Creepy Hellfire Caves

20 July 2018 | G. Michael Vasey's Nightmare Corner, Haunted locations

On a recent visit to the UK, I was able to visit the Hellfire Caves. These were built by Francis Dashwood and were apparently used by his hellfire club for their activities. Whether these were black magic and satan worship or just a bunch of powerful rich guys mocking the establishment and getting drunk with local prostitutes, we may never actually know. But, the atmosphere in the caves made me feel nauseous and I had a headache for several hours after re-emerging. My sixth sense tells me that there is bad energy in those caves and that it was deliberately made that way.

The entrance to the caves menaces like some gothic church out of a horror movie and, as you go down the caves, you are greeted by carvings on the walls.

Entrance to the Hellfire Caves



The last part of the cave is a temple room that you can only peer into through an iron gate. God only knows what happened in it? It is situated directly below the strangest Church you ever saw, also built by Dashwood and modeled on a pagan temple with a strange gold colored ball at the top of its tower.

To complete the feeling of the place, beside the church is a mausoleum….

Not a place, I’d go to after dark…..

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