Two New Dressed Up Compilations

10 May 2020 | G. Michael Vasey's Nightmare Corner

A couple of years ago, in a fit of madness, I created two new compilation books. For some reason, I gave them very similar names and then sat back and forgot about them. Then the other night when counting sales and so on, I realized that these books had bad titles and horrible covers. So I redid them.


Your Haunted Lives Extreme Edition (Compilation Volume)

For some reason, I had the great idea to make a compilation of the best selling Your Haunted Lives with its follow up, Your Haunted Lives revisited but to call it Paranormal Eyewitness!?! I’m not sure what I was thinking as the My Haunted Life series’ compilation was always called My Haunted Life Extreme Edition. The cover was also truly awful. So, here we go – an all new cover, all new price and a much more meaningful title – Your Haunted Lives Extreme Edition – out now.

Inside you will find a lot of really scary ghosts stories, poltergeist, demons and so on.

Your Haunted Lives – The Extreme Edition (Compilation Volume) by G. Michael Vasey

Over the last few years, Paranormal bestseller, G. Michael Vasey, has collected real, haunting, paranormal accounts from around the world. From ghosts to demons… from poltergeists to Black-Eyed Kids. All are included in this compilation.

These stories are all real. If you have ever been interested in the other side, or inspired to read about the paranormal—this should be your first stop. If you’re a believer—you already know what this book will entail. It will offer more proof of the most complex phenomenon the world has ever known.

Your Haunted Lives – The Extreme Edition from is a collection of G. Michael Vasey’s Your Haunted Lives books. Your Haunted Lives was a massive supernatural best seller on Amazon and. Its follow up Your Haunted Lives Revisited also exploded onto the true ghost story scene. Now, you can get them in one mega compilation volume…

Turn the lights low, lock the doors and snuggle up with this collection of tales that will make your blood curdle.


Paranormal Eyewitness Compilation (Tales from the Shadowlands)

This one was correctly named but the cover was awful so I changed it. This book is a compilation of the Paranormal Eyewitness short series that I did that included the BEK, Poltergeist and Ghosts of the Living and, for good measure, we also included Ghosts in the Machines! Its a great value book!

Paranormal Eyewitness Compilation – Tales from the Shadowlands – by G. Michael Vasey.

This chilling mega-compilation volume combines the Paranormal Eyewitness Kindle Shorts series (The Black-Eyed Demons are Coming, Ghosts of the Living, Poltergeists – The Noisy Ghosts) and the Kindle short – Ghosts in the Machines – into one blood curdling volume of true tales from the shadowlands – 160 pages of horror!

You will read about Black-eyed kids, Poltergeists, Ghosts on the telephone, and how living people can appear in two places at once in this all new mega-compilation volume from paranormal author – G. Michael Vasey.

In the shadowlands, strange and often terrifying things happen to ordinary people just like you and I. Read about other people’s strange experiences and learn what they may signify.

Now – all in one volume to keep you awake all night long.

Includes these G. Michael Vasey books all in one mega-compilation volume:
The Black-Eyed Demons Are Coming
Ghosts of the Living
Poltergeists – The Noisy Ghosts
Ghosts In The Machines

A terror fest of true stories from the edge of reality – the shadowlands where horror and terror await the weak……

Kindle and Paperback versions available.


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