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The Most Haunted Parts of London

20 April 2018 | Your Stories

A great article from From the ghost of infamous street thief, robber and murder Dick Turpin to the Royal Theatre’s famous Man in Grey, it’s little wonder that London is often thought of as one of the most haunted cities in Europe. It’s easy to feel spooked while wandering the city considering the frequency of ghost sightings and things get even worse after discovering the twisted fates that some of London’s resident ghosts met before their deaths. Whether you believe in the supernatural or not, exploring these spooky hotspots will make for a memorable night; next time you’re craving a horror flick, ditch it for some real life spooks and check out London’s most haunted locations. The Flask, Highgate Now a Fuller’s pub, the Flask has been around London since 1663, so it should come as no surprise that

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Pet Groomer Shares Her Experience As A Paranormal Investigator

18 April 2018 | Your Stories

In a new article from Tiffany Smith explains her interest in the unexplained. Last summer the 50-year-old Ellensburg dog groomer got her chance to take her first step into a larger world. Smith joined the CenterState Paranormal Investigations group, not to try to prove anything to anyone, but more to obtain a deeper understanding for herself. “A lot of people do hoaxes and they put out false stuff,” she said. “I want to be in the driver’s seat. I want to have it first hand so I can make my own conclusions. Whether anybody believes me or not, I don’t care.” Smith admits she has a bit of a shy streak, but said CPI welcomed her with open arms. “They were very warm and receiving and have senses of

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The Terror of The Wallasey Vampire

18 April 2018 | Your Stories

In the early 1980s a 20-year-old woman named Natalie lost her beloved grandmother Susan to a long illness, and, against the wishes of ‘Nanny Sue’ (as Natalie had always called her), Susan was cremated at the Landican Crematorium after the funeral service at St Hilary’s Church in Wallasey. Nanny Sue had always told Natalie that she wanted to be buried because she believed that one day, Jesus would return and, as the Bible promised, all of the dead who had believed in Christ would be resurrected. Nanny Sue believed there’d be nothing to resurrect if she was cremated. Natalie had told her father and mother about her nan’s wishes but they took no notice. Now Natalie kept the urn conatining her nan’s ashes in her room, and her sister Abbey

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Are You Brave Enough To Spend The Night Here?

17 April 2018 | Your Stories

Adrian Marley is a logical man. The ex-maths lecturer believes there’s a rational reason for everything. However, he just can’t quite explain what’s happening inside his pub. “I’ve experienced glasses leaving tables,” said the 52-year-old. A cynic may suggest that glasses falling off pub tables isn’t too uncommon – especially after punters have enjoyed a few pints. But this is inside The Schooner, the Gateshead boozer which has a reputation for good beer, good music – and now, ghosts. “The glasses slowly slide away and eventually just fall off the edge,” added landlord Adrian. “It has happened on several occasions at different locations around the pub.” The academic in Adrian makes him think it’s caused by reduced drag coefficient, due to gravity. But even he admits: “I’d like to think it is

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The Most Haunted Village in the United Kingdom Is….

14 April 2018 | Your Stories

Some residents living in Pluckley near Ashford say that the village is home to spirits, ghouls and ghosts. The village is said to be haunted by around 12 different spirits, and has been the subject of many paranormal investigations. But is the fact stranger than the fiction many works have been based off? Learn more by clicking here to watch the video. Have you tried these great #paranormal books from G. Michael Vasey? If you’re looking for true tales of the paranormal to keep you chilled throughout this harsh winter… just click here

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The Most Haunted Road in the United Kingdom… Revealed!

13 April 2018 | Your Stories

A remote road across wild Dartmoor has been named as one of the UK’s most notorious haunted highways. With Friday 13th just a whisker away, the story of the hairy hands of Dartmoor has surfaced again in the national survey. Car breakdown experts at UK recovery firm 24|7 Vehicle Rescue have combed through the archives of paranormal sightings to compile their list. Spokesman Ranjen Gohri said: “Britain is a land steeped in superstition, myth and legend so it’s no surprise to learn that there are thousands of strange and unexplained sightings on our roads, with many reports coming from isolated highways that cut through barren stretches of moor and mountain. “Breaking down by the side of the road is clearly never an enjoyable thing. But we imagine the situation is

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Do Paranormal Experiences Come From Other Dimensions?

12 April 2018 | Your Stories

Professor Bernard Carr is a professor of mathematics and astronomy at the Queen Mary University of London. He studied under Stephen Hawking and earned his doctorate at Cambridge. This is not a man to make up mumbo-jumbo to gain attention, nor is he in the habit of spouting half-baked theories about ghosts and aliens fabricated from baseless speculation. So when Professor Carr says that paranormal activity is real and that it’s actually happening in another dimension, it’s important not to dismiss him as yet another conspiracy theorist trying to become internet famous. In a talk at the Euro-PA Conference, Carr explained why we shouldn’t be too quick to dismiss so-called paranormal events. Carr believes that there’s a hierarchical structure to the dimensions – many of which we cannot perceive – but that the human consciousness

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Detroit Ghost Caught On Camera

11 April 2018 | Your Stories

GROSSE POINTE PARK, Mich. – Detroit Paranormal Expeditions conducted an investigation at Atwater in the Park in Grosse Pointe Park last month where cameras appeared to catch a ghostly figure flying through the air. Atwater in the Park, an extension of Detroit’s Atwater Brewery, is in a church that dates back to the 1930s. Employees have had many interactions with ghosts there. Local 4’s Alex Atwell had his camera rolling when an unexplained figure seems to cross through the air. Atwater Brewery and Detroit Paranormal Expeditions are also partnering for a new haunted brew called, “Hello From The Other Side,” a beer that includes sage, a common tool use by ghost hunters to cleanse evil spirits. The beer launch party is April 13 at Atwater in the Park in Grosse Pointe Park. More info on the event here. Read the original article

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More Sightings of Ghosts at Berry Pomeroy Castle

09 April 2018 | Your Stories

A group of ghost hunters have captured a ghostly figure as they took a selfie at Berry Pomeroy Castle. Wayne from Ivybridge, along with friends John and Shaun visited the historic castle near Totnes around eight weeks ago. The trio decided to take a selfie on what was their first ghostly outing as a group at around 12.30pm at the side of the castle. Wayne said: “As we we’re leaving, John took a selfie of us and there was nothing on the photo when we first took it. “It’s 100% legit, I know lots of people will suggest that its vape smoke or whatever but nobody was vaping or smoking. “If you look properly it’s like a mist, but it’s green in colour. “We we’re running a K2 session at

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Would You Spend A Terrifying Night on the Queen Mary?

07 April 2018 | Your Stories

Officials with The Queen Mary in California said the retired ocean liner will be renting out a “notoriously haunted” room for the first time in 30 years. The cruise liner, since turned into a Long Beach hotel, announced Stateroom B340, which has been featured on shows including SYFY Channel’s Ghost Hunters and British series Most Haunted, will be available to guests starting at $499 a night beginning Friday, April 13. “The last time the room was occupied by a guest was in the 1980s,” Stephen Sowards, general manager of the Queen Mary, in a statement provided to KABC-TV. “For decades we’ve had thousands of visitors request to occupy the room, and after 30 years, we are excited to once again extend the offer to our guests.” Officials said paranormal activity in the room has

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Eight Signs You May Have A Ghost Haunting Your Home

06 April 2018 | Your Stories

Have you been wondering if your home is haunted? Have you been experiencing any of these creepy happenings… Cold Spots Paranormal investigators often believe that cold spots or random cold breezes are manifestations of spirits, especially if they occur suddenly. Keep in mind that cold spots can also be debunked very easily, so pay attention to the surrounding area next time you feel cool air. Check for nearby vents, drafty windows or doors, or anything else that could cause a breeze before labelling a cold spot as paranormal. Creepy Feelings If you’re constantly looking over your shoulder, expecting someone to be there, yet no one is, your mind may not be playing tricks on you. Your gut can often tell you when you’re not alone, even when you know you are

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The Haunted Clown Motel? It’s Real… Apparently!

05 April 2018 | Bizarre, Your Stories

If you’re not a fan of clowns, the Clown Motel might not be the place for you. But if you’re a horror lover, then it might just be your next must-see attraction. The Clown Motel is located in Tonopah, Nevada, and even better: It’s rumored to be haunted… As The Huffington Post explains, it’s literally decked out in clowns. The front office filled with clown figurines, and every room is clown-themed. “There are clowns on the doors, and portraits of famous clowns hang on the walls,” they share. Oh yeah—the motel also sits right next to a graveyard. Uh… Yeah. Terrifying. “Head clown” Bob Perchetti and his wife, Deborah, purchased the hotel in 1996. We’re not sure we’ll be crashing there anytime soon… But we’re not going to lie: It’s tempting. You’ll just have to read the Yelp

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Leicester and Leicestershire’s Most Haunted Buildings

04 April 2018 | Your Stories

Leicester and Leicestershire has a long history, and therefore we have some old buildings, which may be hiding a secret or two. These are the buildings thought to be the city and county’s most haunted. The Guildhall, Leicester   Regarded as the city’s most haunted building, the Guildhall, near Leicester Cathedral, boasts five separate spectres. The most famous is the White Lady, who reportedly resides in the museum’s library. Other encounters involve a tormented Cavalier and a black cat in the Great Hall, a phantom policeman and ghostly dog in the courtyard. At least one witness claims to have been shocked by a pair of phantom legs hanging from the portrait of Henry Earl of Huntington hanging in the Major’s Parlour. Parapsychologist Lee Gilbert has hosted ghost-watch evenings at the

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Eerie Footage Captures Paranormal Activity Inside WWII Plane

31 March 2018 | Your Stories

A fitness coach claims to have captured paranormal activity on camera inside a WWII plane believed to be haunted by the ghost of the female co-pilot. Tony Ferguson left ‘freaked out’ after he claims a poltergeist threw his camera across the cabin of the plane before the spirit appeared as a white ‘angel’s feather’. In the first of two spine-tingling videos, the 33-year-old asks whatever is haunting the former military seaplane to make itself known before a series of loud bangs echo through the empty cabin. When he asked again for the entity to show itself, Tony’s camera – which had also been experiencing interference often associated with paranormal activity – was hurled to the ground. Personal trainer Tony was so intrigued by his ‘horror movie’ encounter in October 2017 that he

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Creepy Happenings in the Middle of the Night

30 March 2018 | Your Stories

Many years ago, now my mother, who has been widowed for years, moved into a new home. She’s getting older so I decided to move in with her to help take care of her on a day-to-day basis. I have trouble sleeping and have been orbs of light in that house. I’ve heard taps on the windows, and one time while I was lying in bed I thought I saw a figure standing at the bottom of the bed. I’ve also had issues with the phone in this property. Sometimes, out of the blue, it’ll start ringing and when you pick up the phone—no-one will be on the other end. I’ve also heard voices and echoes in the house. One time I went downstairs during the middle of the night

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