The Guy Living in the Haunted House…

29 September 2023 | Audible Activity, Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

This happened about 30-years when I was around 13 and I swear it is 100% true no exaggerations.

One late autumn afternoon around 4pm my sister knocked on bedroom door,

“Come in” I responded.

She explained that her and my mom were going to the store and wanted to know if I need anything. Now my room was in the back corner of the house and my window could see a small section of the street that I saw them pass a few minutes later. A few minutes after that there was the same knock on my door,

“Come in” no response,

“Come in” no response,

“Come in!”

Still nothing. My immediate thought was they had forgotten something or she was just messing with me. However, once I opened the door, no one was there or anywhere in the house.  I continued doing my homework on the front porch. The door to my room fits very loosely in the jamb, so if someone were to knock on it, it’s a very distinctive metallic sound from the latch flapping freely. So I knew it wasn’t imagining it.

The next day I confided in my best friend – Anthony.  Big mistake. By lunch it seemed the entire class was making fun of me. To redeem myself, I proposed an experiment where we would try recreate the same circumstances to elicit a similar response. With the help of my mom and sister, we set up the nearly exact scenario as before but this time, Anthony and his sister were also in my room. My sister knocked on the door, I answered, they left, we all saw them in the drive away. Within just a few moments that same knock occurred at my door. I thought Anthony was going to jump out my window!

At school, I became the guy living in the haunted house.

I have several other stories from that house and later in life but that was my introduction to the paranormal.

Submitted by SoundMan803

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