The Ghost Who Locked Me Out of My House

03 July 2015 | July 2015, Your Stories


gwAbout 17 years ago, I was living in Montana in a house that was pretty far outside of the city limits.  Right from the start the house did strange things. The lights would cut out, as would the T.V and then the T.V started changing channels on it’s own. Items would move from place to place on their own. One night I went outside to feed my dog. I noticed my dog was staring at the back door of the house and making noise. I thought that was strange so I looked around and saw a woman dressed in very old clothing, likely from the Wild West era, standing by the door. When she saw me looking at her she closed the door and disappeared into thin air.

I was pretty shaken up by it and ran over to the door. It was locked. I ran around to the front of the house and found my two sons and my wife sitting in the T.V room watching T.V. I honestly thought they were pulling a prank on me. They denied it so I just tried to forget about it and went back outside to feed the dog. I kept the door open, and placed a brick there to keep it open. I went over to the dog and got back to my chore of feeding the dog. He started whining again so I looked back around and there was that lady again. This time the door closed onto the brick and she disappeared. I was beside myself. I ran back around and accused my family of playing pranks on me. They assured me they wouldn’t do such a thing and slowly I started to believe them.

After doing some research I found out that a lady lived in that house alone and that she was murdered one night. She had been buried somewhere on the property. We still have happenings every now and again and she still creeps me out but I hope she is resting in peace.

Submitted by Anon.


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