Haunted houses

Grandfather appeared at the bedroom door

14 April 2023 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

Back in June of the year 2000, I witnessed a ghostly encounter which will stay with me for the rest of my life. At the time I was working as a site manager at a primary school at the town I grew up in – Maldon, Essex. UK. I was living at a caretakers house, which was sited on the comprehensive school adjacent to the primary school. The house was unwanted by their school caretakers, so they let my family rent it whilst I worked at the school. The school I worked at was an old Victorian building – very dark and gloomy and slightly oppressive especially late at night. I heard many things working there and saw stuff too but that is another story. Back to my house. It

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Apartment Already Occuppied

23 February 2023 | Haunted houses, Your Stories

I lived temporarily with my then boyfriend (now husband) in an apartment shared by a coworker of his and her boyfriend. I was in the apartment alone one day, and I got a weird feeling looking at the door to the not used room. I thought I heard noises, and felt a presence, but couldn’t confirm. Later that week, I was home alone again, but this time I looked up at the bathroom door from my bedroom and saw a full bodied apparition of a young woman in white. She looked just as shocked as I did seeing her! She retreated to the other side of the bathroom wall – the empty, unused room. So, finally I ask my boyfriend’s coworker if someone died in the apartment, and that I

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Our Haunted Home

20 January 2023 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

My mom grew up in a pretty bad neighborhood and in the house she grew up in there where TOOONS of things that happened.  The very first night she slept at the house, she woke up with a horrible stomach ache and after a trip to the bathroom, she laid down back to sleep, she saw a black and white face with an evil smile starring at her. When her and my aunts and uncles were younger, there old dog, Buster, was their protection and comfort. The spirits saw that and they would lead Buster to another room and he would just come back with scratches and bruises all over the poor thing. Every single night at exactly 5 min before midnight, he would go over to this one window

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The Ghost in my Bed

17 January 2023 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

I might’ve been 4 or 5 years old when I woke up suddenly in the middle of the night while I was sleeping next to my mom. I usually wake up when I had nightmares as a kid. Oddly enough, I don’t remember having a nightmare that night—I literally just woke up for no reason, or so I thought. Now pretty much awake, I stared at the ceiling for a while before I sat up in bed and had an urge to check my pillow behind me. So I did and ooooooooh boy, I wasn’t expecting to see what I saw that night. There was a man lying on my pillow as if I was sitting on top of him. His face was so weird cos it looked like he

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The Thing Under the Bed

16 January 2023 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

It was late at night and I was laying down to try and sleep. I had LED lights up on my wall that I was facing. — I need to add that I had my LED lights taped to the wall because they were always falling. So I do know what them just falling looks like.  I was watching the LED lights when out of nowhere I watched them get literally RIPPED off of my wall. I was scared and tired though so I just closed my eyes and forced myself to sleep. Later that night I woke up to my blanket half way under my bed. I didn’t think anything of it at first because I sleep at the edge of my bed and woke up daily to my

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The Little Girl Ghost

13 January 2023 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

This happened when I was 11. I was staying at my dads house during the summer. It was about 4:30am so everyone else in the house was asleep. I needed to use the bathroom but the bathroom was at the end of a really scary dark hall so I didn’t want to. I eventually got up though and as I was using the bathroom someone suddenly knocked (3 times might I add) on the bathroom door; then a few seconds later, I heard a little girls voice — probably around 3-4 years old — singing some sort of lullaby on the other side of the door. I was terrified because no one else was awake. I finished using the bathroom and then ran back to the room. I felt like

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Ghost Girl

23 December 2022 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

I grew up in an area that used to be a Pottawatomie Sioux and French fur trading village. This history is relevant. Outside of town, just down the road from my grandma’s house, was a clearing in the woods, on top of a hill, right near a spring. When I was a kid, my dad chose to situate a single-story ranch-style prefab house in that clearing, and we moved into it when I was maybe 12 or 13 years old. The weirdness started right away. Within a few days of moving in, when we were all watching a movie in the living room, we heard a loud BANG like a gunshot in the kitchen. When we went to see if something had fallen over, though, nothing was out of place.

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20 December 2022 | Haunted houses, Poltergeist, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

An ex-friend of mine and I had one of those missing item experiences – his car keys (which were kept on the kitchen counter) vanished one morning before we left for work. We looked EVERYWHERE in the apartment. Scoured the living room, the kitchen, his bedroom, we even checked the driveway, but no keys! So he called the boss and told her that we weren’t going to be able to make it in to work because his keys were missing, and then we decided to take a short walk down the street to the convenience store to de-stress and figure out what to do if we couldn’t relocate the car keys. As soon as we got home and walked back in the front door, THERE WERE HIS KEYS, sitting on

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The Haunted School

17 December 2022 | Haunted houses, Haunted locations, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

A friend of mine runs a school for pre-school kids. It is located in a large 1920’s building just outside the city center that was built to strict standards of opulence by a wealthy jewish family.  Unfortunately, when the Nazi’s took over in this part of the world, the family were taken from their home and shipped off to concentration camps where apparently they unfortunately died. Several teachers at the school have reported strange happenings. One, took her boyfriend there returning home from a night out when it was very late with the intention of sleeping on the floor. She said that after about 30 minutes, someone switched the hall light on yet the building was empty. This worried them a bit but they switched off the light and settled

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Ghosts and Hauntings with Jeff Belanger

16 November 2022 | G. Michael Vasey's Nightmare Corner, Haunted houses, ouiji boards, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

In my latest podcast, I chat with Jeff Belanger about ghosts, hauntings and much more. It was a fun chat and a good long overdue catch up after working with Jeff a bit in my day job in the early 2000’s. Jeff Belanger is one of the most visible and prolific researchers of folklore and legends today. A natural storyteller, he’s the award-winning, Emmy-nominated host, writer, and producer of the New England Legends series on PBS and Amazon Prime, and is the author of over a dozen books (published in six languages). He also hosts the award-winning New England Legends weekly podcast, which has garnered over 4 million downloads since its launch, and ranks in the top 1/2 percent of all podcasts as far as popularity according to Listen Notes. Always one for chasing adventures,

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Our Haunted Home: 63 Maple Street

03 November 2022 | Haunted houses, Haunted locations, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

About the town, the Haunting of 63 Maple Street took place in… Belišće, Croatia, the quaint little town that I moved to back in 2017, sits in a corner of southeastern Europe that is near the Slavonian and Hungarian border. It is a place with quite an interesting past, to say the least. The contents of this book center around the history and events that occurred on and around one particular street in town; Maple Street, as it used to be known before the Balkan Wars of the 1990s. The town was originally made up of peaceful working-class people who flocked there from all over Europe, for the most part, to work at the giant sawmill (one of the largest of its kind) created by the founding family of Belišće,

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Hotel Ghosts

03 October 2022 | Haunted houses

I once stayed in the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas. In the middle of the night, I woke and saw a dark figure moving around the foot of my bed and coming up the gap between the twin beds. I hit the light, and there was a full figure of a man in a ’60s sports blazer with blood all over his face. I yelled ‘Go away!’ and start flinging my arm in his direction. Just like that he disappeared. I woke my friends in the other bed and my buddy said ‘What the hell you swatting at?!’ I told them and they laughed at me. The following morning, my buddy said after I had fallen asleep water was dripping on his head, but there was no leak on the

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The Black, Shiny Entity

06 September 2022 | Doppelgangers, Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

I’ve had so many things of a paranormal nature happen to me over the years starting when I was a very little girl up until last year when I turned 60 years old. I don’t know if I’m sensitive to these things, whatever they are, or I’ve just lived in places where the activity was already there and I am tuned into it. The weirdest thing I’ve ever seen was in broad daylight, around 2 p.m. My husband and I were watching TV and my mother-in-law, who lived with us, came out of her bedroom and went out the front door to sit on the porch in the sun. She had left the door open to the bedroom straight across from where I was sitting on the couch in the

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A Night at the Rydges Hobart

01 November 2021 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

My husband and I stayed upstairs in the main part of the Hotel (the older one). I had stayed there previously before and had experienced strange things (lights on in the morning when I knew (thought) I had turned them off. This particular night, I woke during the night to sounds of footsteps running up and down the hallway. After a few minutes, I realised that there were only two stories to the hotel, and we were on the second story – there was no upstairs. I ended up going to sleep, and the next morning, my husband said to me, “did you hear those children running up and down the hall last night”; sounded like it was upstairs. I was like, wow !! After we were dressed we went

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The Shadow in Our Home

11 August 2021 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

I have lived it the same house since 1996, and it was built in 1987. Fast forward to 2006. Myself, my husband and our to kids lived a regular family life. No strange activity in our house, until the eventful day. It was evening and I was with my daughter in the kitchen, we turned off the lights and made our way to the staircase to go upstairs. I turn the corner and there was a solid black figure standing at the bottom of the stairs. I let out a scream and my daughter asked “what’s wrong mommy?”, I replied “nothing, I just scared myself in the dark” because I didn’t want to freak her out. A month goes by and my son comes home from University. He turns to

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