The Ghost That Didn’t Like Her Husband

31 March 2021 | Your True Encounters

On a beautiful day in the year 2000, my sister, who was a nurse a large hospital in the city, was coming home from church one Sunday. Feeling exceptionally happy, she unlocked the door to her circa 1970 home, built buy our father. As the door opened, a pair of swinging doors slammed shut in the ajoining dining room…. thus began a series of strange events that would haunt the house and the family for a series of years.

The first events began with turning on and off the various TV’s in the house… this happened with such consistency that she began to address the “ghost”…. all members of my large 6 member family would visit and wonder at how the TV continued to act up at certain times ( even after repair men were called out).

After several months, water in the bathroom started to be turned on at night.

That same month, my sister and her husband were cooking in the kitchen, when a spatula flew off a counter, traveling 7 feet and hitting my sister in the head (later a paranormal group from the local university would say that the ghost was trying to get her attention so they had to hit her on the head). As all these events continued, she called her priest to come and bless the house. This happen twice till things quitened down.

After several months, her 19 year old son was upstairs with a friend playing drums, when both boys came running down the stairs to tell her that his phone was ringing … but what scared them is that the phone was not plugged into the wall!!!

These events continued to manifest… for example, as her son went outside one day to wash his car… suddenly all the windows in the car rolled down.

Dolls in the daughters old bedroom (she was grown and married) were found in the middle of the floor along with books…My sister reached out to a paranormal group that told her that the entity was drawn to house by the playing of the drums (both her husband and son played)… it was in the attic apparently and it didn’t like her husband!

Still, the happenings continued off and on for another year…. I gave my sister the named of a woman in Florida the helped in such rare cases….after prayers over the period of several months, the happenings began to stop.

She still lives in the house and every once and a while the TV flips channels and my sister says to the ceiling “stop that right now”……

Submitted to Weird Darkness and My Haunted Life Too by Earl.

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