Who Was That?

02 November 2023 | Haunted houses, Your True Encounters

Before my mother gave birth to me, she lived in a house that was very like, small you could say, but big enough for her and my father too live. She always had some paranormal experiences, including children channels turning on on its own, and biscuits moving around the house, yes, it might sound funny but it is true, one night my mother went to bed, and she had a dream, she was a tall figure, and first of all, she walked though the living room, then the kitchen, then slowly up the stairs, then it turned into the back bedroom, looked at the bed, then it turned and walked towards my mothers room, there was a hand and it reached for the door knob, then she jumped awake, only too hear a creek of the door, it only opened a touch, but when she checked, there was nothing there.

A couple of nights ago, I was in bed, facing the wall, you know everyone hates doing that cause you can’t really see if there is something gonna get you, but it was so comfortable so I decided that, “ghosts are not real” so I faced the wall, then i felt a hand run down my shoulder, I said love you because I assumed it was my mother, then I looked up, nothing was there.

I’m in my new house now, it feels safer, but I still wonder. Was that ghost after my mother? Or was it after me??

Submitted by SUPERELBOI

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