My Brother’s Strange Visitors

21 February 2018 | Your True Encounters

I have recently listened to a podcast you (G. Michael Vasey – ed) were on about the black eyed children and how you had only read two stories about individuals letting them in… My family had an experience recently that lasted years and I really would like it to get out. The story is indeed long where it was over a few years but I will give you the summary of it.

My brother has always talked about ‘the white and black man’ but we just always assumed something was not right or it was just him growing and having a large imagination. Well long story short; my brother and cousin played with an ouija board in my grandparents’ 200+ year old (previous funeral home) house. When I listened to the podcast and you speaking I got chills and actually had tears in my eyes because it helped explain everything. My brother is currently 15 years old and will be 16 in July. A few years ago he told us he was outside playing basketball and a little girl asked him if she could watch him. Being a kid he said yes. Things began to change then. He would always say she would stand in the corner of his bedroom watching him and in the bathroom. I personally always felt weird in the bathroom, I actually would shower with the curtain open and I’m 21. He couldnt sleep very well and still cant but he used to go outside at night just to relax and the swings would always swing, not just a calm, wind pushing swing but a person is on them type swinging. Nothing violent came from it, she would just move things and basically try to play.

In my grandparents’ home they have a picture of the old owners and there is a little girl in it so we assumed it was her. Again, she was friendly, so we just thought she was lonely. Well she would do things like move his stuffed animals around all the time in places it would be dumb for someone to put them, like under the bed or hidden in his closet – when they originally sat on his dresser not even close to the bed or closet. This is what shocked me about the story, the white and black adults, because this is what confused us about his case, how the adults found him.

Again he was outside playing basketball with the girl watching and a black man appeared, asked if he could come inside and my brother let him in. Drew was at the age of maturing so his emotions were everywhere. but he was mean 24/7 now, yelling, cussing, not wanting to be around anyone. Drew told us about this man, but again we just thought something was wrong mentally until his friend said he saw him too. The girl was now gone and it was just the man. The man always came at 3 am, “when no one was expecting him. iIf you wanted to see him he wouldn’t show.” Drew and his friend said you get sick, very cold, and you are not able to move and then he shows up. The guy got violent, throwing my brother’s phone and even grabbing him. My mom one day even took a rosary up to his room (she is not religious) and starting saying it and it broke in her hands. My little sister (8 years old) would say she had seen a guy standing in my mom’s room at the door and actually drew a picture that looked like the Hat Man. My brother hated life and hated everyone in it.

My mom let him have friends over (probably 6 or 7 of them) one night and my brother began to sleep walk (he had never done this until these things were in his life) so his friends, decided to follow. He walked probably a mile down our road in the dead of the night, stopped and yelled “run they are coming” and took off sprinting back to my house. He stopped at the end of our driveway and said “it’s okay now, Debbie’s here.” and walked back into our house and placed his shoes at my door. I was away at college, so my room was empty besides the bed, dresser and a few personal items as well as my grandma’s bible who had passed away. Debbie was in all white when he seen her and was instantly relieved which really shook me when you talked about the white adults searching to get the black.

My family lived in fear for a few years because of Drew’s experiences. More than what I just said had happened. My sister has woke up mid sleep and told my mom she smelt vanilla and my mom has smelt very sour scents. Drew’s friend woke up one night and was cooking and said he seen the black man standing at my mom’s door. I one night stayed up, waiting to see him. My cousin, Drew and his friend were sleeping with me in the living room. I stayed up until 3:05 and then went into my mom’s room because nothing happened. I heard my phone go off but ignored it until the next day. It was my cousin and he texted saying “he’s at the door staring at me.”

So many things have happened and this is just the shortened story of it. Email me if you want to hear more and help me get the story out. I think coming out will help him and help my family altogether. Drew’s attitude shifted completely as soon as this happened. He hated life, couldnt sleep and was all in all generally terrified.

Submitted by Carli

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