.

She finally woke up after a few kicks from me and said, “Thank you so much for waking me up, I was having a nightmare”, in a very exhausted voice. “What is your nightmare about”? I asked. She said, “It was about a very angry woman who was chasing me. Her eyes looked so round with anger… I was scared the whole time”.

After I left to go to university in a different city, family members who have slept there claimed to have nightmares about the same angry woman chasing them, and would move different rooms in the middle of the night to avoid dreaming about her again.

Jane Jeffreys, Omaha

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